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Sweet Iris

This is Iris' story as told from the shelter we adopted her from. She is the sweetest, goofiest and most lovable girl:

6/11/2013 - Adopted!!

6/10/2013 - Sweet Iris is listed as urgent. We love this baby girl!!

5/31 - So...they are thinking that she is actually about 2ish. Apparently she is a favorite at the shelter right now.

4/19/2013 - After have her picture taken, Glenda described her as sweet with everyone...does really well socially. She said she walked in wagging her tail and went right up to her and licked her face. She said she was super easy going.

Hi friends! My name is Iris and I am a shepherd mix.

I came to the shelter as a stray, but I zoomed into adoptions because I was such a good girl. I think I won them over because I am just a baby.... and a very sweet one at that. They say they like that I walk to well on my leash and that I am so lovable. I am still a little scared of some of the other doggies here, but I hope that my new family will help me with that. It's important for me to be socialized well, certainly I want to have play dates and go to the dog park and maybe even have a brother or a sister. I keep my space nice and clean (Ms.Marilyn loves me for that!) and I am not really a barker. I am pretty quiet little princess.

I can't wait to meet my family. I know they will love me and protect me forever.

Love you,


Mansfield Animal Shelter

Phone: 817-276-4799

407 Industrial Blvd

Mansfield, TX 76063 — with Christine Hrachovy Foster.

Christine Foster


This is about snoopy one of the best dogs that I have had. Snoopy came to me via free to good home situation and was so traumatized by what he had been through that he was literally scared of everyone and everything, he has been one of the saddest dogs I have ever seen in my time of dealing with rescues and I have seen many. It was very clear that a man had done most of the damage as he would shake uncontrollably when men came near it was a lot less with women but still with women. The little information that I had been give about him was that before me he had been left with no food or water in an empty house, he has also been through many "homes" before I got him. Since getting him he has made great progress he still slightly shakes at certain things but not much anymore and we continue to work on that every single day. He now knows love and gets lots of cuddles and treats he knows he is safe and loves his car rides he wouldn't even sleep on the bed before but now he does and knows that is okay. He used to have a hard time eating right away because he tried to conserve it for fear of not having another meal but he has learned he will always have a full belly and lots of water. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him because of his sweet personality. he has also learned to play with other dogs and is sweet as can be to cats. He is simply a gentle soul

Hickory, NC

Shelter Adoption

I have always wanted a cat but my dad had refused since he claimed there wasn't enough room in our apartment. After finally moving to house, I was now 18 and after a lot of persuasion, he finally agreed. The deal was that I would get a kitten after exams, during the winter break. Me and my mom were really enthusiastic and planned to get a sweet little kitten. I was already 100% sure, I'd be adopting from a rescue or shelter.

However, there was a Black Friday promotion during November at our local shelter so my dad agreed to get the kitty earlier than planned. We planned to get a lovely 5 month calico female kitten.But when we got there, another cat caught our eye. My brother saw the gorgeous orange tabby first and discovered how sweet and friendly he was. Although he was 13 months old (not a kitten), everyone fell in love with him. When we brought him home, he wasn't shy at all as he explored the house and won the hearts of all 5 members of the family! It was a positive experience in terms of pricing and the knowledgeable employees who answered all our questions, and my parents also realized how awesome it is to adopt from a shelter! I don't think we could've ever realized how amazing rescue/ shelter cats are (and not only the kittens) if we didn't have Leo today!

Toronto, ON, Canada

Halloween surprise

When my mom and I moved to a duplex from her condo, I noticed a black cat that would sleep in the driveway of the house across the street. It was very skittish and would run whenever I approached it.

After a year or so, the people across the street moved away. But the cat was still there. So I began putting food out on the driveway and the cat would wait until I was back across the street before it would come out of the bushes and eat. Eventually, I got tired of crossing the street and put the food on my driveway. The cat made the transition. It finally started waiting for me to come home from work and gradually allowed me to pet it.

