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Our Little Girl

Mimi was in a home with three kids that didn't know how to treat a pet.When we got her she was a nervous wreck and fearful. Now she is in her forever home with all the love she can handle---and she never has to worry about being mistreated again.

Mary Cappiello
Las Vegas, NV

The shy guy needing a home

One look at his face on petfinder and my heart melted, and after reading about him (a shy guy looking for someone to help him come out of his shell) I knew I had to bring him home. He has turned out to be the sweetest, funniest fellow you'd ever know.

Julia Tate
Bensalem, PA

Our fortune

Here is Fortuna - fortune in portuguese. She is a little and very happy dog. We find her beside your dead mom. She lives with us and mor seven cats.

Antonio Castelo Branco
Recife / PE, Brazil


Only two weeks had passed since our beloved Chewie had died, and we were not ready to let another cat into our home or our hearts. But there she was – emaciated, starving, covered in ticks, and crying out for help on our front porch. The upstate NY winter had been unkind to her, and she was very close to death. As if near-starvation and dehydration were not enough, she was anemic from a tick-borne illness. She needed immediate attention and medical care.

This is Phoebe. She is nearly 50% bigger than when we found her, and she is healthy. She is spontaneous, playful, affectionate, exuberant, and cuddly, with a seemingly unending supply of love to give. We are so glad she found us.

Rachel Lauber
Valley Falls, NY

Frago's First Christmas

Merry Christmas, be safe, be happy. Frago wants everyone to know he wishes you a beautiful happy day. Frago is having a wonderful time on his new big fluffy bed next to the baseboard heater and chewing on his pigs ears. He just popped his head into the computer room, poking me with his wet, cold nose, letting me know he is looking for me. Santa gave Frago his new bed yesterday and is enjoying something he can call his own. Frago went to visit my dad in north NJ, handling approx. three hours in the car without any problems. Frago was a huge hit at the center, everyone flocked to him, he enjoyed all of the hands petting and hugging him and wagged his tail wildly to show his apprecriation for the attention. Frago is enjoying his first Christmas in his new permanent home, a home full of love and laughter at the antics of all four of our furry family. Frago is very protective of his home and his pack mates. When any one of them want to go out, Frago runs out first to scan the yard and watch over them. I wish we could save all of those wonderful animals over there, Frago is proof that they are so appreciative at their new lease on life giving us total unconditional love. You can see the love in his eyes, his mouth actually curls into a smile, and of course, his wildly wagging tail whenever any of us walk into the room. If he is left alone for a few moments, he feels he has to check to see where his family is. God, and Santa, brought us such a beautiful gift, a gift of love and companionship.

Frago, Jesse, Patty, & Jim

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ

Home at last

Our dogs died 17 days apart and we waited 6 months before going to the shelter to pick out our next two. The brindle in the picture was a "bring back" and the black and white dog was found pregnant on the street. They are both Pitt mixes and act like litter mates. We didn't realize until driving away that not only had we found both of these dogs in the exact same cage at this very large shelter but we found them 17 days apart!! Coincidence? We don't think so.

The Hastings
Tucson, AZ

Whale hooks to my heart!

Vicky was rescued by the Gadsden County Humane Society in Fl. She was brought to our farm/house to be fostered until adopted. It took less than three minutes for her to hook my heart forever. We called them whale hooks because they attach so deeply that there is no way to break the bond. Today, she has lived with us for almost two years. She is a lady and is always attentive to my needs. I know she helps me be a better person each day with her displays of unconditional love. How grateful I am to those who embarq in saving the lives of these wonderful animals!

Quincy, FL

Gracie with Santa

I adopted Gracie from Dire Straits in West Chicago, IL about a year ago. Her right hind leg had been shattered and her left hind leg was severly dislocated. She was also pregnant. She was only an 11 lb. baby herself but gave birth to five healthy, beautiful puppies. I was told that she was a wonderful mom. I had just lost my dog and wasn't sure I was ready to adopt another but when I saw Gracie there was no doubt that we were meant to be together. She is a delight and makes me smile everyday. Note: She has full use of both of her hind legs.

Wheaton, IL

Cici Belle Comes Down the Stairs!

After 30+ years of living with female cats, I was thinking about adopting two male kitties for a change. But every time I walked by CiCi Belle's cage at the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon, she would cry and reach out through the bars to gently pat my hand - with no claws! When she got out of her cage, she hopped into my lap, settled down and started to purr. Well. That was over two years ago and she is the most loving, silly, talkative cat ever. Here she is rolling down the stairs to say "Hi! Let's play now!"

Alex Prentiss
Beaverton, OR

Came one, two, and three

We had been looking awhile for a little pal. And found Simba through a friend. Born on April Fool's Day and boy did he get us! Sweet and cuddly, think twice! He's a feisty, one person (being daddy) cat. He got accustomed to us three...then came along (Fits her to a T) Little Lady Lily...all alone and lost being attacked by the local tom cat (Pepe, who later got a good ranch home!) for a week or so. She warmed our hearts even more to helping any animals in need...and surprise, came Smokey! The new local tom cat who everyone knew, but had no home from abandonment/being lost...we searched and searched for a new home for him, we even made cuddle time with his favorite blanket to massage meanwhile... but after 1 year of trying had no such luck due to his spraying...and upon moving last winter, he came along with us and we are so thankful. He is one of the most loving animals we've met! Kids, other animals, people in general, he'll kiss you til the end. So, we say why not help out more! Whether it's taking a little friend in or finding them a good happy home for life, we're here! Animals rescue YOU.

Loni Kayleene
Sparks, NV
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