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My Little Monster

I like to look at Petfinder sometimes, just for fun. One day, I was sitting in a boring college class, and I came across his little face. He was listed as a pekingese, but he's actually a Japanese Chin, and his name was Lawrence. He was scheduled to be euthanized due to mange. There was just something about his little face, the way he stared so earnestly into the camera from behind the cage door. I wasn't really in a position to bring home another dog, but I did it anyway. At the shelter, I came to find out that he had been dumped by people who "found him." The shelter staff believed that they had, in fact, been his actual family that didn't want to admit that they were dumping their dog. I quickly renamed him Ares, and proclaimed that he was a foster. But as time went on, I realized that Ares wasn't exactly the kind of dog that people wanted. He was weird, awkward, and he humped EVERYTHING. I also noticed that he was incredibly empathetic and very snuggly. He was particularly in love with my own pekingese mix, Thor. So much so that, after a few months of "fostering," I decided that Ares had already found his home. Ares was still a nuttball, still awkward, and completely apathetic to house rules. It was because of this that he eventually gained the name "Loki Meili." Loki for his nuttiness, and Meili because he is really very sweet, and Meili is a norse god with the nickname "the lovely one." I understand why they couldn't keep him. He's weird, and he doesn't listen to anything. He is, however, the sweetest dog I have ever met. I don't know what I would do without him. He and Thor are best friends, along with their new brother, a corgi named Ulysses. I love this boy, and, as nutty as he is, I wouldn't change a single thing about him.

Dallas, TX

My beautiful feral

First my cat Bella passed away in Oct 2014, then in early Dec 2014 my dog Cuddles passed away and I didn't know how I would cope, Bella had been with me for 19 years and Cuddles was with me for 14 years. My other cat Stalker was moping around alongside me. My dad attends a mosque locally, the mosque has a pack of feral cats that they feed and take care of, occasionally they would borrow my cat carrier to transport the cats to the vet when needed. One night in late Dec 2014 dad asked to borrow my carrier, I didn't think anything of it. When he got home he asked me to bring the carrier in, I suggested he leave it in the car for next time and he insisted I bring it in. So I go outside and get the carrier and I'm shocked by the sound it made when I picked it up.... it made a hissing noise, I look inside and lo and behold there's the tiniest kitten I've ever seen in there. I named her Maza which means snuggler even tho she was far from one at that time, she soon became one tho. My little protector, honestly she is not one for snuggles with anyone other than me, if anyone tries to go into my bedroom she'll hiss at them, if they try to pet her, she hisses at them and if anyone comes too close to me when I'm sick, you guessed it, she hisses and strikes at them.

Maza was estimated to be about 4 weeks old when I got her and now almost 18 months later I still miss Bella and Cuddles but she has shown me unconditional love and I love her unconditionally along with my other feral Stalker, I wouldn't give them up for the world.

Sal Dz
Fairfield, Australia

Geocaching Prize

My son and husband were out geocaching and they called me and said they'd found two little black kittens dumped beside the road near a geocache. What could I do? I told them to bring them home. At the time, we already had three cats so I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of two more. Still, I spent the time waiting for them to get home setting up an area to isolate them until we could get them to the vet and make sure they were healthy. I also called and made a vet appointment for the next morning.

The babies were, of course, adorable. My husband said they hadn't been there long, there was a box that still had kitten food in it. The kittens had gotten out of the box and were trying to catch butterflies in the thin strip between the road and a drop off to a fast moving river. They wouldn't have lasted long. The vet pronounced them healthy and one of our neighbors, a girl my son's age, fell in love with the female. My son fell in love with the male. I was still intending to adopt out both. We got a call the next morning from the neighbor girl saying her dad had agreed to let her keep the female. I asked my husband if we should let our son keep the male. My husband got a pitiful look on his face and I laughed and said, "Should we let you keep the male?"

Toby loves us all, but he's always really been my husband's cat. We occasionally compare notes with the neighbors and he's almost twice his sister's size although he doesn't have an ounce of fat on him.

