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R2 finds a home

I had 3 cats already. I called them my old ladies, since Maggie was 14 and Rosie and Sam were 10. I had no interest in getting another cat. Then on Halloween Eve I went to a party at a friend's house. There was a tuxedo kitten, probably 6-8 months, outside her door. He was obviously starving and the smell of the bar-be-que must have been driving him crazy as he sat at the door and yowled, trilled and cried. They kept trying to shoo him away, but he wasn't going anywhere. My friend told me some neighbors had recently moved and that is when the kitten started hanging around so we figured they had left him behind.

When I left, he followed me to my car, still yowling and making a funny little trilling type meow. I know it was the leftovers I was carrying. But something in me knew I couldn't leave him. He hadn't been alone long and I was afraid hunger and loneliness would drive him feral and he would never find a home. So I scooped him up and put him in my car. He rode on my shoulder the whole way home, purring in my ear. Once home, I left him in my enclosed porch and brought him some food that he inhaled like someone was going to take it from him. I made him a warm comfy bed out there and swore I would find him a home.

Two weeks later, after I'd had him checked out by a vet and neutered, my mother told me "You know you're going to keep him." and she was right. On her suggestion, I named him Roman the Second after my previous tuxedo male who went to the bridge in 2013. I call my new boy R2, and yes, that is totally a Star Wars reference. R2 has made himself right at home, he sleeps on my pillow at night and loves playing with his big sister Rosie. His little trilling meow makes me smile and I know I found him the right home after all.

Jacksonville, FL

My Little Princess

I wanted a dog for years but put off getting one. I had a few amazing ones when I was little and always had a soft spot for them. Fall of 2014 I finally started looking. But I couldn't find one that fit. My friend recommended going to a local event to see what was available. I almost didn't go because it was raining and the event was in a park. I am so glad I did! Princess was the second dog I looked at that day. She was a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer. She looked at me with her brown eyes and I knew. Families passed her up that day because she had a bit of a kennel cough and her fur was shaved really short because of the condition she was in when they rescued her. They have no idea what they passed up! From the moment I brought Princess home, she had my heart. She is the sweetest little girl. She loves attention and giving kisses. She howls to say hello to everyone she meets. She has the classic Miniature Schnauzer stubbornness but she is very well trained and highly intelligent. I don't know what I would do without my little girl. Everyone who meets her loves her. My Princess will always be the queen of her castle in my eyes! The picture is of the first day I got her and a recent picture. You can see the difference love makes!

Laura Harless
Orlando, FL

Mulder & Mara

We are Mulder the tabby & Mara the Siamese!! We were rescued from the Visalia, California SPCA Via our first foster mom & the wonderful people at the Visalia SPCA. We joined our forever home as foster babies on March 25th 2016 at 5 weeks old, a day after our new parents' 4th wedding anniversary! Our adoption will be legal in mid-April when we turn 8 weeks old!! We are very Spoiled & love our new parents & the 2 older kitties who have taken us under their wing! We are still getting to know the doggy but he loves us too!! Our mom, who made an almost 5-hour round trip to get us, even works for a vet, where we get all our care!! We scored!!! 💖💙

Jennifer Almason
Modesto, CA

Harley & Charlie

I didn't have cats. I never really told anyone but its because at 5yrs old our blue point siamese was mauled by a dog & crawled home into my lap and died. Years later I met my now ex-fiance & she had this amazing orange tabby named ozzy who won my heart. He would ignore the family when they'd call him in at night but always came right to me. He mysteriously died one day & it broke our hearts. A few months later I just so happened to turn off the central air & open windows. I saw a car whip through the parking lot next door & open its door and speed off. I heard crying that sounded like a kitten. I went to the window & started doing "kitty calls", the sounds got closer & followed me window to window all the way to the back door which I opened. She ran in the door she was all tiny, blue gray, & mind numbingly cute. Her fur was super short & soft like a chinchilla. Meowing her head off she clawed her way up onto my shoulder meowing in my ear. I held her, pet her, calmed her down & gave her tuna which she wolfed down. I crafted a makeshift litterbox & did a midnight run to go buy her litter. I named her HarleyQuinn. She's the funniest, strangest little cat. She plays fetch, tries to steal all my food, takes baths & she is the most vocal little kitty ive ever met. She came to me in a really rough time & has since helped me through even rougher times: depression, an endless barrage of lost loved ones, being cheated on by my fiance of 6yrs, bouts of poor health. 3months later my boy orange tabby "bones" wandered into our lives after being abandoned. Harley, Bones & i even rescued and re-homed 3other kitties. She's always by my side through thick & thin. Follows me everywhere, even when I take a bath lol. Im so greatful she rescued me <3 >^.^<

