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Virtue, our California cat

My boyfriend and I were Philly transplants living in SF when my beloved 14 year old cat passed away. Myself, my boyfriend and our year old tabby were heartbroken.

One afternoon, my boyfriend sent me a picture of Yoda, a 3 month old Bengal/tabby mix at the East Bay SPCA. We got in the car early on Saturday morning to meet her and were one of the first people in the building. When Yoda saw us coming she promptly tumbled off the sleeping ledge in her enclosure in her eagerness to come greet us; I knew she was ours. We took her home that morning and let her explore our apartment. After she inspected the cat toys, kibble location, and her new sister, she hopped on the couch and settled onto my lap. She curled up, looked at me with her big, gold eyes and let out the cat version of a sigh. She was home. She helped to heal my heart, and made me so glad we decided to adopt again. We named her Virtue after a song about a cat, but her nickname is ‘Bengal’. She never ceases to make us laugh with her goofy personality, playfulness, her chatty nature and her love of snuggles. She has grown from a clumsy kitten into a regal cat, but I still think of the day we met her. It was love at first tumble.

Philadelphia, PA

Lost and Found

One night my cat Smiley, ' Stole My Heart' was on the screen porch and was just howling. Upon going to see what was up, my wife and I saw the most beautiful Tortie colored cat in the back yard, she looked half starved and scared to death. We went out with some food to try and get close to her, to my surprise she came up to me and ate from my hand but quickly ran away, we only hoped she might come back. The next night I was looking for her and she showed up, I went out with food and a yard chair, sat down fed her and picked her up, she was light as a feather. My wife tried to put her in a cat carrier but that frightened her and she ran off again. To my surprise, she came back the next night, this time I picked her up, took into the garage and put her down. I locked the garage door so it would not go up, we put food, a bed, a litter box and a heater and she lived in the garage for about {2] weeks, while we got her checked out at the vet and a injury to her front paw fixed. We moved her inside to a spare bedroom, in about a week as she got to know our dog and smiley she came out to join us. We had put a baby gate in the door to keep her separate for a while. She only weighed 4.5 pounds. She is now 10 pounds, has a Tortie personality, has become very playful, and loves the house, she follows us around like a little puppy, always wanting attention. She has added to the family and with Smiley owns our hearts, we love her dearly. Our everyday is her and Smiley, the joy of each day, I thank her daily for coming into our lives.

jim p
wilmington, NC

Stole my heart

My wife and I found Smiley under hiding under a recliner at wife's brothers house who had just passed away in 2013. We had looked all over for her and feared she had gotten outside and ran away, under the recliner was the last place we looked. We took her home then to the Vet for a check up, all was fine but I was a little unsure about keeping her since we had just lost our orange tabby 'Tiger' that we had for over ten years and had just taken in another orange tabby stray that we named Wiggles, he was a great cat also. But right after my wife walked in from the Vet, smiley jumped into my lap, snuggled and purred and stole my heart. At that moment my whole outlook for cats changed from just liking to a full cat lover. Smiley has been with us for five years now, and is a total joy, she loves to play and fight sleep in your lap, butt your head and carry around her mouse toy and scream at it. We love her dearly and she basically now rules the house. She was recently diagnosed with kidney problems and we have spent a lot of time and effort finding various foods and treats that she enjoys that are helpful with her condition. She shows no signs of slowing down, we hope she stays with us for many more years as it would be devastating to us both if she left us too soon.

jim p
wilmington, NC

From frightened feral to love junkie

When we moved into our new house in 2005, we discovered a family of feral kitties. The mother was friendly and may have been dumped (out here in the countryside it's rather common; we adopted several of our kitties and a dog who had been dumped), but the two babies were born in our woods. They would let us near enough to feed them but not to touch them. Over the next couple of years both kittens had kittens of their own. (We caught and spayed the mom, but couldn't get the kittens.) We fed them and built little box houses for them. Sadly, one by one the colony disappeared; there are lots of predators in our woods. Finally it was just Tiffy and her baby Toby. When Toby disappeared in October 2007 we caught Tiffy in a humane trap. She was really frightened so we had to be careful of our hands when we picked up the trap to take her to the vet. At the vet's office, Tiffy bit one of the vet tech interns and almost took her finger off. (Our vet took it in stride and said it was good experience for her to learn how to handle scared animals!) Of course everyone at the office had a prophylactic rabies shot but the law requires a ten-day quarantine in lieu of a necropsy. When we finally got Tiffy home, she hid except when she'd run out and eat or use the litter box. She knew us but was scared of being in the house. After three months of being a ghost (we just left her alone and let her acclimate), one evening as we watched TV she jumped up on my lap and started licking my arms from the elbows to my fingertips. After that I could pick her up and pet her, but it was another seven months until she let my husband near her. Now she sleeps with us and loves to roll over on her back for tummy rubs. I think she's very happy we trapped her, and we are too!

Oconee, SC

Blue Eyes

Skye, named for her blue eyes came to us when she was 2 years old, she has turned into the neighbor hood pet as she loves the kids and the petting she gets.

She is now 8 years old and still going strong, we hope to have many more years with her.