Kent, WA

Free-ranging Dog Story

Parking lot of an apartment, near my residence, was a home to old female dog (Lali) with her two newborn- 3 week’s old pups (Pumpkin and Biti). When I found Lali she was extremely frail, undernourished, scared and wildly aggressive in the presence of humans near her marked area;However she appeared to be ebullient to me which made me started seeing her at least twice in a day and feed her.

Within weeks Lali started to follow me and often stop by my house for little attention along with Biti and Pumpkin. One morning when I went to feed my naughty trio I found Biti was missing. I searched for her in entire neighbourhood and found her lying at a nearby footpath with badly mutilated forelimb- which was inflamed and looked more than double its size and her entire flesh from her paw was sticking through the skin with numerous flies housing on it.

Being not sure of how to handle Biti I called my cousin who introduced me to Ms. Neeti Dave; she travels the road to rescue. She came and examined Biti, took her immediately with her.Following day she called me to inform that Biti’s injury is deep down and doctor suggests amputation of affected limb. It was heart-breaking news since Biti was less than 2 months old and I had no idea about what impact would this amputation have on her.Next day I again received a call from Niti. She said, she met one doctor who says we can take a chance and with help of antibiotics, proper care and thorough cleaning and dressing we can observe the recovery for next few days. Neeti was kind enough to keep Biti with her till she is completely fine. Some people dedicate their lives to lending hand to animals unable to help themselves, Niti was one of them.She has a heart for rescuing animals.Thanks to her brave efforts Biti was back to normal.

Hopefully more and more such heart warming stories should make the news.It takes one kind action to inspire many others.

Little Biti underwent a remarkable transformation.

Prital Desai
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

A Cry in the Dark

Coming home from an after dark grocery run, I heard a loud, sharp meow coming from a low, swampy area near the back of our apartment complex. Recognizing it as a kitten cry, I ran inside, dropped my groceries on the floor and grabbed a flashlight and a bag of cat treats. I followed the cries and It took a while, but I finally managed to extract a small, dirty, very hungry kitten from a large bush. And boy did he put up a fight! Then the question of what to do with him. We already had 3 adult cats, and were not looking to add another. I promised my boyfriend he'd just be staying a couple of days, and I'd find a rescue or home for him. During this time, he was kept in the bathroom for fear of making our other cats sick, but we still worked on socialization. He was so dirty, he didn't even fight the bath, which revealed he was not fully black, but had a gray undercoat. Even though he was obviously feral I still let the offices of the apartment buildings around us and animal control know we had found him, just in case. I went back out a few times to check for more kittens, but never found anymore. After a week of not being able to place him, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to keep him. I was shocked, but we talked it out and decided we couldn't let him go. A vet check-up determined he was 6-8 weeks old, 1.9 lbs,and best of all FIV and FLV negative. We've begun the process of integrating him with our adult cats, which has been instant acceptance by one, indifference by another, and dislike by the youngest. We supervise pretty closely and separate him when we're not home/asleep, but he should be big enough soon to have full run. We've named him Beerus, after a cat animated character. It seems like he's always been here.

Broward County, FL

The Boys

My husband said we’d never have another dog after we lost Chloe, our beloved 16 year-old Shih-Tzu. I have a heart for rescuing dogs, but I didn’t want to rush him. Sure enough, about nine months later he began to look at dogs on the internet, checking shelters for Shih-Tzu’s. Then a friend of my mother’s sent me a news video clip on Facebook featuring two Shih-Tzu brothers who needed to be adopted after their owner had passed away. (Our local news station does a “Pet of the Week” story to help get animals adopted.) They were three years-old and the shelter wanted them to be adopted together, since they’d never been apart. My husband was a student studying at home then, and I sent him the video clip to see if he might be interested. Within the hour he was at the shelter to meet the boys. Then he called to say I had to come meet them since he couldn’t take them home until I did. Since the shelter would be closed the next two days, I had to come right then because “we don’t want them to have to stay here two more days!!!” So I left work to meet the boys, who became Bailey and Hutch. We were surprised at how calm they were at first, since Chloe had been fairly energetic and playful. But then, one week later, my husband heard some noises downstairs and went out to look down into the living room . . . our two boys were running and chasing each other and rough housing all over the place, obviously having a great time. He video’d them for several minutes and we realized that they’d just been in shock at how their lives had changed and that’s why they had been so subdued. They’d figured out they were in a good place, and could enjoy themselves again. They are five now and we sure love them, and appreciate the joy they’ve brought into our lives.

