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My sweet little Mickey

I had been volunteering for a local shelter for several years when I saw a picture of a black cat on their Facebook page. He was wearing a bandana that said, "Born to love" and looking rather uncertainly at the camera. I found out he was 13 years old and had recently lost his home because his owner died. Somehow no one in this wealthy family could make room for him, and they dumped him in the shelter. I went to meet him and he sat in my lap very quietly. I took him home and named him Mickey.

I soon realized he had been quite depressed at the shelter. In my home, he blossomed, and co-existed reasonably well with my other 2 cats, also both rescues. I found out he did not like to be picked up and the first time I did that, when I put him down, he ran up behind me and whacked me on the leg! All I could do was laugh. Gradually he warmed up. His favorite things were to lie on his back (he snored!) either on the back porch or on the top of the back of the couch, and to snuggle. He was not so crazy about most other people, but he loved me.

In late September, he had a cold, and I took him to the vet. The cold lingered and in early November we found out he had a tumor in his sinus and mouth. There was no treatment. I just took him home, fed him food that he loved, and loved him. He spent even more time snuggling with me. For a couple of weeks, he ate well, but then he started to go downhill. Eating was a struggle and his energy was not what it once was. I made the appointment for a Monday afternoon, and knew it was the right decision when he hissed at himself in frustration that weekend. I was with him to the end.

He was with me only 2 years, but it seemed like 20. Good-bye, Mickey. I'll love you forever.

Newark, DE

Oreo resuces his humans

After loosing 2 of our girls Turtle and Ruru from old age last year, we embarked on a mission to save another kitty and also fill our home with a young cat again. What we thought would be simple instead turned into a several month hunt for another kitty. Oh we found several cats and kittens but something always seemed to happen that the adoptions fell through. Till we met Ms. Nancy from the Hot Springs Village Rescue League. We talked with Ms. Nancy several times, looked at pictures on the site before making the hour plus trip to meet their cats, and fell in love with several. BUT Oreo fit the bill (which I think Ms. Nancy knew before we ever met him). We had to wait a week to bring him home but he is with us and seems to fit perfectly. He is the most lovable cat, easy going and he has managed to make friends with our other 2 cats, Dolly who is 10, who was an "only kitty" (we adopted her after my Mother passed away last year) and Bauxite who is 15, rescued at 3 weeks old. Sometimes the animals we are meant to have share our lives with do not come easy, but nothing worth having is. Thank you Ms. Nancy for making this adoption so wonderful. We are hoping once we have bought our house this year to add a dog or 2 from Hot Springs Village. Life takes us in different directions sometimes then we plan. Thank God for that too.

Little Rock, AR

Good Golly Miss Molly

It was an October night and I was coming home from a night with friends. As I parked my car and began to walk to my apartment door I noticed a cute little orange cat standing in the driveway. Being the animal lover I was I automatically began talking to it. As I began walking toward my door I noticed she was following me. I thought to myself....interesting. I proceeded to walk down the steps and she continued to follow. I then unlocked my door and in she walked like she owned the place. I thought to myself this is fate! I let her roam around a bit and she made herself right at home by taking a nap in my bathroom sink. I immediately began posting a photo on facebook about my new found friend and asked people for advice. She seemed so content here. She had no tags and was apparent she had been in the outdoors for awhile as she had a scratch on her ear and she was a little unkempt. I ran up to the local convenience store and bought a can of cat food which she absolutely loved! What to do now? I let her spend the night until I could figure out what to do. As I awoke the next morning to checking my facebook status comments for advice a friend had said "OMG That's Molly." I immediately contacted my friend to find out her story. Molly was given to my landlords mother as a present when she was a kitten. Molly then became an outdoor cat rarely came home. For the past few years she was roaming the neighborhood. She would occasionally come visit my landlords niece who lived in this apartment but wouldn't stay long. So I decided to take Molly to the vet and give her a home if she wanted to stay. Turns out she did! The first month she would stay in for a few days then need an outing however the past 3 months she has stayed put! She chose me, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Bay Shore, NY

The Hobo under the couch

Our cat Lego had just passed from an unknown illness and we had asked our vet to contact us if they heard about any cats in need of a home. They had a cat that one of the colleges had brought in from a socialized cat colony, the neighboring farmer had threatened to poison the vets cat colony and 'Andy' the cat had started to limp so she brought him in. Needless to say, he came home with us. I was honestly disappointed, this cat was nothing like the cute and cuddly Lego we had. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with us, he hid under the couch for two to three weeks straight. At one point he even escaped, causing my mother and older brother to have to go out in the middle of the night and search for him and drag him back in. He continued to live under the couch and side board we eventually found out that our nameless cat loved ping pong balls and developed a game of soccer with him.

Eventually he came out of his shell, in his young spunky age he had a hobby of tipping over trash cans for one specific purpose, to get a hold of some aluminum foil. This was the way he got his name, Hobo. He was never a lap cat, though he got more affectionate as the years went on. He was an indoor outdoor cat, there was no keeping that boy just inside. He earned the nickname Rambo due to his spunkyness, he liked to get up on the rafters in the garage and bat at the broom my mother would use to try to encourage him to get down. We've witnessed him stalking everything and anything, deer, turkey, turkey buzzards, skunks, anything really. He came home almost dead multiple times due to fights with unknown creatures.

We just lost him unfortunately, he was struck by a car and it deeply saddens us all. There will never be another cat like Hobo, i'm just glad that we had eleven years together.

Marysville, PA

Described as '...a little spitfire...' Oh, without a doubt!

