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Rusty -Daddys boy


When I came here last week it was strange at first but it's really beautiful wait till you see it ! There's lots to do and I have a lot of new friends.Daddy, I have something important to tell you that just couldn't wait. I want you to know how much I loved being you're boy. You were the best Daddy and I couldn't wait to wake up and play with you everyday and give you all my kisses. I didn't mind waiting for you by the door when you were gone because I loved it when you came home! I'm sorry I had to leave so soon but I'm OK and I don't hurt anymore .I miss you so much but sometimes things don't happen the way we want them to. Please don't be sad , because we'll be together again someday, I promise.

Until then I will be waiting by the door to Heaven for you .

Rusty 7-11-2007 /11-16-2010

p.s. when you come don't forget to bring my squeaky OK

Caylynn Hunt
Euless, TX

Murphy the Thanksgiving kitty

Thanksgiving Day 2003, my family was relaxing after our meal when we got a call from one of our neighbors. "Are you missing any cats?" They went for a walk down the street and were followed home by a big handsome tomcat. He wasn't ours, but not being cat people themselves, they took him to our house. We posted "Found Cat" signs, and several people came over, but no one claimed him. With winter fast approaching and nowhere else to go, we decided to keep him and named him Murphy. It was obvious he had belonged to someone at one point, as he adapted quickly to our house and other cats. He's a very smart cat - not only can he open doors and cabinets (to get at the food of course), he's very sensitive to human emotions and knows how to communicate with us. If someone is raising their voice or seems concerned, he will meow at you or paw at your arm until you quiet down! This Thanksgiving, we'll be celebrating his 7 year anniversary of joining the family, and we couldn't be more thankful!

Wilton, CT

From Unadoptable To Adorable

I was devastated after losing my 11-year-old rescue to cancer & wasn't going to rush into anything; but when I saw Harley, arrogant and calm, I knew he was meant to be mine. He was a behavioral fixer-upper, but he is so smart that I knew I could rehabilitate him, and it's going great! Harley and I love and understand each other, & the project has helped me heal.

Ojai, CA

The Garage Gang

In April 2010 we discovered 2 mom cats had delivered 2 litters of kittens (11) together in the bushes across the street. We moved all of them into our garage when they were 1 day old. Both moms took care of all the kittens as 1 big litter. When the kittens were hungry it was just pick a mom for mealtime. We lost 1 of the kittens after 11 days.

We also ran a live webcam in our garage for 2 months & over 12,000 viewers watched as our foster family grew up.

Thanks to friends & BARL, Brookhaven, MS, we were able to finds homes for 8 kittens & both moms. Also thanks to FFRC, Defiance, OH, for advise & support as we had never dealt with newborn kittens before.

We kept 2 of the kittens, Bonnie Blue & Banjo, who joined our other 5 cats (2 adopted & 3 rescues).

Charlie Smith
Byram, MS

A Teddy Bear Story

In the fall of 2008, we had a 3-month old kitten who had so much energy that we decided he needed a little buddy. So, we went to the Northwest SPCA in Oroville where we learned that another 3-month old kitten had just arrived. The shelter staff were surprised that someone would surrender a Tonkinese (a Siamese/Burmese mix), and told us this was a rare find. We named this little brown teddy bear like kitten Toby after the Teddy Bear of the Year Award. Today, this mild-mannered, but very talkative cat is sleek and shiny, but to us he is still our favorite teddy bear.

The Francis-Saturen Family
Paradise, CA

A Gift from the Universe -- Oliver

After a year-long battle with FIV, our beloved cat, Karney, (pictured in the framed photo) passed away in September 2008. Exactly a week from the day Karney passed, a stranger arrived at our door with a large decorated cardboard box. Inside was a kitten who was so tiny and so funny that he made us laugh for what seemed like the first time in a very long time. Today Oliver is two years old, and much, much larger, but to us he is still that funny little kitten who makes us laugh...and we love him very much. Oh yes... The stranger who brought Oliver to us said that a woman he met on Oliver Street asked him to deliver a kitten--along with goat's milk, kibble, litter, toys and a note telling us the kittten had lost his family. To this day, we still don't know who that mysterious woman was or how she knew we were cat-less, but we like to think Karney had a hand in sending Oliver to us.

The Francis-Saturen Family
Paradise, CA


In December of 2008, I went to our local shelter looking for a big dog to be a guard dog since I lived all by myself. As I walked down the row of kennels, a yappy pomeranian caught my eye. But, I told my self I wanted a big dog, and kept walking. However, no big dogs seemed to want anything to do with me. Finally, after passing by that little pomeranian a few more times, I finally asked if I could take her out, just so she'd be quiet for a little bit. That was it. I found my best friend! She turned out to be the best guard dog when our house was broken into just a month after I adopted her. She's the best friend I have ever had, and I'm so glad I found her!

Henderson, NV

Scared Little Skittles

One night our dogs were barking in the backyard and it continued the next morning. I could tell that someone or someting was out there. As I went out to check i out, I found a scared & cold little tabby under our tree. She ran from us, but not too far. The next day we trapped her and gave her good food, a warm bed and love that I am convinced she has never had. We believe that she was scared away from her feral colony. She stands up on her hind legs and has a funny meow that sounds like she is saying Mama. We were going to find her a loving home, but she is the one that found that home with us. Today she is a sweet, funny natured part of our 9 cat, 2 dog family.

Caren Lopez
West Jordan, UT

The Miraculous Force of Will and Love

We discovered Batcat outside our Istanbul apartment one icy November morning, a sickly teacup-size screamer trying to declare a space for herself among the fifteen or so street cats we fed each morning and evening. Too small to eat the dry food we would leave in piles, my wife nursed her to health with kitten formula. By mid-December she was one with the rest. Already parents to two rescued strays, a fourteen and a twenty year old, feeding the colony and arranging shots and sterilization for as many as possible was our limit. That position changed one sweltering weekend in August when Batcat disappeared for two days, then showed up on the third day dragging a crushed, maggot-infested rear leg. Four hours later her leg was being amputated and I vowed, tears streaming down my face, that if she survived she would have a home. After four months of brilliant care, Batcat made our home hers, forever. The will to survive combined with love is a miraculous force.

Michael J. Michell
Reno, NV

Loving Sister's; who over-came a bad start

The German Shepard Sabre Jet, Baby Jet, Boobala, is the last of a species as an Alsation from the mountains of N.E. France. The species was inbred to create designer dogs for role-playing people and destroyed the most wonderful, loving, protective dogs, possible! She has epilepsi, seizures', arthritis, hip displasia, and demonstrates auto immune disease characteristics. For this reason no one else wanted her! 400 Mg. Phenobarb a day to keep her alive and she is!

The other Blue Heeler is; "The Mysti-Bleu-Loev-Bu-ug," and was damaged in a surgery with an inept Vet [Uncommon] and loses' urinary control without medications. She will figure out 57 different ways to get a Tennis Ball into your hand without you even realizing!

Both Herd me around like I'm an old stud bull usually straight to the "Cookie Cabinet."

Both are "Fuzzy-Butts'" and bedhawgs!

We have rescued at least a dozen dogs over the years just out of our own neighborhoods! They need love and attention just as any anywhere in the world as well!

Virgil Hayes
Safford, AZ
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