I decided that, since it was close to Halloween, the most appropriate name was “Elvira”. I bought her a reflective collar and name tag before I realized she was probably a neutered male!

We now call her a trans-cat and are helping her learn to be comfortable inside. We will be moving to a new house in a couple of months and plan on making her our new indoor cat.

Karen Shor
Erie, PA

Jack and rose

We were living in a small town of storm lake Iowa and my and my brother were begging for a pet for Christmas, we wanted a dog but my parents were thinking a cat , so they left us at our grandparents and they went to city 2 hours away to shop for christmas and told us they may come back with a pet. all day me and my brother waited and waited for them to get back and have a pet. well 4 pm showed up and here were my parents with no pet , they said they decided to wait , so we bundled in the car and drove home , on the way my parents said we could open one present . when we got home and opened the door the cutest little kitten was sitting in our kitten playing with a string . THEY HAD GOTTEN US ONE , well as we struggle on a name , my parents decided we could name him , so we decided to name him after Jack and Rose from titanic so he became Jack and since then that happy little kitten has brighten our lives for 14 years now , he has been with us from our big move to Portland oregon and everything else

hillsboro, OR

The Majestic Thinker

March 12, 2011, my senior year, my birthday. I had begged my mom to let me get a cat, to help me feel less alone while she was working full time as a nurse. My 18th birthday my life changed when I walked into the Animal Shelter. The cat room was huge, with a wide range of cats wandering about. But one in particular caught my attention. A fat gray ball wandered up to me, the first cat to "greet" me. Ironically I had been looking for a can that was fat and gray after a favorite anime. I knew he was the one. The ladies at the shelter were amazed that he was being adopted, seeing as he had been there for a number of years. His name was Joker, but he was just too majestic for that. I named him Atlas, after the titan. Majestic, as if the world's weight and problems would disappear if on his shoulders. He took away many of my pains and depression, like the Titan held up the Earth he held them up off of me.

That was the beginning of many wonderful years.

I later got married to a fellow cat lover and soldier. I was moving to Texas from VA and spent nearly 350$ in vet bills and $300 for two plane tickets to get him there with me. He loved Texas, and the airplane (he hated the car though). Most cat's would never have that chance!

He loved to look off into space, as if deep in thought. My majestic thinker. Still as a statue.

We spent 2 years in Texas before the tragedy hit.

November 22, 2015 was the worst day of my life. I woke up like any other day, but I heard that piercing meow. Atlas couldn't walk with his back legs. He had Saddle Thrombosis. Fatal for cats. I had to make the choice to put him out of his pain. My Majestic thinker was gone. I watched the light fade from his once bright, deep eyes. Life is not the same. We miss you, Atlas.

Samantha Dennen
Fort Hood, TX

Barn cat who didn't want to be

There were two cats at the barn I was renting for my horses, an orange cat and black cat. The orange cat kind of annoyed me at first, she was quite pushy about getting petted, and I honestly wasn't much of a cat person.

Over time, I started to warm up to her because my husband and daughter really liked her. She played with us, sat in our laps, followed me around, even out in the mud and rain, she wanted to be by me. My daughter named her "Kitty Meow Meow".

One night when I was petting her, I discovered that she was de-clawed! So we made the decision to bring her home. She just wanted to be by us, and was obviously sad every night when we left.

We brought her home, where we had filled a litter box with dirt from the riding arena where she was used to going potty. She hid that night and about half of the next day, and then realized she was in kitty Heaven :) She absolutely loves her home, she could care less when we open the door to outside, she wouldn't dream of going back out there. This is what she wanted all along, and she succeeded in communicating that to us. She is the perfect cat...we had been watching Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell" so we could prepare for having a cat and any problems we might have bringing a barn cat inside, but this cat was never really a barn cat. She just wanted to come home, and now she is the most appreciative, loving, and grounded cat I've ever met.

