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Frago has a web page

Hello Everyone,

I have heard from many of you that could not open the Facebook photo's. I have just learned to post to a web page, somewhat, kinda. You should be able to go to to view the first three albums up about Frago. One album is from Afghanistan, the next is his arrival and trip home from JFK, and the third is the reunion with Jesse. I will be adding all of the other photo's I have plus the video of the reunion and the Legion Riders escorting Jesse from our home to his party at the American Legion Post. The American Legion has bent over backwards for my son and I. They supported Jesse with packages for over a year while in Afghan. and keep in touch with me helping to keep my spirits up.

I hope you can all view this new site about Frago. I will update the site with more photo's and the video, I just want to see if everyone can access the site. Thank you all for the support, kind words, and interest in this special beautiful buddy of ours. His unit is also planning on a reunion of all of the pets that were brought to their new home some time after the holidays.

Thank you all again!

Frago, Jim, & Jesse

PS; Frago says, arf, arf, woof, woof, ggrrrrrrrrrr, meaning, thank you all from my heart also!! I am happy to be safe in a new loving home, totally pampered, and spoiled. I am training my new human friends as we speak, almost there. Come vistit my site, I won't bite!! Wow, I made a rhyme, my human buddy will love that!!


James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ

A girl named Floyd...

I managed to snatch up this little cutie before she was sent to a shelter 14 years ago. My favorite band was Pink Floyd, and her nose was so pink as a kitten! Well, you can guess how she got her name...

Living in Wisconsin in winter, it's heartbreaking to think of all the poor dears struggling to live through each day outside.

One easy way I found that can help is:

Seal shut a styrofoam cooler with duct tape, cut a small hole in it for a door. Put a layer of Marsh hay inside, with some dry food, and set with door facing away from the wind. Now you have a cathouse!

It's something easy anyone can do, and could save a life - or at least make one easier to live.

Angie B
Madison, WI

Donated cat furniture & bedding and came home with twin kittens

Throughout the year my nieces, son and I go together to visit all the cats at local shelters. It is one of our favorite 'feel good' things to do together. We are glad when older cats we see on repeat visits finally get adopted. We donate polar fleece bedding, catnip toys (we made 100 for both local shelters one Christmas). Even my Golden volunteers with us at annual fundraising event. We even made cat furniture and bedding for the grand opening of our favorite shelter's new colony rooms.

I wasn't planning on getting kittens (as had 2 senior cats then) but it was fate that kept us there after we dropped off the cat furniture and decided to play with these 2 kittens. I asked to take them into a room just so they could get out of their cage and play. Well, they were so cute, friendly, funny and sweet we just couldn't put them back in that cage. They were slightly older and found in woods together and we didn't want them to spend more time in the system or worse, adopted to separate homes.

So I asked if I could 'foster' them for a week as the shelter had SO many cats/kittens they had spent about a month out back waiting their turn to be put on display out front. I wanted to see how they did with my older cats and 2 big dogs before adopting esp. since I had very senior cats. Well as you can see, they fit right in at home from day 1! They snuggled up in tiny dog coats with my Golden (to help keep warm - lost power for 10 days during icestorm) . I adopted them that first week! They are now 2 and 13-14 lb big happy cats!

Mont Vernon, NH


We saw Daisy on Petfinders and couldn't resist that face. When we met her we fell in love with her. She is so smart and sweet. We don't know what mix she is but I know she must have Border Collie in her because she herds you. Our Dandie Dinmont Terrier, MacLeod, was not too thrilled with her but they have become friends. Still can't get him to sit with her for a photo, though.

Joyce Ruvolo
Boca Raton, FL

A DrainPipe, "Piper"

A beautiful, loving little kitten came to our home one day, and you could tell she belonged to someone but 1 year later showed up again, skinny, limping, fur matted and showing signs of starvation and neglect. Knowing that the cat belonged down the street from us, I found out that the owners had moved and threw the cat out. For 8 months she lived in our drainpipe eating the food that I put out for her everyday. She would not let me catch her and was so hungry that when I came home from work, she would meow the minute she heard me wanting more food.

