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And Toto too!

I had no intention of getting a 3rd dog. Not a chance I would have said. But one night very late I found myself on the local shelters website where I saw Toto as an owner surrender, I just had to go meet her. I took my son and his buddy to "guard" her cage while I did the paperwork to adopt her, it was love at first sight. I'm certain my husband was hoping I came home disappointed, but I just knew she was meant to be ours. And yes, my husband adores her too - she makes us laugh and smile even when we don't want to. So we share our home with Nicki, Brutus and now Toto too!

Sue Benedict
Houston, TX

...was that a bird?

My now husband and I love to exercise and stay healthy. We love going on walks and runs to spend time together. While we were still engaged, he would come over to my apartment to going running and then I would make him dinner. On this particular late afternoon we decided that despite the weather being nasty (it was drizzling), we would go for a quick walk. We had to dodge huge puddles so we ended up taking a different route. As we were walking past a house, we started hearing this chirping noise. It literally sounded like a baby bird. We looked around trying to find where it was coming from and when I looked to my right...running towards me frantically in the home's front yard...was a little kitten. I scooped it up and took it back with us to my apartment for shelter and food. We had all intentions of giving it to a nice shelter, but I won't lie....I fell head over heels in love. We found out it was a girl, only after naming her Tigger because I thought she was a boy. She lives up to her name though. She's very bouncy! She loves to jump up to sit on your shoulder; in particular mine since I'm short--and usually while I'm making dinner! She loves to cuddle and purr and play with hair; she's always content and happy. I've even noticed a huge different in our other cat Millie who is almost two years old. Millie has become more outgoing and even loves to be held--still on her terms sometimes though! :) Tigger has been a great blessing and a joy to watch grow up over the past months and I'm so happy we decided to go walking that day!

Pic: day after finding her

Jennifer Broderick
San Antonio, TX


The yellow Lab mix lived in our employee parking lot for more than two months. When I and others would approach him, he would run. He slept on the asphalt. He had a sad face and sores on his body. It was cold and foggy at this time of year, so I brought him a blanket. I and other county employees would bring him food and water. My husband and I would come on the weekends to feed and try to befriend him. We named him Pup Pup as this is what my husband would call him while talking to him. My co-worker and I went in on a doghouse and wired it to a tree in the lot. He loved it. He immediately went into it and laid down. Since this was in a bad part of town, it was stolen within a week. We knew he couldn't last long out in the elements and I was being transferred downtown, so my husband got some animal tranquilizer from a vet friend. My husband, co-worker and I mixed it in his food, and parked far enough away for him to approach. When he became drowsy we came near and eventually cornered him. My husband put a leash on him and he obediently climbed in the car. When we got home, he came in with us, laid down near the fireplace and slept. We had him checked out, neutered, given his shots and treated for mange (due to stress, per the vet). He was around four. His sad face disappeared. He was gentle and patient with our cats. He was a loving, sweet dog everyone adored. He lived to be fourteen.

Haidie Simonet
Fresno, CA

kitty Stella to the rescue

Stella came into my life just a few short months ago. I am a volunteer at Friends of Animals (a no-kill shelter) in W. Los Angeles and that's where we met. Her and another cat were brought in around June, possibly living in an abandoned house in Santa Monica. The other kitty was adopted before I started there, so I never saw him.

I adopted 2 rescue cats 6.5 yrs ago and sadly lost one of them "Riptide" to cancer this past October. I knew that I would be adopting another one soon to keep "Beckham" happy. Stella is PURRRFECT!

She was 1 of about 60 cats at FOA and from the very first time I saw her, she greeted me with "headbutts"--pushing her forehead up against mine and not just once! She soon won me over as did her pretty Calico look.

I feel as if she's a gift, my little angel. Maybe in some spiritual sense Riptide sent her to us?

Luckily, her and Beckham bonded within the first week. She is very, very playful, about 5 yrs old. I see her run around and chase toys all over and sometimes Beckham becomes one of them. She has taught him to snuggle and it was amazing how fast he learned! I still get "headbutts" especially when she comes to sleep with me in my bed. She usually lays her head right next to mine or on my shoulder with her paws extended. She also likes you to pick her up and put her on your lap! She really is a love-bug and has definitely welcomed myself and Beckham into her life! We love her and I am very happy she came to the rescue.

Santa Monica, CA

Noodles won my heart!

It was close to Halloween when a solid black "teenager" kitten wandered up to our home. We immediately began to ask around the neighborhood for her owner~ afraid for her safety. Black cats don't always fair well during Halloween, especially ones as friendly as her. No one claimed her. We even contacted the local shelter to see if someone was looking for her, no luck. Having 3 cats of our own, we were determined NOT to bring her in to add to the brood. The day before Halloween it poured down rain. On my back porch was the crying, bedragled, soaked, moon pie eyed black kitten. I broke down and brought her in and immediately began calling around to find her a home. A sweet friend agreed to foster her. As I dropped her off, I swear I heard what appeared to be her screaming as I left the house. Needless to say, I cried all the way home. Walking in the door, my husband asked "How did it go?" All it took was one look at me and he said..."Get back in the car...let's go back and get her!" We did.

