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PATCHES - A Cuddle Kitty

As I look out the window at the rain, I reflect back to mid-September, 2013 when what seemed like endless rain had caused flooding here in Colorado. We had kept one garage door partially open so our two cats, Eli and Lilly could come into the house if they were outside. One night, just a glimpse in the dark showed another cat was in the garage. The next day we could see that it was a young, long-haired female kitten and she was totally wild. Always just a quick glimpse and she would disappear in the garage. Also disturbing was that it was obvious she was near death from starvation. Her sunken eyes had a look of sadness. Her long hair just hung off a frame with no body. Being cat lovers, it tore at our hearts to see this pathetic little girl. She was definitely a poster kitty for the ASPCA. I had my doubts that we could save her. For the next three days we fed her and not a crumb remained until the fourth day. I began to feel that she would survive. We started to call her Patches because her coat looked like she was put together with patches.

We installed a cat door and made her a nice bed. For the next five months she gradually lost her fear of us. Closer and closer she would let us approach her before she would run away. One day she was less than a foot from my wife and I when she came to us and cuddled. Ever since, she has been the most lovable cuddle kitty that either of us have ever been around. We don’t know who was the most lucky that she came into our lives, she or us. That's her on the left on the chair with Eli on the right so you can tell she's part of the family.

Loveland, CO

Rescue of Mr. Friendly

Mr. Friendly was born feral. He was neutered and lived outdoors for at least seven years. He stayed mostly in a neighbor's back yard who would not allow me on the property. They only (minimally) fed him. No cover for his food or protection for him from the elements. I fed him on the sidewalk every morning when I walked my dog. He would show up in the winter even when it was below zero temperature. I befriended him and was the only one who could pet him. He knew my voice and trusted me, as well as knowing his name. I wanted so badly to get him off the streets and into my home, especially because I noticed that he needed dentistry (he only has 2 teeth left in his mouth). But being able to get him into a carrier or trap was not an easy thing. I finally was successful in November 2017, thanks to a wonderful woman neighbor who let me on her property to feed him and coax him into a trap. He is a "love bug" for me, but not for anyone else. I took my time in introducing him to my home, to the rest of our kitty family, and to my rescue dog Piper. Mr. Friendly is "in love" with Piper. He has a very outgoing personality and plays constantly with the cat toys. It is a joy to watch him and amazing to know how quickly he has adjusted to his new, safe and loving, life. I thank God, every day, for helping me be patient and persistent in my pursuit of rescuing Mr. Friendly.

Cheri L Doolittle
Albany, NY

My Romeo

In 2003, I lost my 20 yr old Persian Jenny to kidney disease. I had Jenny since she was a kitten and was devastated. After about a month, I looked on Petfinder and saw a 1 yr old long-haired tuxedo boy. The foster said that he loved to "make biscuits" on her which is what Jenny used to do. I went to meet him and gently stroked him while quietly chatting with the foster. Eventually, he rolled over for me to pet his belly and looked up at me as if to say "Are you going to be my Mommy?". We locked eyes and that was it. I took him home that day. I named him Romeo because he was the most loving fur baby I ever met. Everyone who saw us together remarked on how much we obviously adored each other.

About a month ago, at age 15, Romeo developed an upper respiratory infection. We immediately took him to emergency care and did everything possible. I spent a week by his side as he bravely fought but unfortunately, his little body couldn't make it. He went to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him every day. I am so grateful to have found my sweet Romeo. Rescue kitties are the very best. He definitely rescued me!

Laura Ray
Alexandria, VA


I was a novice when I ‘adopted’ my first kitty off the streets. (I had no idea what a ‘litterbox’ was and kept wondering why she wandered off the grass when I took her out to do her business.) Sadly, years later, Truffles was hit by a car leaving me inconsolable and devastated. Many months passed and while visiting the local chain pet store, I saw a little kitty with a deformed foot. I told myself if she was still there in a few days, I would take her because who would take care of a disabled kitty better than me ? Then Hurricane Wilma hit. As soon as the roads cleared, I went back to the pet store to keep my promise – but she had been adopted. Lilly was the only one left. So I adopted her ! At the time, I had two boy kitties who were not exactly pals. Chin Chin was very attached to me and Percival to my late Truffles. I thought Lilly would be a good ‘match’ for Percival. As soon as I brought her into the house, she sat in the first shelf of the bookcase. Percival ran right over to her and gazed at her with stars in his wide open eyes. It was love at first sight ! My boys have passed over the rainbow bridge, but Lilly is still with me. Always, the peace-maker and calming influence, she would jump in front of me meowing and rubbing if I was upset or anxious. She is older now, arthritic and kidney-challenged, but I am so very grateful to still have her in my life. Very often, I will gaze at her with stars in my eyes and my heart filled with love.

