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A couple of years ago, I was taking a different route to work than I normally would have. As I was getting up on the freeway & pulled out into traffic, I saw a black & white blur go flying off to the shoulder of the freeway from a car to my right. I looked at my wife & and exclaimed 'was that a cat?!?' She thought so too, so I quickly got off at the next exit & looped around, not knowing what we'd find, but praying for the best. We found him huddled up in a pile of garbage against the concrete divider & fortunately he stayed still so my wife was able to go get him. Our vet wasn't too far from there, & after she looked him over he appeared to be fine, other than a few scrapes. We already had three cats, but considering what he had been through, figured he deserved a good home & we settled on the name Sammy. Of the six cats we currently have, he is by far the best natured cat of the bunch, never having sunk a claw or tooth into us, even when playing. I hate to think what would have happened to this little guy, had we not been in the right place at the right time!

Sugar Land, TX

Bridging the gap with London

For 11 years we went without a dog. It hurt so much to say good-bye. In the 11 years we had two children and that seemed to fill the void. Our 8 year old begged and begged for a dog, every year we put her off. When a friend from work was adopting from the local rescue she invited me to come with her. This sweet little dog sat looking so scared. They told me she was an owner surrender at the shelter and they had just rescued her that morning. Her name was Snuffy and she was a 4 year old morkie. On a whim I put in an application, took a video and sent it to my husband.

Snuffy was going to a foster for her 10 day quarantine and they would call us when she was ready. After three days the rescue called me and said the foster mom brought her back. Snuffy was agressive after her grooming and she didn't seem to like women. Would we be willing to take her on a trial basis after her quarantine? I have two daughters so that was a big question.

On day 10 my husband walked into the rescue and Snuffy knew exactly what she was doing. She loved him! And he adored her! She loved our girls! But she didn't love me, or even like me a little.

For about two weeks she growled at me and wouldn't let me touch her. We couldn't keep a dog I could never pet! For the first time I was scared of a dog. I called the rescue and they hooked me up with a behavior specialist who gave me tips on how to connect with her. Lots of patience and it worked! She loves me! Now renamed London, our little morkie is the best and she has a sister named Paris, a maltipoo! London and Paris! What will we name the next one?


He Chose Me!

A few weeks before Christmas, my daughter and I accompanied my dad to the pet store to purchase some presents for his two cats. The local humane society was there showcasing some animals that were available for adoption by the front door. Among the cats and bunnies on display, one long-haired kitten caught my eye! He wasn't tiny - about 5 months old - and we went over to say, "hi." We had been looking for a dog for a few months, but I love all animals, so I had to check him out.

When I bent down to look in his cage, he reached his paw out between the bars, curled his little paw around my finger, and pulled it in! His cage was surrounded by people coaxing and trying to pet him, but he continued rubbing on my finger and reaching for me! I was sold!

I soon found out that this kitten in particular had come in in bad shape. He was covered in feces and had a lot of ulcers on his bottom. His previous mistreatment led to some other medical issues, including knee and hip problems, and at one point he was on three medications. In the first month that he lived with us, I spent a small fortune on vet visits. However, he is doing SO much better now, and just like the day I found him, he still reaches for me! I call him my velcro cat, because he is stuck to me like velcro! We named him Oliver, and he follows me from room to room each day, lays by my pillow at night, and still "grabs" my finger if I am not giving him my undivided attention! I am so thankful that HE chose ME, and I can't imagine life without my handsome boy!

Christy Ann Morrison
Beaver, PA


When my two children were small, they were deathly afraid of dogs. My in-laws had a lovely black lab who loved children, but when we visited, they never went near him.

As a dog lover, I was concerned about them growing up with a fear of dogs and so I asked my pediatrician what to do. His advice? To either wait it out or… get a dog. I opted for the latter.

We lived in Maryland and I brought my children to a shelter there. Big mistake. As soon as we walked in all the dogs started barking. I soon found myself alone. I was looking for a smaller dog, and all the dogs in this shelter, although sweet, were too big.

Later, I saw an ad for a “small, mixed terrier, 2/12 years old. Her name is Bridget.” Ah!! My dog!! I quickly made an appointment to see her.