Hudson, OH

We Took In a Whole Family

We lost our last kitty after 18 yrs. In our 70s, we decided we shouldn't adopt again. However, we were asked to "just look at" a family of 3, and were quickly presented with a Calico mama and two Tuxedo babies, 6 mos. old, who had been born at the clinic after mama was rescued in the wild. Our vet would let them go only as a family.The boy had a badly deformed leg from birth. Their only chance was probably to become mousers on a ranch. She wouldn't let that happen. What to do? Well, she knew us well. She said she would amputate the boy's leg as it would bother him badly as an adult, and they had their shots, and were all neutered.

So, home with us they went to meet their new siblings, a Bijon and a Cocker who took to them immediately. Gypsy (Mama) was cautious. Rovena ("Veena"), the pretty girl on the left, is a "born to be wild" baby coming in for food, short reassuring cuddles and to sleep with us at night; oh, and to yell about her adventures in the neighborhood. Bandit grew to a handsome, long-haired (with white guard hairs), boy with round, expressive eyes, and the best purr we've ever heard. He was a big. bold, cuddly boy who quickly made himself boss of the "hood", climbing trees and jumping fences with his three strong legs and letting any foreign cat know that they were not welcome. He was heart-breakingly lost to FIP. He is sorely missed by all. Mama Gypsy taught both of them the "ropes" of outside living such as catching mice, dodging cars, and strong self-defense. Gypsy took her time to be sure that this home and family was indeed going to be permanent, and after making sure her remaining baby was safe, she is now the most relaxed and domesticated feline we've ever had. While Veena screams out her tales of the day, Gypsy "chats" softly, telling us what she wants or just saying hello. They're a treasure we might have missed.

Jesse Farmer-Lowell
Salmon, ID

Runaway foster

This is Mo (Mojito). We adopted her 5 years ago. She was being fostered by our neighbor but kept running away from her house and coming to ours. After taking her back "home" 6 times, we thought we would see how she got along with the cat we already had. Well, they certainly are not best friends but they get along well enough to live together.

Reading, PA

My Sweetie

I moved to a small European country called Estonia from the States about a year and 9 months ago. After a month of living here, I adopted an adorable orange kitten who I promptly named Kasspurr (kass - Estonia word for cat) who grew up in the shelter. After four months of having Kasspurr, I noticed just how lonely he was without a playmate. My friend volunteers at the shelter and told me about a young black and white male she had been fostering. She named him Laska, after a good friend of hers, and he was a scared boy. He had spent his first 5 months on the streets when him and his family had been rescued by this shelter. He was terrified of me the first couple times I went to visit, but my friend and I were determined to give him a good, loving home, and Kasspurr needed a friend. It has been over a year since I adopted him, and he has gone from this scared kitten hiding under beds, wardrobes, anything, to the cat that greets me at the door, and cannot get enough pets! He used to flinch from the hand coming towards him, and ran from anything that made noise, to being the king of the house. Him and Kasspurr are brothers who groom each other, play and cuddle together. Laska has made huge strides from where he was to where he is now. He now sleeps with me every night and is my cuddle buddy. My transition here would have been a lot more difficult without my two boys. From the small, frightened, reluctant kitten, to this outgoing, loving, wonderful cat, I could not be happier with the progress we've made! Laska, as I was told later, is the Russian word for Sweetie, and he truly lives up to the name!

