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Abandoned at least 6 times before 2 years old

We decided to adopt a 4th cat to round out our gang. I went to the local no-kill shelter to visit an available senior cat. Unfortunately, he was on medical watch and unavailable.

As I walked out through the cat area, a young, huge, orange and white cat threw himself on my feet with a 'whump'. When I tried to sit down and pet him, he wrapped his front legs around my ankle and wouldn't let me move.

Impossibly sweet Sully made his choice that day. Within 10 minutes, we were on our way home.

A few days later he integrated easily with our other 3 cats and was doing well. After several weeks we discovered why Sully was adopted and returned so many times in his short life.

One night we were in bed with all 4 cats when Sully stood up, turned around and peed all over me like a pressure washer! It was so surprising that we just laughed.

After we cleaned up, we scouted around the house with a black light and discovered that Sully had also christened the front door mat. He wasn't spraying around the house like an unaltered male because he used the litter box.

After a veterinarian visit, we realized that healthy Sully had separation and abandonment anxieties. Marking his people and territory was his way of managing his fears. All previous adopters returned him to rescue after he urinated inappropriately and he never got help.

Because of this problem, Sully had been on the kill list at another local shelter. The no-kill shelter pulled him to become a barn cat. But, he loves human company and would've been miserable.

Now 8 months later, Sully is litter box perfect and no longer has his 'troubles'. He's happy and loved. We're so glad that he chose us.

We imagined that while Sully waited in the last chance shelter, he wished as hard as he could for his real furever peeps to find him. His wish came true.

Billings, MT


My family and I moved three times within the last three months, first to a temporary trailer while we waited for our place to be done. During that stay we became the beacon for the stray cat's in the trailer park because we would sit out food and water for them. No joke I have the softest heart when it comes to animals especially those without homes or a steady source of food I figured the least I could do was make sure they had one meal a day anyway. Among the cats that came and went was a young beautiful white with grey golden eyed tabby. She was friendly from the get go and would often come up and sit on the porch with me during the day when I was outside. When we moved to our place she disappeared for a few days. Two weeks ago she not only showed up but walked into the house and straight to the food. I have to say it was a bit shocking she made herself quite at home and has been with us every since. The picture does not do her justice she didn't feel like posing when I took this one. Madalaine is roughly 9months old and is pregnant with what will be her first and last litter of kittens. We continue to provide food and water for the others that wander over from time to time and try to find homes for the younger ones.

Mary Kirwan
Pontiac, IL

Littermates used to get along

I have a male an female. Feral kittens when I got them. Worked slow an long to get them used to me, an got there. They do only interact with me , anyone else they hide. I don't have a busy house, so this isn't a problem. I recently had to take my male to the vet for a skin problem. When I brought him home, my female acts like he's a stranger. Hissing an growling. Trying to be patient and give treats and food in sight of each other. Lil bit acts a bit better but still hisses at him. How can I get them back to grooming each other an sleeping together again? Don't want on show just need advice . They are both fixed,indoor cats and are about 4 1/2 years old

Janet Cohron
Birmingham, AL

The Kitten who saved us from ourselves.

I was doing some work at my aunts house one day and I came around the corner of her shedd and I found this little ball of fur sitting on the ground. Her eyes had just opened as they were still blue. She was so young that I had to feed her with a syringe. I would take wet food and mix it with kitten milk in my Magic Bullet and make a thick liquid for her. When we first got her we named her Shadow because of her coloring. Now I've decided that it is good for another reason as well, she follows me everywhere. If I work out in the yard she will follow me around except when I'm mowing. She is like a little shadow to me. Shadow is now about 5 months old and plan to get her spade next month when I get my check for the month. My wife and I are both disabled and Shadow has really helped with depression. I am a veteran and suffer from PTSD and Shadow helps to keep me calm in stressful situations. It's amazing at how I can deal with most anxiety attacks when she is around. I think we saved each other. For my wife who is on dialysis it makes it easier to do her treatments. Many times when Shadow senses, Lori my wife, feeling anxious she will jump up on the bed with her and purr angainst her side and help calm her down. Shadow is a blessing to us but our other cat's don't really care for her over active behavior. I try to play with her regularly but she wears me out instead of the other way around. I just love that Shadow has come into our lives and hope she lives a long healthy life unlike the one she would have lived had I not brought her home.