Lake Worth, FL

My Sadie girl

We had the extreme pleasure of having Sadie in our lives for 10 years. Sadie was a Boston Terrier who came into our lives in the Summer of 2006. She was supposed to be my spouse's dog but Sadie and I bonded closely. She was my constant companion from building a deck to relaxing in my recliner. She loved to ride in my pickup truck and would run to the door every time I was leaving in the hopes of being able to ride with me. She loved to play in the yard, chasing anything that I would throw for her. I loved coming home from work and see here run from her bed to the door with her back end wiggling back and forth, she never failed to greet me like that until she got too sick. Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the Fall of 2016, we were devastated, I cried constantly in the Vet's office and on the way home too. I miss her terribly and often consider getting another Boston, but no other dog could ever replace my Sadie girl.

Jim Bilbrey

Our Miracle Baby

To start off my husband was a truck driver. And he always seemed to find babies that needed us. One day he brought home this fully starved 1 year old tortoiseshell Siamese. She had everything wrong with her you could imagine. I took her to the Vet the next day. They gave her fluids, dewormed her got rid of her ear mites. I had got rid of her flees the night before. The vet and I talked about how to care for her. And I went home with Prayers in my heart. She didn't think she would make it.

Ying weighed 2 pounds and she was a year old. I had to give her lomatil for her diarrhea. And she could not keep any food down. Each day I would try feeding her thing baby food rice cereal, and stuff that would be easy on her stomach. One day I was reading online. They said if your cat could not keep anything on her stomach to feed her Pumpkin. So that night my husband brought some home. She loved it. I suppose she would love anything that would make her feel better.

So between the Lomatil and the pumpkin we got her to stop losing weight. Two weeks later she was six pounds. All of her scars were healing and her fur as growing back in. To say the least my husband is an angel. He brought other kitties home but none of them were as bad off as Ying. She sleeps with us each night and she is so Pretty. I have included Before and after pictures ... She is our Miracle.

Gardena, CA

Adam Has A Home

Adam was a kitten when my sister trapped him, his sister, and his mother. In fact, the kittens were so small, they didn’t set off the trap when eating the food. My ingenious brother-in-law tied some chicken up so the kittens would have to jump to get it and that did the trick. None of the cats were happy about being brought into a house, but my sister worked with them and tamed them a bit. My sister kept the two females, but her male cat didn’t want another male around, so she offered Adam to me. We have had him eight years now and although he is still skittish, he is quite the daddy’s boy. He can almost always be found with my husband. My sister says he is too spoiled, but I don’t think there is such a thing when it comes to such a wonderful cat as Adam!

Sacramento, CA

VIDEO: The Only Word This Dog Knew Was 'No'—See Him Now!

For more than five years, Marley the dog was chained up in a backyard without proper food or clean water. His owner would hit him on the head for getting "too excited," and the only word that he understood was "no"—he didn't even recognize his own name. But as this new PETA video ( released today shows, that all changed when he was given to PETA: He was treated for parasites and malnutrition and adopted into a loving new home.

Now, he has a warm couch to sleep on, a doggie friend named Kyah to play with, and all the snuggles he wants. "I really, really liked his little attitude that he had and the spirit that he had that wasn't going to be broken," says Michael Moss, his adopter. "He's got toys, bones, treats, and Kyah—and a big backyard he can play in .… That's all I really want. I just want him to be happy."

More information about PETA's work to help dogs and cats is available here (, and more photos of Marley are available on PETA's blog (

Washintgon, DC

Spike the Needy

When we moved in there were a lot of feral cats in the neighborhood. We did what we could spaying and neutering them. Across the alley was a house no one lived in but a really pretty kitten that loved to come over and "chat". He was very friendly and loved to be held and petted.

One stormy night my husband got worried about him and went out to see if he was ok. He called him Spike (he earned the name later). He came bounding over the fence and into my husbands arms. That did it. In he came and hasn't been outside since. He's very "needy" when he wants to be petted. He'll sit on the arm of your chair for hours getting loved on. He thinks he's boss kitty and we haven't the heart to tell him otherwise.

Kingman, AZ

Our Jaz

I had recently lost my big girl Maggie to cancer. I wasn't sure if I was ready to adopt another yet but saw this girl at the Weld Co Humane Society. She's a tripod. I asked what her story was. Abuse. I was the 4th person to visit with her. No one else wanted to take her on. They were going to make her a residential mascot of sorts. Couldn't let that happen. They have so much to do on a daily basis. You could say we rescued each other. She's had a lot of other issues. IBD pretty bad. We got her a stroller to ride in. We've spent a lot of money on this little girl with emergency vet visits but I wouldn't change a thing!! I recommend taking on a shelter animal with challenges. She's a happy little mommas girl.

Donna Burger
Johnstown, CO
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