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We had cats while I was growing up, and when our last one died in my early teens, my mom said that if we were to get another one, it would have to be a short-haired white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Tall order for where we lived, but, eventually she relented and let me get a grey tabby to help control our mouse problem. It was just Porsche and me for about 8 years. One day while shopping, I saw a picture of Winter- the elusive white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Given that she was a full-grown female and Porsche was, too, I wasn’t going to inquire, but my curiosity got the better of me. When I went to see Winter, she followed me all over the cat house of the rescue shelter who had her, even though it was a very cold November morning and she had just been awakened and taken out of her warm bed to greet me. As I talked to the lady who ran the shelter outside, Winter jumped up on the sill and watched me wherever I went. I knew she had to come home with me. With a couple of baby gates, much hissing and some cat scratches on me, we eventually became a blended family. Winter liked to chase and torture Porsche whenever she could, but, when Porsche’s kidneys started to fail and I had to make that painful decision to end her suffering, Winter was there at my side the night before, keeping vigil over her sick sister and her heartbroken mom. She may be a little bit crazy, but, she is a sweet girl who loves her mom and keeps her 4-legged brothers and sisters in line.

Sharon Sandberg
Southport, NC

Elvis My Lover Boy

I stopped at Burger King to pick up dinner on my way home from work one cold rainy night and there walking across the parking lot was a cat that was nothing but skin and bones – I had never seen something so pitiful. As I sat in the drive thru I saw him disappear underneath a bush. I ordered him some chicken nuggets and parked my car near the bush to try to lure him out. He was very timid and skeptical of me but he was so hungry…he would pop out and grab a nugget and disappear under the bush on the fourth attempt I picked him up and put him in my car…he was so scared but he didn’t put up a fight…I took him home and fed him. I already had a cat and two dogs. My thought was to find him a good home. I made him a vet appointment since not only was he so underweight and weak but he had a cold, a cleft lip, ear mites, and the back of his ears were bleeding from him scratching due to the ear mites…he was a total mess. When the vet examined him he told me that if I hadn’t rescued him when I did that he might not have survived another day. Since that time he has gained weight, the ear mites and cold are gone, his ears have healed and as far as his cleft lip it doesn’t impair his breathing or eating. I found him a good home alright…Mine! He won his way into my heart with his constant love and affection…never have I met a cat so loving…I named him Elvis since he’s such a lover boy and he came from Burger KING. I’m so very thankful for my Elvis!

Julie Smith
Waldorf, MD

Alice The Dog In a Box PLEASE HELP!!!!

Right now in Toombs County GA there is a rescue attempt being made by a rescue group to save a 6 year old female pit bull named Alice. Her owners have kept her isolated in a small wooden box since she was a puppy. She has had to stand and lay in her own feces and drink muddy dirty water and only eat bread all this time. It is now believed that it is possible she is being used as a breeding dog for puppies. Thousands of people all over America are joining this protest to save Alice. The authorities there in Toombs county will not even allow a complaint to be filed, saying they will throw it out, even though there are tons of evidence, pictures and video to show deplorable conditions. We want them to uphold the laws there in Toombs. CNN has covered this and it is all over facebook. You can sign a pettition there. You can also Google it. Thanks for your help. Alice needs you. Evelyn

Atlanta, GA


I was looking for a rescue Boston Terrier but when I saw the lovely face of Peanut I fell in love. I knew instantly she was the dog I was meant to have. She had been surrendered to San Francisco Animal Care and Control and had almost been put down because she was extremely nervous. She had obviously been mistreated and neglected. Thankfully, Wonder Dog rescue agreed to foster her. We've been together 10 years now and she is my perfect dog!

Madeline Marrow
San Francisco, CA

Brewski -- In memoriam Sept 1996 - Feb 2011

In memoriam Brewski, a shepherd/x, came to me as a 5 week old, emaciated and parasite riddled, foster pup. He stole my heart. He grew into a handsome, gentle being. He took the role as "Uncle Brew" to future foster litters, giving love and care, as you can see here with his charge, Toni, who was the last to be adopted in her litter. He loved to drag a soft rope passed all the pups in the litter until they all attached and then would drag them around the yard!

He was my Big Man.

I love you and miss you terribly.

Tina Leonard
Yuma, AZ

Divine Intervention

Having just lost my cat, I went to an overcrowded shelter to adopt two new ones. About 150 cats were roaming loose in one giant space, so I asked which kitties were lowest on the totem pole or least likely to be adopted. From a covered cat tree in a far corner, the staff dug out a painfully skinny old orange and white male they said was terrified and never came out of hiding. My heart went out the old guy, but I couldn't face losing another cat so soon, so I picked out two others. When I came back that evening to pick them up, I bent down to open the carriers, and there was that skinny beat-up cat sitting at my feet looking up at me. That was it; I went home with three. Moose actually turned out to be only about a year old, but he was near death with a raging blood infection, FIV, ringworm and an undiagnosed broken hip, among other issues. With the help of a loving vet and against the odds, we nursed him back to health and now 4 years later, Moose is the happiest, funniest, smartest, most affectionate kitty I've ever known. Among so many other things, he's taught me that often the rarest gems are the ones you'd least expect. Please adopt.