Pittsburgh, PA

Pretty Yannie

I first met Yannie at an adoption event and it was love at first sight. First I saw only her back but when I saw her face, despite her crippled ear, her tearing eyes, I thought she was the most beautiful kitty in the world! But she was sick, so lethargic, and was sneezing a lot. I had to think again before adopting a sick cat since I had just put my 20+ years old beloved Millie to sleep after 5 years of caring for her with medication for several medical conditions.

But Yannie kept being on my mind, so I called the lady who had rescued her from a high kill rate shelter in Georgia and she was still available. With appropriate vet care, months later, she went over her URI, the worst case of ear mites my vet had seen, ringworm, and got her herpes virus under control. Her sweet personality was never affected by all those health issues and she became my husband's girlfriend.

Yannie didn't like other cats but she compensated with all the love she could give to us, and every human she would meet. She definitely was a people cat. Two years after we moved back to Canada, she started having health problems. After a couple of months, blood work, several vet appointments, an ultra sound test showed that she had a big tumor attached to her stomach. That day I went to the vet with a kitty in a carrier and came back with an empty carrier... So heartbreaking! But I know I made the right decision, no more suffering for that beautiful so sweet kitty. She was about 8. We will never forget our Yannie and all the love and wonderful years she gave us. I'm so glad we gave her a second chance, she paid us so much in return with love and laughter.

Williamstown, ON, Canada

Tasha's Terms

As soon as I laid eyes on her, my heart knew she and her sister were the ones. Looking back at me, a pair of eyes, she didn't trust, and kept just out of reach. I brought home two tiny balls of fluff. Tasha, and Sasha...for the four days they were at the house, they ran the roost. Sasha always wanted to be where my husband was at, and had no issues climbing up his leg, and back to curl up on his shoulder. My husband was in love.

Within the next 4 days we were back at the shelter, both of my beautiful kittens developed a cough, the next 6 days Tasha healed however, Sasha, crossed the rainbow bridge. My husband and I were saddened of her passing...she already had a close bond with my husband. He even gave her the nickname eye booger.

We brought Tasha home, but no matter if we called her, or wanted to love on her, Tasha would only do it when she felt like it. Hence Tasha's terms.

Fast forward 4 years, my husband and I divorced. I could not bring Tasha with me, however, my cousin generously opened her home to Tasha. The day I left I stayed with Tasha as long as I could. Weeping and holding her, telling her how sorry I was, until my cousin told me I needed to leave. For the next 9 years, Tasha became part of their family. I would visit as often as I could and would stay as long as I could, to let Tasha know she was always in my heart. My cousin and I would take as many photos as we could...only when Tasha was feeling it. My cousin called the other day crying, Tasha had passed in her sleep. The loss of your pet is never a good thing, coupled with not being with her in her final years really is heartbreaking. Yet I know in my heart, Tasha knew she was loved. Loved by my cousin and her husband, and loved and adored by me.

Vicki Myers
Terre Haute, IN

Bella with an E: Mama's One Last Gift

In the fall of 2015, after having lost my mom earlier that year in May and having lost my Jasper and Ella B (commonly known as 'my twins'/ both cats) as well, I was not ready to adopt another kitten. As fall came around, so did another batch of feral kittens and along with it some healing in my heart from all the loss I had gone through.

As I fed the feral cats, I noticed a little calico kitten that stayed close to her mama when it came time to eat. She would eat the dry cat food we'd set out for them all but every so often I'd see her sneak a drink of milk as her mama ate her breakfast or dinner.

As the warmer fall days turned to the colder days and months, this little calico kitten would be very resourceful to getting food by sneaking into the house anytime dad stepped outside to feed the feral cats. We would let her be in to warm up and eat til she got her fill then she would go back outside with her mama.

As winter came around, I noticed that the little calico was not doing so well. She had a cold in her eyes and she was coughing badly. I decided then that I would accept this one last present from my Mama who was in Heaven and who loved cats as much as I did. From that time on she became my Bella with an E. Today, she is a sweet loving lil girl who loves to run and play and is mischievous when she wants to be. She loves her belly rubs and loves having me hold her as she considers me her ‘Mama’ now.

Elmo, UT
Forever in my Heart Wind Chime
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