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Lucky is truly lucky.

There was a little brown tiger kitty hanging around the house so we started to feed him. We made sure he had food and water everyday. One day in January of 2016 the little one had showed up for his lunch and breakfast and was just fine. I went to give him supper on my way to work and it was obvious that he had been hurt. I has chased a small red-tailed hawk from the yard twice that day and suspected the hawk tried to catch him. I was hoping the kitty would be ok but as the week went on he didn't seem to get any better. In fact was getting worse. It soon became clear that I either got this little one medical help or I was going to watch him die. I called my vet for an appointment. The next problem was to catch him. He ended up coming to me and letting me pick him up without any problem. I took him to the vet. He was running a fever and the wounds were infected. The vet wanted to keep him so the could take care of him. They called later saying he was going to be ok but would need lots of care. I went to visit him the next day since he was going to have to stay another day. I wanted to cry. I would never have thought the wounds were as serious as they were (the vets had shaved his back to treat the wounds). I told him I would do whatever he needed to help him. He would undergo laser treatments and would have to go make return trips to the vet. He also needed meds and wound treatment twice a day. Now 5 weeks after his first appointment he is pretty much healed. He has some scars from the hawk's claws and some hair may not grow back. He also has some ptsd from the event. He has made himself right at home and is now the 9th member of our cat family. We decided to name him "Lucky".

Mifflinburg, PA

Independence Day for Timmy

Timmy came from a small, cluttered, unclean apartment with way too many people and way too many animals. He was 9 months old, unneutered and cowering behind a water heater. His ears were back in confusion and his eyes were slits of fear and distrust. A young teenager in the home asked me to make sure that "no one ever hits or kicks or calls him bad names." She told me he was born on July 4, 2013.

Timmy had limited mobility because his front legs bent in at the elbows and he skittered and slid around precariously. A visit with two orthopedic surgeons confirmed that he was born with radial agenesis (no radius bones in his front legs). He had cast changes at least once a week for a several months in attempt to rotate his legs into a more normal, and hopefully comfortable, position.

We did physical therapy to strengthen his muscles. The orthopedic surgeons said this was all experimental because normally cats like Timmy either fail to thrive or are euthanized. Those were not options for us. The doctors ordered custom-made removable splints from Virginia. The company normally makes them for dogs, but everyone was on board to make small, Timmy-sized ones. The splints did not work as hoped, but they were worth trying.

As months passed, Timmy played, made friends, gained weight, and more importantly, gained trust and security. He was becoming the cat he wanted to be. The cat he was meant to be. He now runs, jumps, climbs, makes valiant attempts to use his scratching posts, and thinks every cat is his best friend. He is a favorite patient at his hospital, and the staff all converge on him with greetings, admiration and hugs when he arrives. As a happy, healthy, well-adjusted 2-year-old, Timmy soaks up the attention.

For two years now, I've told him that the fireworks on Independence Day are for him --  to celebrate his birthday, his independence and his health, as well as our happiness that he is a part of our lives.

Laura R Carlson/Harbor Hope Cat Rescue
Gig Harbor, WA

My kindergarten chaperone

My family adopted Copper, more like he adopted me. When I saw him I knew he had to be my dog. He was a once in a life time dog. He would walk me to kindergarten, the neighbors would call when they saw him on a walk to the duck pond. He even stopped a potential kidnapping. He was 16 when he passed. I miss him all the time. He was my dog as much as I was his human.

Kerry Lee
Fort Worth, TX


All my animals have rescued me. These two are my current babies. The dog, Cimarron, rescued me 10 years ago, literally put her paws on my shoulder when I sat down beside her. She had been found running around the mountains near Ridgway, Co. I had to wait five days to see if anyone claimed her. So lucky to have this girl in my life. The cat, Cracker Jack, on the other hand, was chosen by me at the shelter where I volunteer. He's blind, but can see shadows and gets along fine. After 6 mos however, turns out he rescued me. As you can see from the picture, Cimarron and Cracker Jack get along great. They allow me to sleep in the bed with them. I pray anyone considering getting a pet chooses one from a shelter, saves a life and enriches yours.

Jane Tiseo
Montose, CO

My darling Rosie

Two years ago I was ready to take in a rescue kitty after losing out oldest girl Poppy 3 years previously. I went on the website for our local rescue and seen her photo (cherish) . She looked so sad, and scared... I knew she was destined to come home, I rang Paul and he brought her the next day.... She was renamed Rosie Posie. She fitted in with our older girls Lily and Daisy immediately and it was as if it was destiny. In July 2015 she started acting weird with me , rubbing against my chest and acting distraught. I knew she was telling me something. My Oder sister had breast cancer exactly a year before. I rang and arranged a mammogram, totally clear , I then told the doctor about my Rosie, they did an ultrasound and found breast cancer. They couldn't believe it, it was early stages and she was so calm after that and stopped the actions she had displayed. I've now had a lumpectomy, chemo and currently undergoing radiotherapy..... She has literally saved my life ..... My Rosie Posie ... My Angel

Patricia Daglish
Gateshead, United Kingdom


A devastating storm ripped the roof off our house in 2010, and my husband and I had to move into a rental property until our home was repaired. The storm damage to our home was overwhelming!!!! With my husband doing much of the repair work himself, I was left alone for several hours each day.