Keith Ross
Winter Haven, FL


Hi my name is Tracie and I'm a former DOGS ONLY person. I'd never had a cat in til 5 years ago. Now I'm a cat Lover too thanks to Keeba and Jackson! Keeba belonged to my fiancee s daughter. I moved in with my 2 dogs at the time and probably rocked this cats world. But to spite that he accepted them just fine. They became buddy's but with a love hate vibe. The daughter was 17 at that time and payed very little attention to Keeba neglecting his litter box letting his food go stale. So I started cleaning the box and feeding him. And through Jackson I started learning about how to care for a cat. 2 years later the daughter moves out and my fiancé was gonna take Keeba to a no kill shelter but by that time he and I had bonded so I said NO! Fast forward to now and the picture above shows our love for each other. I captured what I belive is a slow blink back, he is a different cat from 5 years ago, playful, loving, chatty and sociable and I love him!

Tracie Smith
Lexington, KY

Smokie the russian blue

three years ago. back in 2013..... when i lived in Eufaula Oklahoma. where i took care of the feral community in my upscale rural neighborhood, we lived right on Lake Eufaula. When i say upscale, i mean the fact that there were at least 3 mansions in this neighborhood. Anyways to get back on track..... there was a colony of about 40-50 feral cats/kittens; which had become so all due to an elderly man who never got his female fixed.... and thus started the colony. From day one in my new home there, i set out to trap neuter and release the feral cats that were too feral to adopt out. and home the ones that could be(kittens, and friendly young adult cats). i managed to trap all but one female...(who i was able to finally get fixed). this female was found living in the neighborhood dumpster site. she had two kittens about 4 months old. and it looked as though she was already pregnant again..... poor girl. i set up a humane trap and after three days... managed to catch her two kittens. both of which found wonderful loving homes. during the time it took to get the youngsters ready to be adopted... she had moved homes. and low and behold... she had moved into my garage and was living with my cats! to this day... i'm still not sure how she managed to track me to my home... or why she chose to stay. but she has since been spayed. and is now a much loved member of the family

Lauren Lister
Tulsa, OK

Lily and Peanut

Wendy Hoad‎The Animal Rescue Site

2 hrs ·

For 50 years my family always had furbabies of all kinds. When our beloved 2 cats passed away I vowed no more, my heart could not take it. I told myself, our house will be cleaner and we will save money. My heart kept saying our home is missing something. After 3 months I went to our local shelter just to look. I saw a grey ear surrounded by other kittens. My nephew took this kitten out and she looked at me and fell asleep. I named her Lily right there. She was on the kill list. Lily is a Maine Coon and truly special to me. I am disabled and she is my protector and gives me so much happiness. After a year, my husband and I thought Lily could use a pal. So we went to rescue another kitten. The shelter had an out break of colds. We were not told. We picked Peanut. After his shots and being fixed, we brought him home. He was almost dead by morning. First vet visit, the vet wasnt giving much hope 5% that he would live. So with meds in hand and lots of love from Lily and us Peanut made it. They are now 6 and 7 years old.Peanut will always suffer with his lung problem, but he is a happy cat. I have always been an animal rescuer, from farms, shelters and strays. Now I believe my cats give me a reason to wake up and smile. Unconditional love means more then a clean house or money in my book

