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Master Batcat

I just recently said goodbye to the best Batcat a girl could ever have after 19 years of loving companionship, face licks and head boops.

Podge was the tiniest ball of fur with the biggest belly when I rescued him and his even smaller brother, Midge from being 'dumped', and we all had a wonderful and happy life together.

He saw me through the various traumas and trials that human relationships can bring with a rugged determination, and filled my life with an unconditional love that no human has matched - providing his food was ready in timely fashion!

He thought nothing of hogging the entire bed, staring at me in the bathroom and singing me the song of his people at 3am and I cannot tell you how much his natural passing has left a huge hole in my life.

He really was a big part of my life and a happy cat. He loved to play sentry duty on that gate post, ready to grab Lubs and hugs from any unsuspecting person that walked by.

He's gone over the Rainbow Bridge and I know he is waiting for the day we meet again.

Wear that Bat mask with pride Podgey Boy. You wore it so well.

Jenny Lowman
London, United Kingdom

Our Flower Pot Baby

We had 4 indoor cats after we got married. Two boys mine & two girls my Husband. I moved into my Husbands house in suburban GA. We thought our 4 cats were more than enough for our new family. However feral cats came to our back door begging for handouts. How could I just look into those hungry eyes and ignore them? So of course I fed them and then they began to multiply! Oh Boy! We had to do the right thing and discovered that you could catch, fix & release feral cats! Too late for the litter of 5 in our backyard. I took this adorable pic of one kitten who favored our flower pot. With God's help I was able to capture all kittens during one terrific rain storm! They scurried into our drain pipe on the side of our house & Mama cat ran somewhere else for cover. I knew it was my big chance - so I took it. In the back door ringing wet with the muddy pipe full of mud & kittens. I thought I caught 1 - ALL of them were inside! Well.....this story is getting long. Bottom line: We found homes for the 2 girls & ended up keeping the 3 boys. All of the outdoor cats are fixed & living their happy lives. The kitten in the flower pot is our beloved "Skeeter". He likes to play fetch & is a sweet loving boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without every single one of our fur babies.

Tanja Ray
Lawrenceville, GA

From Feral FIV+ Tom to Loving Lap Cat

"I've caught another cat," announces my friend who sets a live-trap for possums raiding his chook pen.

''Domestic or feral?"

"Looks pretty wild to me."

"Female or male?"

"Male, probably -- it's pretty big."

I sigh. "Bring it over, then."

When they show up, I see a huge, scruffy black-and-white cat crouched against the wire mesh, its green eyes wide with the unfocused terror I'd seen a year before with Phantom, my first feral cat, trapped by the same friend in the same place. After five weeks of hiding in a dark corner of the roomy enclosure I'd built, she'd gradually become a trusting, playful, affectionate companion.

But she'd been five months old at most. This big tom looked five years, probably more. What were the chances I could earn his trust?

But what choice did I have, except to try? Taking him to the tiny local SPCA was a virtual death sentence. Staffed by volunteers at one cat-lover's home, it had neither space, time, or resources to tame a wild adult cat unlikely to be adopted..

We put it in "Phantom's Palace." I brought food twice daily, speaking gently to the shadow in the darkest corner, cleaning the litterbox, and leaving. After five weeks, he started emerging, inch by inch, to take meat from my hand. Then I tentatively scratched his chin as he ate, eliciting a tiny purr. During five more weeks of incremental progress, he accepted stroking, then holding; then he learned to play and vocalise.

When he trusted enough to enter a carrier, I had him neutered. The vet discovered he had no teeth, due to FIV! With much care, he became a strong, shiny, robustly healthy cat, occupying my home office with a catdoor to his own deck enclosure complete with tree. He loves to play, "talks" constantly, and basks in affection from me and all who visit.

Now an endless source of love and delight, Photon ("a small particle of fast-moving light") is a constant reminder never to give up on any animal. Love and patience truly can conquer almost anything!

Lethea Erz
Golden Bay, New Zealand

Daisy and Dallas


My name is Brad and I’m a first time dog owner.

My family had been on a local shelter’s waiting list since the end of the summer, so when the phone rang in November and they wanted to know if I was interested in adopting two 6-year old pugzus, of course my response was, “What the heck is a Pugzu?”

Long story short, we adopted the sister/brother pair and named them Daisy and Dallas.

I’m happy to say that they immediately adapted to their new home and have become a wonderful addition to our family.

All the best.


Brad Yurcisin
Suffern, NY

The Affectionate

They say how owners pick the pet, this case our family member chose us. Last summer I heard a soft meow near our door. We discovered that across the lot there was a cat. It was fate that I heard her so far away. She was a little malnourished, very small for her size however had no problem making herself at home and followed us everywhere.

That night at 11pm we went to the nearest store to get supplies for her unexpected stay. We waited for a few weeks for a word and looked at every please find me poster and there was no word. We took her the vet, and got her treated for dehydration and checked for a chip (there wasn’t one). So we knew that she would be a part of her family; we brought her almost every kitten comfort you can imagine, and loved sharing our moments with our such as her first Christmas.

This past month she received a checkup, she has progressed so well, only weighing a little over five pounds, she now weighs a little over nine. She eats well and has a lot of energy. She enjoys sleeping in the sink, her water bowl or in boxes. She also loves watching us cook. She is now a teenager with a lot of confidence to show.