I was at home in the rental when my husband came in from working on our house and said, “Well, there is a new player in the game. There is a small kitten that looks just like Guido (our outside cat) following him around at the house.”

I went to our house and put out some cat food, and when Guido came up to eat, so did this little fuzzy kitten.

I reached down and picked it up. Apparently it was not impressed with this human!!! The kitten bit the index and middle fingers on my left hand while scratching my palm and inner arm! I was so shocked that I grabbed the kitten with my other hand, and it did the exact same thing to my right hand! I tossed the kitten down and then noticed that I was bleeding like crazy!

After getting patched up and a tetanus shot, I was told that the kitten would have to be caught and tested for rabies, or quarantined for 14 days. I know how rabies tests are done and that was NOT going to happen!

I went back home with my bandaged hands and arms, and I tore up a hot dog and tossed it into our pet carrier. Sure enough, the kitten went right in to eat the hot dog!

After only four days of “quarantine”, the kitten had a total attitude adjustment and just wanted out and wanted love!!!!

That is when Dewey moved into the rental house with us. He was great company, therapy, and amusement for me during that very difficult time.

When we moved back into our home, Dewey moved in with us. He wasn’t really a “rescue cat”…he was the “rescuer” for me!!!!

Milan, MO

One Big Happy Family

We lost our wonderful Manx, Shadow, to some kind of wasting disease the vet could not name A few months later while on vacation we decided it was time to adopt another kitty. We found a long-haired, 3-month-old, gray and white ball of fluff at a rescue in Tucson, AZ so we named him Tucson After we returned home, we found out Tucson was Feline Herpes positive and had damage to his inner ear that caused his head to cock to one side. L-lysine controls the herpes and the cock of his head just makes him look inquisitive. We saw (and heard) Tucson was lonely so we decided to adopt a companion for him. When we entered the adult room a grey and white came up to my husband. It followed him wherever he went and pushed between him and other cats. We decided we had been adopted and signed the papers making it official. One-year-old Duke fit right in with our Tucson and our Chihuahua, Bear, accepted him as well. A few weeks later a scruffy little black dog showed up on our doorstep and adopted us as well so we named him Mutt and made him part of our household. Our foursome sleep, eat and cuddle together and there is never a lack of love in our home.

Wanda and Bob Gray
Mathis, TX

My son and Miss Spikey

When my son was 6 yrs. old, we were in the country at a friends house. He was playing outside and running all over the property, It was a pretty good size piece of land. After about an hour, he came inside and was hollering "hurry, hurry come look." He had 5 tiny puppies that someone had tried to drown. We hurried them inside and warmed and dried them. It was late November and it was really cold. We found homes for 4 of them and my son said "oh mom, can I keep one." Well, being an animal lover of course I told him sure. We took it to the vet the very next day and she told us that they were only about 7 weeks old. She was truly a joy, a blessing and so entertaining with her antics. She learned to sit, stay and other commands. She would do a bunny hop on her back feet. We even moved because we were told that they didn't allow pets. She had a couple of strokes and didn't survive the 2nd. She lived to a ripe old age of 18 1/2 years. We still think about her a lot, even though she has been gone for 10 yrs. now. We had her cremated and have her ashes. I was so proud of my son.

Vandalia, IL

My little Sade

Exactly a year ago (09-Mar-15) little 4 months old Sade passed away, I only had her for about 3 months, I couldn't save her, she had "Feline Infectious Peritonitis - FIP", I found her at an abandoned paddock, she was underfed but she had this big belly, I thought it was worms, so I took her home, gave her some medicine and food, I tried to give her away because I had no room for another cat, but I fell in love with her, she was so adorable, she slept next to me everynight and followed me everywhere. But her belly didn't dissappear, so I took her immediatly to the vet, and they told me the bad news; that night when we went to sleep, she seemed so tired and sick, but still jumped to cuddle with me, next day, I took her again to the vet, but while I was waiting she had a heart attack, her little body couldn't resist anymore. She was just a baby, I'm gonna miss her so much. Please take good care of those little angels that you find, it was late for Sade, but there is time to save another little life.

Lina Rios
Ibagué, Colombia

My rescue dog.

Six years ago on a cold winter morning I was walking down to school when I saw her. I ran to her, but she was too scared and hid in a hole and started yelling for help. I didn't know what to do, so I started looking around and I saw a restaurant near by. I went there and bought a few meatballs and ran again to the dog. She was still hiding and I placed one of the meatballs inside the hole, she immediately ate it, then I showed her the second one and she slowly came out of the hole. I waited for her to eat it and I held her. I was already late for school and I had no choice, but to take her with me.

When I got to school the doorman saw the puppy and didn't let me in. I told him what had happened. He told me he was going to take care of her until my classes were over, so of course I believed him and gave him the puppy. After school I went down to his cabin to take the dog back, but he told me he had called an animal organization and they took her. I insisted him to give me their number, but he told me he 'didn't' had it. I went to my mother's work place and told her everything. We did everything we could to find her and in the end we found one of the guys that took the puppy and he told us they castrated her and gave it back to the doorman. We then found his address and went there to talk to him. He told us he threw her on the street.. Me and my mom were searching for like a week until we found her. When they castrated her she barely had 2 months. After the vet they told me she had parvovirus and that it'd be better if we put her to sleep. I didn't wanted, so they started her treatment and of course she made it.

Sofia, Bulgaria
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