I got to the facility and the attendant led me to the cubicle where Bridget was. A more scraggly, ugly dog I have never seen. I was asked if I wanted to take Bridge outside to get to know her. Deep breath. We went outside and Bridget went wild. She jumped, she went in circles, in short, she went nuts. What do I do?? I really don’t want her. But I had made a big thing on the phone!

I took a gamble and adopted her. Smartest, best, most courageous decision I have ever made.

Bridget was with us for 17 years. She loved my children more than life itself. She watched over them, she gave them the purest love imaginable. No one who met Bridget could withstand the rascally little girl with the big heart. When she passed away, at the ripe old age of 19, our hearts broke. There is a part of all of us that keeps the memories of Bridget alive.

Bridget had given birth to two puppies before we got her. Later I used to tell my children that I believed that in her former life, Bridget was both a “Lady,” and a “Tramp!”

Janet Zoubek Dickson
Hopewell, NJ

Who couldn't love her?

This is Gidget. We didn't want another dog. After all, we've already been chosen by several outdoor cats, who we've had fixed, and who we love and take care of. We also have one indoor kitty, two rescued Guinea pigs, and a chocolate lab (her first family offered her to us when they had to move and couldn't keep her). It is, however, "winter" in south Texas, and Gidget found our back porch door on a night that dipped to about 30 degrees F. You see, people dump their unwanted animals on our road all the time, like trash. It breaks my heart every time I see a new dog or cat, skin and bones, just looking for a bite to eat. When I saw this poor girl, skinny, cowering, and frightened on my back porch, I knew she had chosen us. I reached out to pet her, and she flinched. I knew then that whoever had dumped her had also abused her. Still, when I told her that we do not hurt animals at this house, she seemed to understand. She wanted to be loved. Whatever hell she had endured, she still wanted to trust. This adorable girl's spirit had not been broken. I rubbed her ears, she put her chin on my knee and leaned in, and I fell in love. I fed her and made her a shelter for the night. Now, nearly a month later, Gidget is spayed, well-fed, and loved completely. My poor husband has accepted that Gidget is here to stay, and our three girls love that now we have two dogs. I love playing with her, taking her on walks, and spending quality time with her and our other dog on the floor. I'm so glad Gidget found us!

San Antonio, TX

Dogs are Man's bestfriend

When I was 10 or 12 years old, i lost my first dog, Pluto. into a tragic accident. I was so heartbroken, I didnt dare to adopt any dog as my own, for 8 years. yeah we have other dogs, but its different to the dog you have formed a bond. Then on April 2014, every night, I always hear a puppy's cry across the neighborhood. At first I thought it was just some random puppy and it will go away for a few days, but weeks passed by and the crying wouldnt stop. So I checked the house where the crying puppy is.

It turns out, the poor puppy was left with alone, and the owners said that they were giving the puppy for free since they couldnt take care of them(the other puppies was already given away). At first I was hesitant, since my family might reject her since we have so many pets in my home! But when i embraced, she quickly snuggled in my embrace, and I fell inlove instantly. I brought her home with me, beg my mom to let me have her and I literally cried in front of her just to let me have her. And to make things more cute, the puppy snuggles beside my mom, looking at her eyes like telling her to let her be a part of our already BIG family.

And almost 2 years has passed, she's still with us, making our day oh so fun. I named her Hachi, based from Hachiko, since she was one of the witness and also the shoulder I could cry on when no one else was there to comfort me and when I was on my most depressing moments.She really is the evidence that dogs are man's bestfriend.

"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.: -A Tribute to Dogs, George Graham Vest

Madelane Selga
Manila, Philippines

Zeus king of my Olympus

I volunteer for the "Refuge pour chats de Verdun" to foster Zeus, a tabby 2 year old male with tons of love and purrs.

His story comes from back a year ago; being rescued in the middle of one of the coldest winter out there, a very nice lady took him in from the streets and started feeding him. Unfortunately his story only started then because he became ill and started loosing a lot of weight, after several test and trips to the vet it was discovered that he has diabetes and the vet was not sure if it was worth to save him or put him to sleep, at that moment the Refuge posted on their website they needed a foster family immediately because the other lady couldn't have him and if no one was to be found he would of probably had a different story, that's when I came in the picture. I volunteer to foster him.

