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My Pearlfect Cat

My daughters gymnastics teacher found our beautiful cat Pearl dumped outside the gymnastics center when she was 8 weeks old. She caught her and gave her to us.

My daughter wanted to name her Clifford but I said no we can't name her after a big red dog. So she thought about it for around 5 or 10 minutes and said "I know Pearl is a girls name" and so our Pearlfect cat she became.

She is an extremely grumpy cat who has this horrible screech when ever she is unhappy which is very often. She is extremely skittish and not a fan of being around new people at all. I have taken her to the vet and tried Jackson Galaxies Spirit Remedies to try and calm her grumpiness and nothing has worked she is just a grump bug. The last vet I took her to about her behavior said that is just who she is and she is perfectly healthy so don't mess with success.

Despite all the screeching and grumpiness she can be very loving and cuddly with me and my daughter. She has moved all over the country with us first from Georgia to North Carolina, then from North Carolina to Iowa and more. People who meet her often ask how I can put up with her because of her screeching and attitude. My answer is always the same: She is family and you don't get rid of family over some small behavior issues! Despite her imperfections; to us she is perfect and we wouldn't want her any other way! We have had her for an amazing 6 years so far and will continue to love her as long as she lives!

Whiting, IA

My California Girl

No one can say for certain what Victoria's life was like before she was dropped at a high-kill shelter in California, but given her condition it couldn't have been a good one. She was suffering from back-end paralysis, has a severe deformity to her front leg likely due to congenital defect or malnutrition, and her body showed signs of having been used as a breeding dog for much of her life.

It's been a year since she came into rescue with Funds For Pets. She now walks, no longer braces to be hit when being punished, and has fewer and fewer night terrors. She's also had a cancer scare, lost her sight, struggles with hearing, can't always find her food even when placed inches from her nose, and as a result of her medication has some weight issues. Because her doctors can't find anything to explain why this is happening, they've suggested she have an MRI done.

While we wait, I find myself often thinking about the post in which I was first introduced to her. The headline read ".....thousands of likes, hundreds of shares, but not one donation to save her life". I had never been a dog lover. I'd never given a donation to a dog's cause and might not have had I not received a cheque I'd been waiting on for four years just that very morning. It was not my intention to ever meet or know this dog. But I was just so moved by her plight, I couldn't let her leave this world without knowing her life mattered to at least someone.

Despite everything she's been through, Victoria never stops wagging her tail. She is so happy and I'm lucky I get to be her mom. I'm grateful to Funds For Pets and all the wonderful people who dedicate their time and energy to the rescue. Their efforts to raise funds for her medicine, acupuncture, MRI says everyday, "Victoria's life matters to me". It means everything to me.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

My Florida babies - George and Callie

While visiting Florida we experienced a major down pour of rain for a long period of time one night while we were out to dinner. When my partner and I returned to the condo, we heard distressed crying coming from the bushes. It was the sound of kittens. I tried to find them in the pouring rain but was having no luck, but wasn't ready to give up. Finally through the pouring rain, I was able to locate one kitten and ran him into get warmed and dried off. I went back out and didn't hear anymore cries but decided to look further as I thought I had heard two kitties. Finally, I saw her she was laying face down in the water and was lifeless. I scouped her up and took her in, she was barely hanging on, but finally started coming around. We searched for the mother, but it was to no avail. Being concerned for these two little babies, I took them to the vets to make sure that they were okay. Thankfully, the vet said they were doing good. Being an animal lover, and after getting clearance from the vet, we decided to drive back to New York with them. It was my intention to rehab them and get them the necessary things they needed and them finding them their forever homes. That was three weeks ago and today they are romping and playing and following me around when I let them out of their nursery, which consists of a play pen with a cover......I can only imagine what would have happened to these babies if my partner and I hadn't pulled up when we did. The only thing I am sure of, they bring us joy and we love them to bits and they have their forever home and that is with us.

Deborah Usmanu
Cohoes, NY

Please- PLEASE microchip your pets.

