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Pulling into the parking lot at the condo I rented in Maui I was shocked to see a little black kitten run under a parked car. Being the animal lover I am, I rolled my luggage over and tried to pet the cat, she came out instantly to say hi. For the 10 days I was there every time I went out to the parking lot there she was, so I would hang out with her for a bit. One night it was pouring down rain so I went down to the parking lot and snuck the cat up to my room. I quickly realized she was covered in fleas, so I gave her a bath and she must have been happy to get them off of her because she just sat in the tub. Two days before I was supposed to go home I inquired about the cat, and the office staff told me she just showed up a few months ago. They had been feeding her but she didn't have a home. I decided she needed a home of her own, but the process of bring an animal to or from Hawaii is complicated and I wouldn't have time to take care of everything before I left. Luckily one of the ladies in the office offered to take her to the vet for me and put her on a plane with my parents who were flying back a week later.

She brought back fleas, and a hatred of the litter box, but I wouldn't change it for the world. She definately picked me for a reason and I'm glad to give her a home.

Seattle, WA

An Abused Kitten Named Ciara or How I Adopted My House Panther

On December 16, 2014, we lost our senior cat, Toebiter, to cancer. It was devastating to the family and especially so close to christmas.

I was in no hurry to adopt again but told myself when I did, I would take in a special needs cat or maybe a black one because I knew how rarely they get adopted. We had already been visiting our local shelters the last few months to socialize with the cats so they wouldn't feel forgotten. So, while in another town doing some errands in February, we decided to drop by their shelter to visit their kitties too. We got lost once or twice and it took us awhile to find the place.

As soon as we walked in, I spotted some tiny kittens in one of the front cages. They told us they had just been brought in and weren't even in the system yet. They had been found in a sealed box thrown into the local park to, I assume, die. I picked up the little black one and I just knew she was the one. This cat had been meant for me to find. If we hadn't got lost, she and I would not have crossed paths. They tried to dissuade us saying she hadn't been vetted yet. Hell, they didn't even know what gender she was! I told them we were taking this one and my daughter paid the adoption fee. On the way home, we started googling trying to find a name. We decided on Ciara which is Gaelic for Dark One.

She went to the vet the next day and she had no fleas, no worms, no diseases at all. Perfect health. My tortoiseshell cat decided that she had found a little sister to cuddle with now. I got a House Panther and began to move on from Toebiter's death. I believe I was meant to find Ciara that day.

David White
Corinth, TX

2nd Chance

This is our Iggy. When she was only 3 weeks old, someone threw her out of a moving car while driving over a long bridge in our town. They were trying to drown her. Fortunately, she hit the guard rail and bounced back onto the road. The guardian angel in the car behind stopped traffic, picked up this baby, and drove her to the vets. It turns out that this guardian angel was a friend of a friend, and asked me if I would take care of her. The vet estimated that Iggy was barely 3 weeks old and weighed 1 pound. I am happy to say that Iggy just celebrated her 2nd birthday and is a happy, healthy 10 pound girl that loves to be snuggled and loves all her other brother and sister rescue cats and dogs. She is such a joy to us!!!!

Kitty Hawk, NC

Cat from the hood

A few years ago I was a caseworker in Milwaukee. My clients were on house arrest and it was my job to track them twice a day at home. Most of my clients lived in what was the "bad" part of the city that was poverty-stricken. I went to a client's home on a cold and rainy day in December and saw this gorgeous gray cat outside. She came right up to me and rubbed against my leg. I pet her and asked my client if he was going to let his cat inside, they replied "No, she's not mine. The people that lived here before us got evicted and they left it outside- I guess they couldn't take care of it." I asked if his family fed her and my client replied "Not really. We don't like cats." I finished up our business and as I walked away the cat sat outside the door waiting to be let in to a home that wasn't hers anymore. My heart broke for her.

The next day, I decided if the cat was still there I would pick her up. Lo and behold, I went to the client's door and she crept up to let me pet her and she purred like crazy. I asked, "Do you mind if I take her?" I'm not sure why I felt the need to ask, she wasn't his cat. He said "No, I think it really likes you and you definitely like it. You should take it." So I did. I picked her up and drove to Wal-Mart to get some basics for the cat I'd call Willa. She went from hood to pampered in a matter of minutes! My friends call her Princess Willa and she is nothing short of that!

Maggie Gervase
Chicago, IL

our Kita

My boyfriend and I adopted our fur baby Zeus in October 2015. And a month or so ago we decided we wanted to add another furry friend to our family. We looked at a lot of pictures on Petfinder and Adopt A Pet, but none were what we were looking for.

Then we saw sweet Kita. She was in foster care for 3 months. last weekend we drove two hours to Tacoma to go meet her and decided to add her to our little family. She's had a rough life in her two short years. She'd been in shelters twice, wasn't trained as a puppy, and her last home had been harsh enough (Such as using a shock or bark collar) with her that when she went back to the shelter again, she was a shell of a dog from the trauma. they thought they might have to put her down she was in such bad shape. Luckily her foster mom worked with her for 3 months and got her back to being a fantastic girl, ready once again for a new family.