Harper Woods, MI

Meet My Dog Dink

I adopted/rescued my dearest Dink in late 2011. He was less than a year old. Having cats all my life, he is my first dog. Boy did I luck out! He is perfect. He's friendly, smart, happy, obedient, sometimes a little shy and gets along with everyone, even the resident feral cats. He's my little couch potato. It's obvious that in his young life, before he became my BFF, he was mistreated as he sometimes still exhibits signs of abuse and it breaks my heart I work everyday on gaining his trust and letting him know I love him and he is safe. And I can't fail to mention he is spoiled rotten and doesn't like to share his toys with the cats? .

Hobart, IN

Little Lost Girl

Early one chilly September morning in 2010 I heard what sounded like a kitten crying while I was getting out of the car at the local YMCA. When I heard it again I followed the sound to a pickup in the parking lot. A small gray kitten came out from behind the right rear tire, ran right to me when I spoke to her, and snuggled against me when I picked her up. The gym forgotten, I got back into the car and drove home with the hard purring kitten draped across the back of my neck. My wife was surprised by my quick return and was delighted with the little gray fur ball. We had her checked out by our vet who pronounced her healthy and about three months old. Based upon her socialization and relatively good health we thought she may have been lost so we checked around our small town for any evidence of anyone looking for a lost gray kitten. We found none and no one came to the Y looking for her so she joined our family. We named her Ayashi (Little One) and she quickly settled in with our other four rescued cats. The darker gray spots that covered her as a baby faded over time as she developed tabby striping, faint traces of tortie showed up on her front legs, and the darker rings on her tail became more pronounced. She was the fearless protector of everyone in the house as a youngster, and has now grown into a loving, funny mama’s girl with penchant for overeating and a personality as soft as her fur. She spends most nights on the bed beside mama and is almost always the first to the kitchen for breakfast, and she starts reminding us that dinner time is approaching well before it’s time to eat. In the past few months she developed a corneal sequestrum in her right eye that we and our vet are monitoring, but she remains her loving, silly self.

Wayne & Sandra
Brevard, NC

VIDEO: This Dog Was Locked in a Box for Months—Now Watch Him Run!

March 1, 2018

VIDEO: This Dog Was Locked in a Box for Months—Now Watch Him Run!

For nearly six months, Flint was locked inside a filthy wooden box. His brother was locked in a box next to him, and after he starved to death, his body was left there to rot. Flint was desperate to escape. And as this new video ( released today shows, he got his chance when PETA worked with local law-enforcement authorities to rescue him and several other dogs on the same property—and ensure that his owner was prosecuted. Although Flint was emaciated and suffering from muscle atrophy so severe that he could barely stand or walk, months of affection, care, and rehabilitation in his new home have given him a chance at a happy life.

Now, Flint runs, cuddles, and plays tug-of-war with his new canine friend, Ellie—another former "backyard dog" rescued by PETA. "Even though he had been confined and never knew companionship before he came to us, Flint trusts us and enjoys his new life," says Kate Swigart, his adoptive guardian and one of PETA's fieldworkers. "It's been a joy to watch him play, run, snuggle, and soak up the love that he always deserved."

PETA's motto reads, in part, that "animals are not ours to abuse in any way." More information about the group's work to help dogs and cats is available here (, and more photos of Flint are available on PETA's blog (

Washington, DC

The Wuz, Our $10,000 Dog

Wuzzie was saved by a local area rescurer. He was the runt of the litter and was tossed out of the birthing box by his mother. He had to be hand fed by the sympathetic and loving woman who had rescue his mother prior to her giving birth. We were introduced to him after my son adopted his sister. We fell in love with him immediately. He had the most beautiful chestnut brown eyes. He has grown up to be a big, handsome and hefty boy who loves to play soccer and go on long hikes off leash in the woods with his other dog mates. He survived a life threatening operation to remove a blockage in his intestine and that is why we call him our $10,000 miracle – he was worth every penny!

Patricia A Walden
Glen Rock, NJ

Grizabella--Best Dog Ever and She Chose ME!

My friend took her dog to be tick dipped at the pound. As we walked through the kennel, all the dogs were barking and jumping for attention. All except one. When we stopped to admire her color, she quickly came to the front of the cage wiggling all over with joy. After the tick dip, when we walked back she was waiting calmly for us and immediately came forward for more admiration. On the way out, I asked about her status. "She is being put to sleep tonight," the clerk said.

Newly divorced, living with my parents again, and dead broke, I blurted out, "No she isn't. I'm adopting her!"

My friend loaned me the money and my parents, while not thrilled, agreed. Grizabella came home that week and was the best dog I've ever had. She had separation anxiety issues at first, but soon adapted to my schedule. When I was working with the horses, she would always lie down nearby to keep an eye on me.

I had 14 wonderful years with her before she went over the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss her every day. Sure there are other dogs in my life, but none of them look at me with eyes as full of adoration and love as Bella's eyes. None do the "Bella Bounce" when they see me and none flop down in front of me all goofy and full of energy to play. I think we all have that "one" dog in our lives and, for me, Bella was the one.

Maryeileen Flanagan
Stanfield, AZ
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