There's a local neighbor lady, she speaks Spanish and I don't, but I always greet her when she's out feeding the local strays. One day she'd already left the food out and the cats were eating, but there was an extra little white kitten I'd never seen before. I make noises at the cats in hopes that some of them are friendly. Unfortunately after they hear it-they freeze and then run off.

This time was different. Even though this kitten was already walking away from the feeding area, I made the noises... She froze.. I did it again.. She turned around and ran towards me.

She looks so dirty in this picture, and she clearly had fleas, but she was so incredibly sweet. I knew she couldn't possibly be a feral cat, so I took her home. (There was a small tiff, and I got a few scratches before I wrapped her in my new jacket)

She got a bath (and I got a few more scratches...but no bites), the next day she (and my roommate's and my own cat) got flea meds, and I bought a flea comb to get as many out right away. I wish I could post more pictures so you could see how good she looked after her bath. She stayed in my room with my cats litter box, and the door closed so they didn't fight. She stayed there for a few days because I didn't have a car to take her anywhere.

That Sunday I took her to my vet.

She was microchipped.

Her name was Ash (because the two grey spots on her head looked like ash-Wednesday marks- they weren't dirt.).

She was missing for two months, and that day she got to go home.


She got to go home, because her owners got her chipped.

Please chip your pets.

Sarah R McClure
Los Angeles, CA

Tenacious, The Tough Hedgehog.

May 2016, inspecting oilfield pipes and equipment, we noticed a small hedgehog which was soaked with crude oil and its body was stuck to the ground. The hedgehog could not move from its place and was dying. Just a fast beat pulse was its sole sign of being alive. “It’s better to put it to sleep”, my friend said. But I couldn’t do that. So I decided to do my best to save him. I took it softly. When we returned to the office, he almost had no vital signs. I started to clean him using Hand Cleaner and a toothbrush to remove the oil from his body, but oil concentration was very high and the cleaner did not work well. After researching the internet about home remedies to rid the body of animals soaked with oil, we realized that the best material is edible vegetable oil to do so. It not only has no danger, but also is so effective. The difficult harsh point about our hero was that according to his nature, he rolled into a tight spiny ball as soon as being touched and did not allow us to clean his body. So, I had no choice to put him in a bathtub to make him unrolled. That day, I put on my work clothes and it was little money in my pocket. Most edible oil prices were slightly higher than my money. I found a cheaper one at last. It was very hot that day (about 100°F) and I desired a cold beer, but I recalled hedgehog which needed to be washed after edible oil massage (:D). So, a baby shampoo took the rest of my money instead of cold beer. Finally, after 4 hours of effort I could almost remove the oil from his body. The result was amazing as he got up and started to run happily. It was there that my fatigue vanished and I felt cheerful that I could rescue him. He showed great stability and resistance to survive. So I decided to put his name Tenacious.

Saber Araghi
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

RAL! "Running at Large after Joplin Tornado"

I grew up in Joplin Mo-the f5 tornado that hit there in 2011 broke my heart. I wanted to help in some way and decided to adopt a dog that was homeless after that tornado. I went to petfinder and searched on Joplin. I found a sweet terrier mix who was found RAL after the event. She was pregnant when she was found and had given birth to her pups in a wonderful prison program to rehab strays and homeless dogs. I went to the prison to meet her and she was darling! As soon as her pups were weaned she was ready to come home with me and all her pups were adopted too! Her name is June and she is my funny, one ear up, one ear down Joplin homie! She has been a perfect fit in our family and we love her dearly. Adopt!!! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

C Benton
Overland Park, KS

Backyard Bo

While prepping my backyard for spring, I was taking the tarp off my large wooden swing. As I pulled, something came running out from under it and straight for the bushes.

I assumed it was a squirrel until I heard a meow.

Checking it out this beautiful Torti kitten came straight out. I held my hand out and she came right up to me. I checked for a collar and tag. She had none. I got her some food and water. She ate it right up and jumped in my lap, purring and wanting attention. She had belonged to someone at some point. She was too loving to be feral. That's when I noticed the fleas!