Though she still has a lot of learning to do - she is a teenager, she is a super sweet dog who greets us at the door as a bouncy bundle of energy. I can't imagine having to put her down or someone mistreating her. Just love her! Kita 's soft, smart, beautiful dog. She's full of energy and I'm glad that we can give her a good home.

vancouver, WA


I met TinTin at a parking lot in my neighborhood. About three years ago, one day she just appeared out of nowhere so I offered her some food. She was then a kitten, but after a few days to my horror I realized that she was pregnant. Is it because all calico tabby cats are extremely charming and sexy? I don't know. Anyway after her babies were weaned, I got her, sent her to the vet's, had her spayed, then released her to the parking lot.

She came to me for a late dinner ever since. There were some other cats at the parking lot who came to me for dinner as well, but she was the only one who tracked me down and found out where I lived, then she would wait for me downstairs my apartment. She ran happily toward me as soon as she hard the sound I made by shaking my keys. Sometime she didn't appear for dinner, and I would feel very lost and worried.

Last September she didn't appear for two days. I was very worried. Two days later she showed up, but with a limp hind leg. I gave her food and she devoured it, after finished eating she hurried away. Stooping there watching her limp away, there was a lump in my throat and I was determined to get her to the vet's the next day.

The next day I brought her food and a kennel as well. I gently held her up when she was busy eating, put her into the kennel then brought her home. The next day I brought her to the vet's who told me her wound was infected and there was abscess in it, so they needed to perform an operation to clean the wound thoroughly. She stayed at the vet's overnight for the operation, the next day I brought her to my little classroom and ever since she has become one of my indoor cats.

Kate Hsieh
Taipei, Taiwan

Sweet Bailey

Every cat and dog I ever had was homeless and some in bad shape. I am down to three cats now , last cat passed away at about sixteen years. I have had six or seven at a time and four dogs . Now I have four cats two males and two females. First place I took any stray was to Vet for check-up spaying and neutering. Bailey is the last cat that found me , he was coming for meals with a young female that looked a lot like him . I trapped the female ,Clover,first then Bailey a couple of weeks later. I don't think he was ever in a house and we know he had a fight with a fox that cost him the tip of his tail.Now he is a sweet loving cat (if you don't comb his tail.) He wasn't himself a few weeks after being caught and I told Vet I think he had diabetes He was tested and I was right. so he is on insulin twice a day and is playing like a kitten. He and Clover still get along well. Our other two just put up with them .

Port Hood, NS, Canada


Dirty's story started when a friend brought a box of kittens found on the road side to our house. They were covered with fleas and close to death. They were given flea dip and hubby kept trying to scrub streak of grey brown off of one white kittens nose that looked like dirt. By the time he realized the "dirt" was marking he had one very unhappy kitten. He chuckled and said okay you are called Dirty Stripe which became shortened to just Dirty. Unfortunately the other kittens did not make it too much blood lose from fleas but Dirty did and she grew up to be quite the scraper, taking all comers and became queen of the household.

Some years later some cat illness came through the area, rural farming community, I do not know to this day what it was it was some 15 years ago but all neighbors and our household lost about 80% of their cats even indoor only. Dirty did get sick but again was sole survivor.

Now at 22 in picture she is as active and happy as any kitten and still queen of the roost Survivor still. Some day there will be a huge hole in our lives but not yet, the Dirty Stripe rules still.

Brewster, OH

My Boys

Meet Bandit (dog on the left side of this photo) and Sammy (dog on the right). Both are rescues and this picture shows how well they get along. Though Bandit is younger, Sammy follows him around and will whine when Bandit is away. We've had a few dogs over the years but Bandit seems to hold a special place in my husband's heart, while Sammy prefers to be with me.

I was reluctant to have 2 male dogs in our household, thinking there could be problems if they didn't get along but they play nice and even enjoy it when we invite other dogs over for play dates.

Sammy and Bandit provide me with company and unconditional love. In addition to the exercise I get when we're out walking, they've helped me get to know my neighbors who stop to talk with me when we're out. I am blessed to have them.

New City, NY

This Rescue lived to be almost Twenty

Other dog lovers in my family, told me of a six year old male Lhasa Apso whom needed rescuing. He was rescued from an abusive household when police intervened, and fostered by my relative. When visiting her (she lived four provinces away from me) I met this sweet darling only once. Once rescued, the vet discovered he had a broken leg which had never been taken care of, and which 'healed' broken. My answer to adopting him was an immediate yes. I flew him across the country to my province in Canada. With veterinarian care, he was fixed up and going on twice daily walks with me and eventually off-leash runs in a near-by woods with my other dog. His emotional healing came along quickly, with my hugging him tightly when he awakened with nightmares the first few months, & lots of love. He was wagging within the first day; slept on our bed at the foot, the first night; and became such a happy loving snuggle-bug very quickly. I could tell he loved being in a peaceful home; fit right in with our other dog; and he flourished. He lived to be almost twenty; with frequent vet checks in his final year to make sure he was never in any kind of pain. He died peacefully in my arms, after I softly sang his very own songs that were just for him: Polka Dot Boy...sung to tune of 'Polka Dot Door', and "You're My Best Boy.." from the musical Aunty 'Mame!' I sang those songs to him and more, every day of his 14 happy years with us. Everyone commented what a sweet, happy boy he was. I loved him with all of my heart; my sweet wise old Tibetan.

Toronto, ON, Canada
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