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Rescuing My Cat

My uncle heard a cat crying in the juniper. When my mom came home uncle went out to greet her and the cat cried and poked her head up and uncle and mom saw it. Uncle brought the cat in and fed it. Also he said be quiet it's scared to death. Probably was because of my dog. Next we bought supplies for her so she could stay here until we know what to do with her. The vet said she had a lot of fleas and she was about 7weeks old and she is a tuxedo cat. We were going to name her tux but we found out she was a girl so we came up with Oreo but in my opinion she does not taste good. Then we decided to keep her she is now about 7 months old. And she does whatever she wants like biting my fingers off.

Austin J. McQuiston, age 9
Clemson, SC

What About His Brother?

My husband and I adopted a kitten from a foster home in the Bronx. He had been saved, along with his brother, from the city shelter's death row. Although the brothers had lived in this home for over a month, they were clearly still half-feral -- only one of them could be lured out of hiding and captured. While I had dreamed of a adopting a friendly love-muffin, I couldn't bear to leave this frightened orphan behind. We took him home and named him Snoopy. He was terribly timid, but after a day or two of gentle coaxing, he began to enjoy being touched. Each night I would say to my husband, "What about his brother"? It pained me to think of the little guy we'd left behind - even more scared than Snoopy had been, and now even more alone. A week passed, and the ache I felt from worrying about Snoopy's brother became too great for me and I said to my husband, "we need to go back and get his brother." When we brought Linus home, he was so paralyzed with fear that he even hissed at Snoopy. We kept him separated in the bedroom for two days, where he mostly hid under the bed. It took him a long time to feel safe and come out of his shell. Two years later, he still startles at loud noises and hides from strangers. But with us, he has become a delicious, purring, affectionate, lover-boy. He and Snoopy are best friends and play-pals, racing through the apartment nose to tail. Now every night when my husband and I lay down to sleep, we say "thank goodness we went back to get Linus."

Lindsay Freda
New York, NY

Blanca - Rescued in Mexico

This sweet loving dog was rescued from the streets by friends who could not keep her. She was spayed, and then we fostered her for three weeks before finding her a home with a wonderful Mexican family.

Lisa Williamson
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


I rescued this beautiful guy from two years living at the end of a 12-foot logging chain with scarcely any human interaction. He has a permanent wear spot on the side of his neck from the chain where the fur will never grow back, but now he has big run, playmates, proper training, long walks twice a day, and his own two dog houses -- an insulated winter doghouse and a cool, ventilated summer house!

Paul H.
Hanover, IN

The Fussy Barn Cat

Shortcake entered my life as a birthday present from a friend who owned a farm out in the country. She had discovered a litter of kittens in the barn, too close to farm equipment, and set out to find homes for them. Shortcake will deny it to this day, but this Little Princess was born a Barn Cat.

When I was a child and she a kitten, she got used to playing outside with me in our quiet backyard. She was what I looked forward to when I got back from school, who I wanted to be with and have by me.

Shortcake has had to adjust to apartment living with these past few years. Instead of going on solo adventures during the day, she looks out the window and sometimes goes on walks with me on her pink harness.

With the other cats we've had in our family, we've kept a breakfast and dinner feeding schedule but that won't do for Shortcake, it never did. She wants to eat whenever she wants to regardless of what the clock says. All she has to do is sit by her plate in the kitchen and meow at whoever walks by and she gets fed. Shortcake is now more like the Queen of the house who sleeps high up on a thermal bed and takes glucosamine everyday.

Shortcake is 16 years old and never grew past 6 lbs, even with multiple meals a day.

McLean, VA


Dixie was found in a rubbish container together with two brothers and a sister.

Thanks to the local animal shelter here in Marbella in southern Spain they all found good and loving homes.

Dixie became part of our family and her adopted brother Billy, a welsh terrier, absolutely adored her.

She was always with me in the kichen preparing dinner and my husband used to say that she would have been a chef if human! Dixie loved to play with dolls and always greeted friends and family with a soft toy in her mouth.

Sadly she left us in October last year, 13 years old.

Dixie will always be in our hearts as the most precious Christmas gift we ever had.

Elisabeth Katz
Marbella, Spain


This 6 pound 2 year old was returned to the Oregon Humane Society 45 minutes after being adopted out because she “didn’t get along with the dog in the car”! We named her (Bad) Penny because she wasn’t coming back. That was 11 years ago. We can’t imagine life without her sleeping under the covers at night and watching TV with us. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Thankfully she allows us to live with her in her Forever Home.

Heather Taylor
Troutdale, OR

Bernese Snow Bunny

The rescue agency found 18 month old Lexie tied up in a back yard - neglected, filthy and so sunburned that she had no hair on her nose. We took her home and realized that she needed to be touched almost constantly. Working from home I found that when I was not petting her, she was laying on my feet or close enough to touch me in some way.

Today is a happy, snow-loving dog! It is not unusual to see her with her head buried in a snow bank, or body-sledding down the hill. In the summer we take her to the local Ice Arena where there is a huge hill of 'snow' outside the back doors from the Zambonie. It is hard to believe that anyone could treat such a beautiful animal so badly - and even harder to believe that she is so incredibly sweet after all she's been through. She made it very clear that she has adopted us and tells us every day with whines and sighs how happy she is!

Lori Marin
Cripple Creek, CO

Persistent Little Thing !!!

In the summer of 2009, we noticed a little cat wandering the neighborhood near our house. She would enter our yard, only to keep a great distance away from us. That winter of 2009 - 2010, we were aware of her still roaming the yards nearby, but were never able to trace her to anyone’s home. Our neighbors all thought she was ours, but none took any interest in her. Thinking she was a male, we nicknamed her “Larry” and referred to her by that name from that day forward.

Summer of 2010, she was thin, still wandering and I noticed she was eating mice and birds and providing herself with water from puddles in our driveway. We placed bowls of water out for her in the 90 degree heat and began talking softly to her. She remained hesitant, but by fall, she was becoming more tame and accepting of us. Winter came and she was foraging in the snow and sleeping on our back porch. We worried about her, but with two indoor cats, we couldn’t bring her in. My husband built an insulated shelter from a storage bin and she lived safely in our garage. I placed her photo and an ad in our local paper, took her to our vet to search for an identity chip, but no chip and no callers. We learned from her checkup that she was spayed and very healthy. She was so tame and well behaved that after all efforts to find her owner failed, our son adopter her for his own.

Today, “Larry” lives the life of luxury and safety - warm apartment, healthy food, clean water, toys and lots of petting! Somebody’s loss is our son’s gain!!!!

Ethel Schnorr
West Seneca, NY


I always joked with a vet friend of mine that if they ever got a three-legged cat in they could call me. Who knew Purcccy, previously a stray, would have such an impact on us! He has so much love to give and is such a gentle little guy. Please don't look past the 'underdogs' - they make great companions!

Wellington, South Africa
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