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Francis Tanning

Francis was found wandering the streets during one of the coldest weeks of February. He was taken to our local animal shelter. Although he wore a dingy, tagless collar- no one came looking for him. We are so glad that they didn't. His ears are still a little tattered from being frost bitten, but he's ours now and we love every long inch of him. We'll never let him be cold again...this photo shows that.

Columbus, NE

She was kitten #3, so I called her Tre! :-)

I had been trying to trap Tre since the first time I'd seen her with her two brothers nine months earlier when they were 3 months old. I managed to get those two at around 5 or 6 months and really had to, as one had a really bad eye. Turns out it was ruptured and needed to be removed. Despite that, (one eyed) Jack was a sweetheart, as was his brother Jett and I adopted them to wonderful families quickly. I tried and tried to get her, but she wouldn't go near the trap. I had no idea if she was a boy or girl, so called her Tre - three in Italian. I found out when she got PREGNANT. I redoubled my efforts, enlisted a friend's help and used a drop trap. Bingo! Got her. I brought her home and got her settled in a cage in my bathroom. She wriggled out of an improperly closed door and made herself at home in my doorless closet. She let me approach, pet her and purred. Three days later she settled by the side of the toilet, so I laid a nice blanket out for her. Just after midnight she gave birth. She let me stay with her and I'd dozed off next to her. I was awoken by a kittens mews. I let her be, checking on her now and then until she was done and nursing then went to bed. In the morning I found 4 gorgeous babies. She let me handle them immediately. When they were weaned, I adopted out 4 wonderful socialized babies to wonderful families. She too had a bad eye, from an untreated infection, but no need to remove. She is a love I didn't have the heart to give up. She's mine :-)

Norma S
Hewlett, NY

Smilin' Sam

Smilin’ Sam joined our family last October. I am a volunteer at the local Animal Shelter and Sam chose me that fateful afternoon. He was surrendered by his owner because he was lonely and constantly climbed the fence to be with the neighborhood children. He is the most wonderful and loving boy. He joins our Golden Retriever, Hogan, in his forever home. How lucky we are! Please visit your local Shelter, save a life and bring joy in to your own life.

Sunset, SC

Trude's journey

We didn't need another cat, but when we saw Trude last summer at the local PetSmart, I just had to have her. She is 8 years old, was ill, and had a bad attitude that had landed her in and out of 3 foster homes before my husband and I decided to try our hand at giving her a permanent home. We fixed her medical issues, which has helped her outlook, and have been working on her aversion to being petted, held, and brushed. She's doing much better now - every day is better for her than the day before. She's still a work in progress, but we have no regrets over adopting this older, challenged cat. We love her!

Randy & Kathy
St. Charles, MO

Fancy Pants, the fat beagle

Fancy sat through the adoption event like she didn't have a care in the world. She wasn't the cute little playful puppy that people would notice right away, but there was something special about her. At the end of the event, we decided to take her home. Who else was going to foster/adopt a 10 year-old fat beagle? It didn't take us long to completely fall in love with Fancy's sweet spirit and her way of cuddling up with us. She set the bar pretty high for the beagles that would follow her into our family.

Fancy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last week. We only had her for 6 short years, but she gave us so much in that time. We will love her forever!

Sara Lang
Wilmington, DE

Failed Adoption? More like a Failed AdoptER, if you ask me.

I knew I was losing my Tabitha to cancer; she was lonesome while I was at work, so I started looking for an adult, laid-back buddy for her. However, I fell for a Snowshoe-ish Siamese-cross rescue with blue eyes & brown points who I named Snickers; he was approximately 6 months old and quite active. He wanted to play with Tabby so badly, but she quickly let him know who ruled the household. It didn't stop stop him altogether from trying to get her to play, but he respected her enough not to push the issue if she growled. She seemed to like that he was around, though, as long as he didn't get TOO close.