Junction City, OR

A Puppy Called Nora

I was working as a teacher up in Northern Ontario. The community I was in, like most communities had a major dog problem. I adopted this little girl when she want more than 8 weeks old. I had no idea how to take care of a dog, how to train a dog, nothing. But I couldn't bear to let them kill her, which is sadly the common practice there as there is no vet to fix the animals. After the first part of the school year (Sept to Dec) I took her out of the community I was in, and my aunt started to look after her. We sort of figured out she was a mix of a husky and a long haired weenier dog.

It wasnt long before my aunts dad fell in love with Nora. I didn't want to put the dog through any more flights or long drives to my new job, and she loved her new place. It was best for all people involved. As my Aunts father had lost his dog during the treatments he (the human) was receiving for cancer. In all Nora found a loving home and is a spoiled little thing now.

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada


I was walking thru a store parking lot, there was a lady and her kids with a kitten in their trunk trying to give it away.

Me loving cats as I had 3 already was just going to look at the kitten, and that was all it took BAM I took her home!

There was this little orange ball of trouble, she had six toes on three of her paws and seven on one of her paws.

Took her home and she rules the household, gets into everything! I

have a cat door that goes outside to an enclosed yard because I live in an area where there are coyotes.

Well Beelzabub loves to catch anything that moves in that yard, bugs, lizzards, mice she brings them inside!!

She lives up to her name but she has her cuddly moments too. That little cat from the time I brought

her home stalks everyone in the family including the dogs, cats and humans. When you see her eyes

get huge and she gets down low peeking over something hide your feet!

Janene O.
Big Bear City, CA

My Little Princess

Sometimes life is not fair, those that know me know I rescue dogs. This morning, I lost my Baby Girl Princess in her sleep. I rescued Princess and her son Ceasar from the shelter just over two years ago. Both of you have been inseparable from day one. Someone used you as a breeding machine and threw you away and still you showed us nothing but love. This morning you left us at the age of 4 or 5 and we don’t know why. You passed in your sleep and I can only hope that it was peaceful. Your little boy was right next to you when you passed this morning and he is heartbroken and lost without you like we are… You were loved and will be missed. Baby Girl our paths will cross again one day. Rest in peace Princess, We will always love you.

West Melbourne, FL

Phoenix's Story

Phoenix. Aka PhiPhi. On March 25, 2015, I received a message from my lil sis, Lupe Tovar, that would forever change mine and my husbands’ life and certainly change the life of the most precious baby I had ever laid eyes on. I own Mother’s Nature Sanctary For Babies of All Kinds. My husband took one look at Phoenix and said he’s found his Furever home. He couldn’t have been more than 2 months old. I wiped him down gently and that’s when I realized this baby had been burned over 90% of his body. There were numerous bite marks on him (he had been used as a bait dog for training other Pitbull’s to fight). He had been shot. I’ve removed 14 pellets from him. His teeth had been pulled out and his toenails were ripped out as well. Clearly, he wasn’t meant to survive, but Faith, Hope and Love can conquer more than we know. Phoenix has come a long way in the year we’ve had him. From less than 20 pounds to 68 pounds. From burned skin and bones to lean muscular body. From being abused, tortured, abandoned and thrown in a ditch to die to having loving arms and a family that loves him and will protect him. I have my Patron Saint (St. Christopher) guiding me and he led me straight to Saint Francis of Assissi. My strength comes from God. My heart. My reason for being. It’s my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Mama and Daddy love you PhiPhi. We love all our babies… Buffy, JugHead, Carlton, Mr. Frodo, Princess, ButterBean, Ozzy and Elvira. Also, Baby T.A.R.D. and Missy P… May St. Francis hold and keep you on the Rainbow Bridge until we get to Heaven to be with you again.

Here’s to Phoenix… My wish for you is to live a happy, healthy and loving rest of your life. You taught me what determination, Love, Faith and Hope can accomplish. Like your namesake… you literally Rose from the Ashes.

JoAnna Bingham

JoAnna Bingham
Denison, TX
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