I have two 9 years old rescue cats that would not want a sister & I can't afford the care of a 3rd one. I called a friend who manages a rescue called Stray Cat Blues in Colmar, PA and she said bring her over. They took her to the vet and discovered she was actually 2 years old and was tagged in Kentucky. No owner address just the ASPCA were she was chipped. And they had no adoption records on her, other than she was taken to a Petstore in Philadelphia area. The rescue spayed her , de-wormed and defleaed her. Plus got rid of the tapeworm that made her so small.

I got to spend a day with Bo before going off to her Forever Home.

It was my 1st rescue and I was sad to see her go, but she now has a great home

Thom Ryan
Philadelphia, PA

The best friend I could've asked for.

November 1998. I was in the 12th grade when I decided to adopt a cat from the animal shelter. There were a few cats running around for me to interact with, but this one sweet 4-month old girl got my attention. She kept coming to me for pets and apparently she decided I was the one for her; I took her home the same day. I promised her that day that I would do everything in my power to keep her safe and happy.

I named her Nala, and she was the sweetest, most well-behaved cat I could've asked for. When she was 7, she was diagnosed with diabetes. During the transition period where I was learning to administer her insulin shots and taking her to the vet for regular blood sugar checks, she was a total champ. No fighting or biting; it's like she knew being calm would make the pokes go a lot faster. Everyone at the clinic loved her and commented on how sweet she was. Friends who didn't like cats changed their minds when they met Nala.

I was able to manage her diabetes with few problems for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, her health started to decline in May 2015. Her diabetes became unstable and caused her to go into kidney failure. Her body started shutting down and there was no way to salvage her quality of life. I had to say goodbye to my best friend on May 18, 2015. She was 2 months short of her 17th birthday. I miss her every single day. She taught me to be strong, responsible and to not give up. She was always there when I was sad or sick. Honestly, I'd say she was the love of my life. I hope I see her again one day.


One Up Max

Hi! My name is Max, or rather, One Up Max. I rescued my Mom, Lisa in July of 2011. She wasn’t looking for someone to love, but found me and couldn’t resist. My best friends are Buddy & Coco, the cats. They stay home most of the time while Mom and I go for car rides, walks around the neighborhood, do my agility training, and go on play dates. I love helping people and someday I’d like to be a therapy dog, but I don’t have time in my busy schedule right now. So until then, I'll just keep making people smile as I am.

Lisa Shawver
Morada, CA

The Tale of Two Kittens

When I was preparing to move out of my parents house, my roommate and I both realized an issue. I had a calico tabby named Chai whom had grown up with my childhood cat Mocha, and our Jack Russell Zoe. Mocha and Zoe would be staying with my parents, and Chai would be coming with us. We just KNEW we had to get a companion for Chai, since she's a very affectionate and clingy cat. We knew she wouldn't do well on her own. Without much money due to my being disabled, we set out to find a kitten. We were hoping to give an unwanted kitten a home, and soon enough we found this little Ragdoll a girl in our town was giving away.

Originally, we thought the kitten to be a girl, so we named her Sally. Through a series of unfortunate events, the girl 'lost' Sally after her child had let the kitten outside. We were devastated, as we'd so desperately wanted that little fluff to be ours. We waited a week and didn't hear anything, and so we continued our search. We found another kitten, a tuxedo Angora we named Sirius Lea. As soon as we got her home, we received a text from Sally's foster. She had found Sally! We went and scooped the kitten up right that instant and brought them home.

We'd been promised both kittens were 8 weeks old by their fosters... It was a complete lie. They were barely 5 weeks. We had to feed them formula, and help them eat each meal for the first month of their life. Slowly, they grew and it turned out that Sally was actually a boy. That's how we came to have Andy, and Sirius Lea. They're just over a year old now and have the biggest personalities of any cat I've ever met. Chai has taken on the role of mama cat and we're forever blessed with their presence.

Nikki P
Worcester, MA
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