So I needed a pal for Snickers. I kept thinking about a Russian Blue I'd seen at my vets' when I'd fallen for Snick. He'd been born to a feral mother, trapped, tamed and adopted by a young woman. She took him home at 4 months old, then left for a month-long vacation! He was shy and afraid of her when she came home, so she returned him. HE wasn't the failure, SHE was. He lived in adoption wards for the next 18 months and was still there. Nobody wanted an adult cat.

I went to visit; I said hello, he squeaked at me, stepped onto my shoulders from atop the crates and wrapped himself around my neck like a living fur stole. He was mine!

I lost Tabby 1 month later; my boys helped me through the loss. A year later, Pewter is shy with visitors if I'm not there, but getting better. He's sensitive, handsomely plush, plays for hours with Snickers. They get along great and I finally have a cat who'll watch TV with me! Please give adult rescues a chance.

Billie Rohl
Ann Arbor, MI

Thrown Out a Car Window in January

I knew my 14-year-old kitty, Tabitha, was ill; being the last of her family, she was alone while I was at work. So I visited my vets' adoption clinic "just to look" for a mature, laid back cat to keep her company. The vet techs said they were so glad I'd come in, I just had to see their newest stray. When I learned he was about 6 months old, I almost didn't bother to look in on him, as I didn't want to subject Tabby to a rambunctious youngster, but once I heard how he got there, it tugged at my heart.

Other clinic clients had been sitting waiting for a traffic light to change when the folks in the car ahead of them threw this little guy out their car window, into the traffic and snow, and sped off. These folks grabbed him up and brought him to the clinic.

He'd already been tested as negative for diseases and vaccinated, was not neutered, and was chowing down on some dry food in a large crate when I saw first saw him. One bat of his baby blue eyes and I was a goner. Told them to neuter him and I'd take him home.

I shouldn't have worried about Tabby--she held her own with Snickers (he is chocolate, caramel and nougat colored and has "peanuts" of brown at the base of his spine where his tail begins--what else could I call him but Snickers?), and though I lost her 3 months later, I think it helped her to know there was another kitty in the house with her when I wasn't home. As you can see, a year later, he's gorgeous and is a large and occasionally obnoxious little brother to my other rescue, Pewter. Please adopt, don't buy!

Billie Rohl
Ann Arbor, MI

My best friend

My ex-husband and I adopted Rika (ree-kah) from the Dumb Friends League in Denver when she was 8 weeks old. Little did I know that that little ball of fluff would end up being my best friend. She has seen me through 3 surgeries, a divorce, medical school, residency and my first job as an ER physician. She has lived in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and California, and even at almost 13 she still manages to be both regal and puppy-like at the same time. People who don't like dogs love Rika. She is one of the brightest spots in my life and I will be forever grateful that we went to the shelter that day.

Fort Bragg, CA

My beautiful Navajo girl

I found Nizoni (nee-jho-nee) starving to death on the Navajo reservation when she was 10 weeks old. The women there told me to take her if I wanted her since people dumped their dogs out there all the time, and that she would likely die. I couldn't leave her behind, so we took her along on our road trip of the southwest. In Canyon de Chelly I bought some jewelry from a group of women and their daughters. I hadn't chosen a name yet and I enlisted their help, wanting to give her a Navajo name. They chose Nizoni, which means "beauty". It was perfect for her. She's been my beautiful Navajo girl for 10 years now, and I can't imagine life without her.

Fort Bragg, CA

Rosie the smiling dog

I already had two dogs the morning i went to a high kill animal shelter to help a friend who does a lot of foster work, rescuing dogs and helping to place them in homes. Rosie, 7 at the time, was hours away from being put down. The volunteers had placed a "love bug" sign on her cage hoping to get people interested in adopting her but because of her age and a large cyst on her side the size of a grapefruit they weren't having much luck. Plus she was so terrified from all the noise and whatever she had been through to get here that she couldn't stop shaking. As soon as we took her out and petted her it was like she came to life again. I simply could not leave her behind. The cyst turned out to be nothing but water and this dog has simply not stopped smiling since i brought her home.

lisa alden
los angeles, CA
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