She has become the comedian of the now 4 cats.( 2 girls and 2 boys.) The name Noodles seems to fit her antics! Here she is peaking out from behind red tulips I received for Valentines Day from my husband! She won our hearts and has a permanent home off the streets with us!

Amy Marek
Collierville, TN

"Mommy, Is This Heaven"

On December 7, 2009 an aging female chocolate Lab was brought to the Fort Morgan Humane Shelter by the Deputy Sheriff. I could tell she was old by the gray on her chin and by the difficult time she had getting up. Her hind legs did not seem to want to work. She was placed in isolation so we could check her out. In checking the information on the dog tags, we found that her name was Jezzebelle. I checked our lost pet file for a missing Lab and found the information for her in the file right away. I called the number and a woman answered and I told her that I thought we had their missing dog. She said they lived in the country and their dog had been missing for over a month. Considering the fact that she was 14 years old and living in the harsh elements, they assumed that she had died. She had already taken the painful task of telling her two small children that Jezzebelle had gone to heaven. She was so excited to think that it could be Jezzebelle that they came to the shelter right away. As they were walking to the shelter from their car, her small son said "Mommy Is This Heaven"? Upon entering the shelter they found that Santa Claus was visiting and taking pictures. We brought out Jezzebelle and they were pleasantly surprised that it was in fact, Jezzebelle. The reunion of the family with their old dog was heartwarming. The Family took Jezzebelle home and got to love her three more weeks. She passed away at home, with her family, from old age.

Crystal Tweeten
Fort Morgan, CO

Into The Wind And Alive

I wanted a watchdog to protect our chickens from the marauding hounds who'd recently killed two hens. Red, skinny, frantic and cringing, didn't look the part.

The dogcatcher brought twelve disheartened dogs, crammed in three cages, to be assessed by the vet. There is no local shelter; The Animal Control And Welfare Project of Hinton, WV, would save those they could, the others would be put down immediately.

Red, at forty pounds, was the biggest of this group. His over-eager eyes didn't have the look of a watch dog but I was considering fostering him until I heard the vet say, "The black one goes down." He'd growled, she said, but I didn't believe it was at her. I now know he is terrified of puppies; he was then surrounded by a litter. It's possible he growled because his life was at stake, I don't know, but everything about his wiggly demeanor and body language told me he didn't have a vicious bone in his body.

My friends from the ACWP argued for him and won. He rode home in the back of my truck, tied to both front corners so he couldn't tangle or jump out but could still move. With his paws on the edge of the truck bed and his nose to the wind, he smelled freedom and was happy to be alive.

Now, two years later, he's still ecstatic to be alive and the back of my truck is his favorite place on earth. It was there, after I realized one of his ribs had been broken, most likely by a kick, and despite his underfoot eagerness and anxiety, which is lessening with time, I hugged him tightly and told him not to worry anymore, he was home and safe.

Sarah Wadsworth
Hinton, WV

Meet Noel

We met Noel in 2002 at an adoption day outing when she was two years old. She was very sweet and looked so frightened. We were not looking to adopt as we already had a dog, but after meeting her, we couldn't stop thinking about her. It was upsetting to think about such a wonderful dog living in a shelter. A week later we made the hour long drive to the SPCA and brought her home. She is beautiful, smart, fun and a true best friend. We promised her she would never be without a family again.

DeGulis Family
Langhorne, PA

Suzanne - Alabama to Portland

Suzanne is a beautiful miniature long hair dachshund. When I first saw her on the rescue site, she did not have any hair, she was considered fractious, her nails were white, and she needed major dental work and she was four year old. She had been rescued from a breed mill. It took her only two days to start snuggling with myself and my other miniature long hair dachshund in the bed and on the couch. She now knows how to play with toys, loves her “sister”, runs on the beach, has a gorgeous coat of hair, strong nails, and her jaw/teeth and all fixed. She seems so happy and loving. The only time she shows signs of PTSD is if you wake her up suddenly. She loves the back yard, going for walks, and sleeping on pillows. Her amazing attitude, loving nature, and adorable looks have permanently settled into our family and in our hearts. Thank you to the rescue, you save her life and enriched mine.

Portland, OR


While volunteering at a local shelter, i met and fell for Muffy. After 3+ years it was finally the right time to attempt fostering her. She turned out to be the best house dog i have had. We are slowly introducing her to the other 3 dogs. She lays in my lap and licks me, looks into my eyes lovingly and just enjoys being stroked and cared for. Maybe she has found her forever home after 7 long years of waiting.

Ligonier, PA
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