My husband and I with the help of my friend got her in a trap. Dealing with a feral cat was a whole new experience for us. She got a "clean bill of health" from the vet and after a month we regained our bathroom where we put her. All our "bite marks" and "scratches" had healed and we were finely able to love on our new girl, who we named "Piper". My husband is disabled and at home and she now takes care of him keeping him company everyday sitting beside him looking outside and meowing to be loved on every minute. He doesn't even mind that she has now claimed his guitar case and has her "fur" all over it, has she changed him?, Oh yes! She now sleeps at the foot of our bed curled up and is our forever baby girl.

Winston Salem, NC

Sweet Orange!!

Shameless (right) and Autumn (left) were dumped in a parking lot behind a friends house just before Thanksgiving. After a week of night and daytime vigils and cold, friends and I were finally able to catch the 2, 8-week old kittens they were at the time. Every day the two halves of my heart purr me to sleep at night and nudge me awake in the morning. I couldn't imagine life without all the joy, sweetness, and laughter they bring to it- even when they are being little hellions.

New Haven, CT


I found this little kitten running across a busy street in the pouring rain. He narrowly missed getting hit by at least three cars! He was tiny, scared, and hungry so I brought him home and we nursed him into the healthy, happy, adorable one-year-old that he is now. Oh and mischevious, he's definitely mischevious!!

Jennifer Bacso
Dyer, IN

He made puppy dog eyes at me...

Christmas 1996 we decided we needed a dog in our life... DC Animal Shelter had a cocker who needed rescuing... so I hurried over... He & every other dog in the place were barking their heads off... As I stood waiting to see if cocker would settle... a quiet black ball of matted fur slowly made its way to the front of the cage... looked up at me w/big sad puppy dog eyes...& let out a "get me outta here whine"

He made puppy dog eyes at me...

I called my husband "get over here NOW!... staff happily collared him & brought him to the run... Tom squatted down as black ball of fur bolted for him... put his front paws on Tom's thigh & leaned into his chest & began quivering... Tom scooped him into his arms "This is the one...

We'd only recently watched an Ellen TV episode in which she asks Paige why she's fallen in love w/Jeremy Piven's character Spence...

"He made puppy dog eyes at me...

Spence was famous all over Capitol Hill... just ask the guys at La Plaza Restaurante! He loved to ride in the car & had traveled the length & breadth of North America... Maine to Florida... He'd been to Ottawa & stalked giant toads & bears in the backwoods of Quebec... DC to California & back in 2007...

He was "3 or so" when we rescued him... So when we moved to Tucson in 2008 our little old boy had a spring in his step from dry desert air... He left us 5/6/2010... Run & Play little one... there are squirrels & ducks & geese to chase... it is our only consolation that you can now Run & Play... We'll see you again one fine day... Run & Play...

Jonathan & Tom
Tucson, AZ

One Eyed Jack

My best friend found this cat in the middle of the night on a busy road in Bradenton, Florida. He was scared and lost, so she scooped him up and put him in her vehicle and brought him to me. I had just put down my 12 year old Siamese, Lily, a few weeks before and I was NOT looking for another cat right away. I called every shelter I could find in the phone book and no one could guarantee me that they would not put him down after a couple weeks because he was considered to have a "disability"....he only had one eye. After spending a couple days with him and realizing that he had been abused, I decided to keep him. Since I am an avid poker player, I named him One Eyed Jack because there are 2 one eyed jacks in a deck of cards. At first he didn't want to be cuddled, he wouldn't get on any furniture or my bed and he was terrified of my golf clubs, newspapers and magazine. Two years later I am happy to say that he now gets on the couch and cuddles with me and when I come home he sprawls out on his back and lets me pet his belly. I have heard this is the best compliment a cat can give because it means they trust you. I am so happy that I saved his life. I hate to think of how he lost his eye. All I know is that he is my best friend and I am so happy I have given him a life of security, comfort and unconditional love.

Bradenton, FL

He Adopted Me!

After fostering two kittens for about nine months I decided I didn't want to go through that again. Then one day this little guy comes wondering around behind my building at work, very cold, wet and hungry. I had seen him once before but couldn't get close to him. On this day I took a big chance on getting eaten alive. I grabbed him and took him inside to dry off and warm up, thinking I'd take him to the local Humane Society and see if they could find him a home. It didn't work out that way and now Rascal, all 14 pounds of him is my best friend. He was six years old, and feral, when I got him but now he is the sweetest, most loving cat anyone could ask for. He is living proof that with time, love and a lot of patience, ferals can be tamed and turned into wonderful companions.

Panama City, FL
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