Baltimore, MD


Over two years ago, my husband and I lost our beloved 18 year old marmalade cat, Sami. We were both heartbroken. He had wandered into the yard 16 years earlier, and decided that we were his humans.

It took me a lot longer, but the time came.

We agreed:female(males are too prone to urinary tract problems).NOT a marmalade(Jim's request)Shorthair

We drove an hour to a wonderful no kill shelter.

And there they were. Brothers;they had been dumped somewhere, and first rescued by a homeless woman. She had nothing, and cared for these babies until bringing them to the shelter. The shelter will not split up bonded cats. The Boys had been there for over a month. We looked at many kitties, but it had to be them.

Male. Marmalade. Well, they are shorthaired.

Every cat I have ever had has been a rescue. I have always felt like the lucky one.

Seattle, WA

my Gifts

Having lost my 18yo 'tigger' to Cancer in 2013 i was desperate to fill the huge void he had left. My son and i searched local re homing places to no avail. That is until august 2013 when we came across Patch and Sox, their owner had died and they had been in the shelter for a year, seems no one had wanted to home 2 cats together , We brought them home 2 weeks later. Patch has proved to be a 'clingy' cat who wants nothing more than food and cuddles and wants to be with you 24/7.he 'talks' to me, all the time. Sox is a little more reserved, but loves evening cuddles and to kneed every part of your body.she has finally decided 'talking' is good! it's been over 2 years now and everyday they show us how lucky we are to have found each other. My furbabies are here until they break my heart and walk across the rainbow bridge. hopefully not for many many years to come !!!

Catherine Griffiths
tavistock, United Kingdom

To Rudi in loving memory

My sister gave a home to a dachshund puppy she decided to name Rudi because of his gorgeous red coat. Rudi came from a legal bordello in Nevada where it turned out employees were not allowed to have dogs. From the very first night, my sister said that Rudi seemed to know exactly where the bedroom was located, trotting right in like he owned it. He was also excellent at sleeping deeply, as you can see for yourself. After 16 years, we lost him and still miss him terribly. The following story tells me why: “Being a vet, I was called to examine a ten-year-old Irish wolfhound named Belker. The owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and hoped for a miracle. After examining Belker, I found he was dying of cancer. I told the family nothing could be done and offered to euthanize him in their home. Ron and Lisa told me they wanted six-year-old Shane to be there too. The next day, I felt a familiar catch in my throat as Belker’s family surrounded him. Shane seemed calm, as he was petting the old dog for the last time. I wondered if he understood what was going on. In a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker’s transition with no difficulty or confusion. As we sat together after, wondering why animal lives are shorter than those of humans. Shane quietly piped up, “I know why.” Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I’d never heard a more comforting explanation. It has actually changed the way I try to live. Shane said, “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life - like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?” Then he continued, “Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.” From: Ernest Kurtz & Katherine Ketcham “Experiencing Spirituality.”

Patricia Ford
Los Angeles, CA

Just Meant to Be

Last June, I saw a post on Facebook about an abused poodle mix puppy who had been found with a rubber band around his muzzle. The pictures were so graphic and horrible that I couldn't stand to look at them. I quickly scrolled away without sharing or commenting.

A few days later I saw him again during his recovery from surgery. He looked better but still pretty battered, with 2 layers of stitches surrounding his muzzle. The news story was encouraging, saying that over 150 people were interested in adopting him. I was happy that so many people wanted him, so I "liked" the post and moved on yet again.. no intention of adopting a dog myself. We had lost our 14 year old Min-Pin in February from congestive heart failure and still had a 15 year old Chihuahua at home, so our plan was not to get another dog until our little senior citizen went over the rainbow bridge to be with her sister.

Fast forward 2 more days and I get a text from my vet tech friend who works at the vet office that did the surgery. She asked if I had heard about "the puppy with the rubber band" and I said yes. She said that all of them at the vet wanted us to have him. I told her I was flattered but we really didn't want a puppy at that time, and I was positive my husband would be completely against it. She said, "will you just meet him?" Well, the rest is history! She brought him over the day he got his stitches out and it took my husband and I about a minute and a half to decide he was our baby.

He was different than we imagined out next dog would be, for one thing he was a boy.. and long haired.. and didn't fit through our dog door. But we fell and we fell hard! Its 8 months later and he is a constant source of joy in our lives. We honestly believe it was just meant to be.

Cindy Hain
Madera, CA

Dexter, our companion.

My siblings and I were sad because our cat’s kittens passed away a day after they were born. Few days later, my sister’s friend posted a lovely black kitten that he got for an anniversary he was not longer celebrating with his girlfriend. He was looking for someone to adopt him. We saw the advert for 3 days and constantly asked about the cat, I told her that if for the next Saturday the cat was still homeless, we could take him. However, as the mother of the friend considered black cats being unlucky, he was putting down the cat the next day. We took a risk as our parents did not want another cat, and brought him home. We were afraid that our old Nicky wouldn't want a new companion, as he always lived alone. However, Dexter brought new life to everyone’s life, even grumpy Nicky became a caring companion. He is 3 years old now and he's a sweet, loving, scared cat. We know he went through many sufferings in 3 adoptive homes before he found us, and his eye was swollen when he came home, but we have endeavoured to give him everything he needs to be happy. He also became adoptive dad for our latest rescue, Leeloo… and he has been with us during the lost of Nicky, supporting us through his, and our pain.

Diana Montes
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
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