I was told he didn't like to be pet on his tail and he was ok with dogs but not so friendly, the refuge was even concerned that he might be unfriendly towards my 7 year old. Well guess what? he is the sweetest out there, he loves to be pet on his tail, he loves the dog and he totally adores my child. Within my care he has earn his weight back and is getting back in shape. He eats, plays and enjoys the sun coming from the windows in the morning.

Zeus story hasn't finished yet, because he is still looking for his FOREVER FAMILY, which from the bottom of my heart I hope it will be someone who really cares and loves him!

I'm just thankful I got the chance to help him overcome this hard times and he has being able to get involved with a family. he finally knows love exist. and I know he will find the perfect family for him

Brossard, QC, Canada

Not much bigger than a lawnmower wheel

A friend and I were walking along the river when we heard a pitiful meowing. This sweet little girl walked out of a patch of daisies and we knew she needed a home. We went around and around about who would take her, since I already had what I thought was enough cats (and my husband thought so too). In the end, I took her with me, and put her in the garage while I went to the house to get some food and water for her. My husband asked me what I was taking stuff out to the garage for, and I told him he would find out. He said "you better not have another cat in there." I also had the digital camera with me, so I took a picture of Daisy standing next to our lawnmower. She was just a bit taller than the back wheels. I went back in and showed it to him, and he immediately said that she was too little to be out fending for herself. We named her Daisy, since she came from the patch of daisies along the river. We don't know if she was dumped out along the river, or if she was just lost, but she became a part of our family that day. She's still very small, but she has a big personality. One of her favorite things to do is stretch out on my shoulder and sleep after I get home from work.

Troy, OH

Famous Last Words!

My mother has never owned a cat in her life, despite my attempts to pawn a rescue or two off on her over the years. But she would have none of it! "No cats in my house! Ever!" Famous last words.

In September of 2014, I was at mom's helping her with some fall plantings when I saw him slink through the back alley and behind the neighbor's garage. He was so scrawny you could literally see his spine, so shaggy looking I was sure he had all kinds of bugs and diseases, and so scared he wouldn't come within 20 feet of me. So what's a girl to do? Well, I started feeding him, of course. Much to my mother's dismay. "Don't feed him here or he's never going to leave!" Famous last words.

For several weeks, I parked my car up the street, snuck into the alley behind my mom's house without her knowledge, and put out food and fresh water for him. Pretty soon and without my encouragement, he started showing up in my mom's backyard. And then he'd hang out on her sidewalk. And then I would see him sitting on her step at the back door, looking in the window. What on earth was going on?

Oh yeah! Turns out mom was feeding him, too! And playing with him! And lovin' on him! Without my knowledge, of course. And the day she told me to go find a box to put him up in the garage on a particularly cold November night, I came back less than 20 minutes later and she had already brought him in the house.

He's been there ever since.

Mom dotes on him. She's rearranged her entire life for him. If we go out shopping for the day, we have to cut it short because she's in such a hurry to get home to Riley. Yes, the woman who never wanted a cat in or around her house now says she doesn't know what she would ever do without her beautiful Riley. Famous last words.

Lori Matzke
Arlington, MN

Paying it forward

This rescue happened before I came in the picture.

One cold winter day hubby finds shepard mix puppy tied to tree alone. From her condition and behavior she had been clearly neglected and abused in her life. He took her home and she learned what loving home is. Many years later she escapes her yard. Very odd as she had never shown interest in wandering before. She comes home on her own about an hour later and hubby sees she is carrying something gently in her mouth. He sits down and she lays tiny, filthy, sickly white kitten in his lap. It's eyes were barely just open. Dog nudges kitten and nudges hubby and looks up at him pleadingly like. "Save it".

He does save it. Named him Siameesee Something or just Meesee. Hubby has always loved Siamese cats and had special connection with them. The dog has since crossed the rainbow bridge after a long happy life. The cat is still with us and he is as loving as they get. Loves to be cradled in our arms like a baby actually flopping over. He is also the "mother hen" to our other rescues always bathing a fussing over them guess he wants to pay it forward too.

Jodi T
Brewster, OH
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