Wendy Hoad
St Catharines, ON, Canada

The Day Serenity Adopted Us

It was my 50th birthday and my husband had rented a cabin at the lake for a quiet getaway. We were sitting on the deck enjoying music and watching a herd of deer when this little white cat jumped onto the deck and started rubbing up against our legs. She stayed there the whole evening and at one point curled into my lap and fell asleep. We told her goodnight and went to bed. The next morning, I got up and made coffee then we both went out on the deck again and moments later she showed up. I made breakfast and made sure to cook a slice of bacon for her as well. She hung around the entire time we were camping and we always made sure to give her a little of whatever we had. I knew human food was not the best thing for her but I figured it was better than what she was rummaging for in the garbage around the lake. Finally our last night there and my husband said that if she was still there when we got ready to leave in the morning, we could take her home. The next morning came, we had our coffee and breakfast and she was no where to be seen. I have to admit I was more than a little disappointed. I had a little accident as I was getting our cooking supplies ready to be packed (I started a grease fire and burned myself pretty badly, so we rushed through packing up so my husband could take me to the hospital. We walked though the cabin one last time to make sure we didn't forget anything and then went outside to close up the SUV and there she was, sitting in the back of our vehicle, ready to go. We were pretty concerned about her riding in the car without any type of carrier but she did beautifully. She either sat in my lap or on the center console watching the scenery. We named her Serenity because she showed up during our weekend of Serenity.

Tess Webb
Killeen, TX

Best Twenty Dollars We Ever Spent

Four years ago my fiance and I decided to go to our county's Pet Expo. We did not go looking for a dog but Buster found us. We saw a booth that had dogs up for adoption for twenty dollars. We saw a terrier mix who they thought was around a year and a half old laying in a crate. We both instantly thought he was really cute so we went over to pet him. When he stood up we noticed he was missing his back right leg. We asked the shelter what had happened and they said he had been hit by a car and they had just amputated his leg three days prior. He still had stitches in his nub and you could tell he was in a bit of pain but he was still so friendly and already getting around so well. We decided right then and there to adopt him. We got him a few hours before the expo closed and it was the last day of the event. We were worried if we didn't get him no one else would and he would end up being euthanized. We took him to the vet the next day and our twenty dollar dog quickly became much more expensive.The vet was furious that the shelter gave him to us with no antibiotics or pain medication. He was severely dehydrated and was also almost fifteen pounds underweight. We got him antibiotics, fluids, and pain medication and in about two weeks he was pretty much recovered!

Buster is such an amazing and affectionate dog and we love and spoil him so much. We had no idea what to expect when we got a three legged dog but having him is no different than having a dog with four legs except for that sometimes he stands on his front two paws like he's doing a handstand to pee! We love him so much! Please give special needs dogs a chance!! They will love you just as much as any other dog!

Garden Grove, CA

MikeMike The Hoarding Survivor

When I was a little girl, all I ever wished for on birthday candles and shooting stars was to have a pet dog. But I couldn't have one because my dad was, and still is, allergic. I always wanted that unconditional love you get from pets and I think that's why, years later, I ended up working at my local animal shelter for three years.

I've seen a lot of sad stories there and I wanted to add a little more happiness, so I started fostering kittens and puppies. I had to beg my parents, as I was still living with them at the time, and they agreed. I think they agreed because these animals were small and the kittens were to young to go about the whole house.

Well, two years into my job my supervisor asked if I would like to foster an adult dog. He is a medium sized dog and around 3-5 years of age. I told her that I would get back to her as I had to ask my parents. They were a bit hesitant, but in the end they agreed. I was so over joyed!

The dogs were all Rat Terriers and they were all from a hoarding situation in Ohio. There were over 44 dogs!

I took in a dog called Mike. He had pee stains on his lower half, he had scabs all around and over his ears, no fur on the back of his ears, and he was underweight. He would not come out of his carrier so I would take the top off and get him out that way. He also needed to be umbilical cord trained and could not leave the property because he was so frightened of everything. I moved in with my grandparents because I knew I loved this dog and needed to adopt him.

And today, a year and a half later, he is a very happy dog! He is at a healthy weight, all his hair has grown back, he loves going to the off leash parks, and hardly leaves my side.

Barrie, ON, Canada
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