Her name, Kitty Meow Meow, ended up sticking. We tried to think of an "official" name, since that was just a funny one we gave her at the barn, but it just never happened. She will always be called Kitty Meow Meow :)

Town of Menasha, WI

Lil Bug

On FB, 4 dogs a woman was trying to adopt out for a "friend". I called Sunday, 3 were already adopted.The 11 yr old Maltese no one wanted due to age AND was going to the shelter in the morning to be put down. I went that afternoon to look at the dog and took him to keep from being put down just for being old.

As it turned out the dog was totally deaf. Almost completely blind. Had no idea what the 2 little toys she said were his "favorites" were for. He did not understand play or petting/affection. The vet said his teeth: some missing some decaying. Totally deaf. Almost completely blind. Both ears severely infected.

Apparently the dog had been kenneled without much human contact. Completely apathetic. No interest in receiving affection. We persevered. It has been a year. We have found that he can see directly in front of him from about 1-2 feet in bright light. He has just now started to play for a just a couple minutes but growing. He likes getting rub downs. Shows appreciation with baby cooing sounds.He RUNS everywhere even from the kitchen to the LR just because he can. Makes sure we don't forget his evening walks. We built a ramp so he doesn't have to maneuver the steps in the dark out the pet door to the yard. He loves to bark.My husband interprets for him,"I am still here you b**chs. This is MY yard I am protecting. MY yard. Hear me roar."

One year and is now showing affection by laying is head against us and cooing when we pet him.

I was telling a friend I was disappointed at first that Lil Bug didn't return affection to us at first but so was glad we got him anyway. It took a little longer for him to realize that after his lifetime experience he was loved, safe, free to roam. Now he is so FUNNY, joyful, loving and will be able to live out the rest of his life sleeping on his red velvet cushion.

Kathy Tenn
Hoover, AL

The sweetest kitten ever!!

We'd had a cat for years named Sadey. We all knew each other's routine, she didn't ask for much and we were busy coming and going. About a year ago, my older daughter's cat (Presley) came to stay the weekend, and is still here (ha!). She's not an overly affectionate cat, kinda keeps to herself. About six months ago as Sadey's health was declining, and it was very clear that she didn't like the new roommate, a grey male kitten showed up on our front porch. I was hesitant to take on yet another pet, but he is the sweetest animal ever!! He loves everyone, plays with everyone, he's gentle and never mean, and just makes me smile every day. He has brought out such a fun personality in the other animals, they get along, and actually play with each other. His timing seemed so perfect as Sadey was at the end of her life, and he picked up where she left off. We named him King Julian (KJ) and we're so glad he picked our house on that day months ago. The picture is KJ and our dog, Oreo, hanging out as I get ready for work one morning.

Wendy Langston

My Silver Angel

It was 1999 and we had just moved to Eau Claire. I was seven years old. That December sixteenth, I was greeted with a surprise when I got home from school.

My parents had found an ad in the paper for kittens that were being given away. They had brought me the runt of the litter, a tiny silver tabby. He was small compared to his sister, a calico they had gotten for my own sister.

Andrew was a sweet kitten. When I carried him up the stairs, he would play with my hair. We grew up together. We did everything together. He would greet me at the door when I came home from school, lay with me while I watched TV or played games, I would share my dinner with him and we would go to sleep together. He would curl up under the blanket in the crook of my arm and purr into my ear as I was falling asleep. I move a lot when I sleep, even when I was a child, but he would be there when I woke up, laying on one corner of the bed or another.

Andrew was my best friend for many years. I was bullied as a child and he was always there to comfort me. He was my first cat, the one I spent my childhood with and he must have been an angel. He was very patient with me when I was young and he was always by my side as we got older.

It's been almost three years now since I had to put him down because of a stomach problem that made him too sick to save and I still miss him very much. It was especially hard the first year without him, because I ended up putting his sister down almost exactly a year after I lost him. I love you forever, Andrew.

Eau Claire, WI
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