In Oct. 2014 I had to have my cat-buddy euthanized. Long story, but I still catch myself thinking I'll see him just around the corner here. I've always loved cats, but this guy was special. When I'd return from a trip or something my wife would say "Thank heavens you're home!" I asked why, and she said "Because if YOUR cat doesn't get his 'snuggletime with Daddy' he's in a mood."

Without him we still had three brothers who had been dumped in the side yard. They’re all cool cats, too, but my wife had issued the proclamation "THIS IS IT! No more cats." (meaning once these guys were gone I was on cat probation.)

After back surgery late 2015 my limitations made it boring. Unexpectedly, I get a phone call from my wife who was off visiting relatives.

She said there was a little black & white kitten. The owner tried to give it to my step-daughter and if she didn’t take him… Well, it just wouldn’t have been pleasant. So my wife called and asked "Do you want him?"

I said "You know I do. He's pretty young, right? What's his attitude like?" Without missing a split second, her response was "He's a little spitfire!"

Well, she brought the little guy home. He immediately started getting the 7 year old brothers we had much more exercise than usual – good point #1. He got along great with my wife – good point #2. He loved me – good point #3. I didn’t actually need any of the good points to decide, so he was a permanent resident.

Alaska is a beautiful state, and Ketchikan is a beautiful city. It just made sense that this little Wildman be named in honor of the city to which my wife and I would love to move, and so he became ‘Ketch!’ It fits him perfectly.

After his 2nd visit to the vet I had to call them for something. I gave my last name and the receptionist said “You mean Ketch?! We miss him already!”

Mike Kimmel
St. Louis, MO

Dog rescue

Incident happened at night in October 2015. I got call from a friend about a street dog stuck between wall and bar of grill while it was chasing a cat. I rushed there and saw that lots of people were trying to save the dog. I suggested people that its matter of minute to release the dog if gate gets open. So someone called owner of that compound and he opened the gate. As gate got open i caught legs of dog so that it i can change its position as it came in sleeping position i pulled it out easily from the gap.

Palak Thakor
surat, India

Sisters for life!

We lost our border collie mix Sassy a year and half ago. She was 3 months shy of 17 years old. We were devastated and did not want another dog right away. Well, it took about 2 months for us to realize we needed another fur baby to get over missing Sassy.

We adopted Sally, a 1 year old sheltie/shepherd mix who definitely chose us as we walked by her cage. I think Sassy had something to do with that! About six months later I had convinced my husband Sally needed a sister. I had always regretted Sassy being an only child. We adopted Sandi, a 1 year old terrier mix from the same shelter as Sally. We saw her ears before the rest of her. They love each other and play together constantly. They are sisters for life!

Surprise, AZ

Rainy Day Miracle

My husband is an MP (Military Police) one night when he was getting ready to start shift he got a call from his guys out at a guard shack off post that they had found a small kitten taking shelter in the guard shack from the rain we had been having all day. He told them to try and find the owner and leave his name and number to call him just in case she didn't show up.

Of course she didn't so on my way home I stopped by and picked her up. She clung to him and he was in love already. She curled up in my back seat and passed out before we left the parking lot.

We named her Jinx (top). It only took about a week to get her and our 7 month old cat (Bella - bottom) to love each other. In the mean time I took her to get all her shots and check-ups. When I went to get her fixed the vet called me to tell me that she was chipped and they had to call the owner. I was already bawling at this point and scared my husband half to death when I called but he said they'd have to take him to court to take our sweet baby away. Turns out those nasty people at The Haven (look that up, it was terrible) were the ones trying to claim her so the vet said legally she was ours anyways because we had the last medical records to prove we'd been taking care of her.

Once that was handled we got her home and haven't let her out of our sight since. My husband was never a cat person before but Bella (bottom) and Jinx (top) have changed that forever and they are inseparable.

Lillington, NC

You Left A Paw Print On My Heart

My Kiara was a special girl. She came from a house full of animals. She was with me for 19 years. She loved me. I felt it. She waited for me every day staring out the window and running back and forth if I took too long to come inside.

She greeted me with head butts and cries, purrs and excitement. She would wait on the bathroom counter as I showered. She would sleep with me every night no matter where I was. She would sit with me or near me, always. We went through a lot together...Watching a child become an adult, breakups, deaths, break-ins, new jobs, birthday parties, vacations, moving, illness, new editions, happiness and fear. She made me happy.

When I found out she had cancer my heart was broken. It moved so quickly. It was in her mouth and it made it hard for her to eat. So I fed her through a syringe to make sure she was getting nourishment, she was on medicine to control the pain. She struggled to drink so I would splash the water on the side of her mouth so she could get enough. She could manage to get down rotisserie chicken. I went to as many stores as I had to for that chicken. (I still cry when I pass that at the store)

We were a stubborn two. Neither of us wanted to let go. Even through all if this, she still slept with me. She stayed because I begged for "just one more night" every day until she couldn't get up to greet me anymore. We both knew it was time. On her last day, I didn't want to leave her side, even after she was gone. She was more than a cat. She was my kitty soulmate and her paw prints are forever on my heart.

union city, CA

The Passing of my 20 year old Tiger Cat

My Tiger Cat, Miss Kandee was 20 yrs old when she passed away on January 4, 2016. She died of old age. Kandee died in her sleep. She was strickly an indoor cat. She didn't have health problem she was healthy. Her vision was starting to fade a year ago.

She will be truely missed in my life. I saved her life and she saved my life from destruction. I truely do believe that she was Heaven Sent.



Lynette Campbell
Linglestown, PA
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