Baltimore, MD

Kenzie baby

I went to a pet store on a Saturday, looking for a rescue. I saw a couple of dogs that were cute, one that was a dark little guy, really nice shiny hair and then another that looked like she had stuck her finger in a light socket - she had the craziest hair. I kept going over to the "light socket" dog - something just kept pulling me towards her.

My mom was with me as well, and kept wanting me to pick the dark dog -it just "looked better". So I gave them a walking test, and "light socket" prounced, as if she were a little princess (a lot like her mommy today :) and the dark one just sat there, didn't want to walk or do anything. So I held on to "light socket" while I looked at others, but then my mom said "you obviously have your heart set". She kept asking me "you SURE you want THAT one??". and I said "I have no idea what it is but I can't let her go-she's my baby".

My Kenzie baby today stole my heart, wild hair and all (it seems though all she really needed was a good bath to tame the frizzies - she does get the best bedhead though! :). , and she is the BEST dog I could have ever asked for. She's lovable, such a sweetheart with adults and kids, and she has this appeal where all you want to do is kiss on her - she is the BEST and I couldn't be a happier mommy. Plus, I think she's a pretty happy doggie today as well - she's found a boyfriend in my sister's dog Kirby and a best pal/uncle in my mom's dog Gizmo. :D

San Francisco, CA

Leap of Faith

This is how Logan looked the day I brought him home. This was a day after the 4-month old puppy had jumped out of the back of a moving pickup in front of me on the highway. I stopped my car in the middle of traffic to pick him up. He had a collar, but no tags, and the truck never knew he was missing. I knew we were meant to find each other. After a night at the emergency vet in shock and with a broken leg, he came to his new home to meet his family: a Siberian Husky and two cats. Almost six years later, he is the 115-lb center of life in our home and a whiz at interior decorating. He believes throw pillows got their name for a reason!

Sharla Perry
Garland, TX

Buddy - a man's best friend

I was driving down a country road one night and saw eyes up ahead. I slowed down and saw a huge black lab. I stopped the car and as I walked around the front of my car, he walked around the back and jumped into my front seat! I stood there thinking that an enormous strange dog just jumped in my car, could he be dangerous? So I got in the car and called animal control. They said I could drop him off, but on my way there I couldn’t help but fall for those sad, helpless eyes. I tried to track down his owners, but people in the area thought he had been dumped.

He was about 40 pounds overweight with a deformed leg and fatty lumps – a real looker. He was a big block head lab who had never been taught to fetch, snuggle, swim, play or just be a dog. Who knows what his former life had been like, but it was going to be different with me. I named him Buddy, yes a generic name, but he lived up to it. He was the best buddy a man could ask for. He had a terrific personality and loved life. He was so happy, eager to please, and was always at my side. Who could dump such a treasure? I was blessed with 7 years with Buddy and he will always hold a special place in my heart. That big, goofy, stubborn, funny, clumsy dog was a gift and I never regretted stopping that car on that cold dark night.

Since I can’t credit a shelter for rescuing Buddy, I would like to choose one in my community that rescues “Buddy” dogs every day and that is Billings Animal Rescue Kare in Billings, Montana.

Greg Roper
Billings, MT

We named him 'Tashi', meaning 'prosperity and spiritual wealth'

It was late autumn and I was on a lunch break. I wanted something sweet and decided to go to a bakery I haven't visited in years. Behind it, in a depression with a tree and a bit of grass, a small kitten was heartbreakingly crying. There was so much misery in that sound. Apparently someone threw a litter there - few died, one got rescued few days ago, this one remained.

My heart a mess, I returned to work. With all the cats and a dog we already had, no way we could add another one. Not to mention destroying the hard won peace.

After work I went back for it. He was orange, covered with fleas, with a bloated belly and he fit into my palm. Vet said he was a month old and close to dying because he could not defecate. Diagnosis: megacolon.

It was a long, smelly winter and I thought my family was gonna murder me at some points. For a year we struggled to find a diet for him. There were painful enemas, force-feeding him the oil... Terrible. Two different vets suggested euthanasia.

We said no. Because, in spite of it all, on his 'good days' he was an incarnation of joy - an intelligent, playful and hyperactive kitten.

Now, year and a half later, we found a regime that seems to be working. However, the food, oil, syrup... it all needs to be adjusted on a daily basis. If he ever gets lost and fed by good people, he'll be dead within a week.

Life is amazing, and even if we haven't won the battle for his, I wouldn't have regretted neither time nor money spend to give him just one beautiful day more.

Tajana Ljubičić
Zagreb, Croatia
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