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Woodchuck (aka Shioban)

Back in early summer 1999, my wife and I were shopping at a local PetSmart making purchases for our feline family. I noticed a curled-up white ball of fur in one the cage maintained by the rescue group "Pets N People", having just lost our beloved white odd-eyed and deaf feline "Jai" (Pronounced "Jay") I wanted a closer look at the ball of fur.

Ironically of of the workers was cleaning the cages and asked if I wanted to see "Lori" (As she was then named) and I said "sure", not realizing until she was removed from the cage that the curled up ball of white fur was a Scottish Fold - Apparently separated from her previous owners since this was a few weeks after the May 3rd F-5 tornado that devastated the OKC metro area.

My wife Debbie & I adopted her and named her "Shioban", which I renamed to "Woodchuck" (For her 'prairie dog' like stance upon her back legs). She had a hilarious 'meow' that sounded more like 'machine gun fire' than a common 'meow'. And of course noone could resist her crystal blue eyes.

When my wife passed away in October 2008, it wasnt much long afterwards before "Woodchuck" passed away - I believe she passed because she had a broken heart from losing her "human Mama".

Brian Johnson
Carnegie, OK

Meet Charlie Chap

As my husband & I were enjoying our decadent Rappie Pie & Lobster with Candle Light on Xmas Eve 2007 this Face appeared in the window right before us. I moved my finger around on the glass & he responded in play, but when I opened the door he shot off into the brittle cold night. Daily he would come to eat & eat & eat the food we left out until late February. I became so concerned, as it was marking around -40 with an awful wind chill ~ And, from checking around the Hamlet he belonged to no one. To my relief, after two days, he again showed his Face, but this time when I opened the door he was right at the foot of it, and didn't move. I picked him up to bring him in without fuss. He looked so big but weighed nothing, & was One Big Mat ~ All of his food energy went to keeping himself warm. Charlie now relishes in showing off and insists on 'His Way' before he bats his 'Baby Eyes'. He is right at home & we love him.

North West, AB, Canada

Jesse in Indiana, Frago waiting

Just a quick update. Jesse has landed with his unit in Indiana, finally, after being stuck in Russia for four days worth of snow storms. They were going to be held in Indiana for five days, but his unit headquarters sent me an e-mail stating he should be home within twenty-four hours. I will soon be posting the re-union!!

We were reviewing photo's of Frago in Afghan. compared to him now, totally different animal. Frago is looking great, gained weight, totally playful and happy. Thank all of you again for your kind words and encouragement!

Love to all

Frago, Jim, Jesse, & Family

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ

Abby, the foster cat who stayed

In 2001, I was between jobs and volunteering at our local shelter. At the time, we had 4 cats but had room to foster those that had surgery, were ill or just didn't do well at the shelter. Our first two fosters went back to the shelter and were adopted, but then came Abby. At the time, her age was estimated to be between 3-5 years old, she had a bad upper respitory illness, her coat was dull and she was pulling out her fur from the stress of being at the shelter. Within 3 weeks of arriving at our home, her beautiful grey coat was shiny, her eyes were clear, and the URI had mostly cleared up. When it was time to return her to the shelter, I just couldn't do it. At first my husband didn't want 5 cats, however Abby won him over. Since then, she's developed diabetes, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis,IBD and has lost most of her teeth to gum disease. On two occasions we came very close to losing her, but she's a fighter. We now have 6 cats, all of them are rescues, and we can't imagine our lives without them.

Haddon Heights, NJ

Our Very Much Loved Rat Terrrier

I started searching for Shelters that may have a rat terrrier for adoption. Our very much loved rat terrier had been hit by a car in front of our property and was killed.

So in an attempt to "fill that empty hole" I searched for another rat terrier. I knew I could have found a puppy quite easily but I wanted to give a dog in a shelter a home.

There was one rat terrier that "called" to me from the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter". I called my husband who was at work and told him I had adopted a dog.

When my husband got home the new dog did not like him at all. He had been fine with the shelter male staff but for some reason did not like my husband. He was violent towards my husband, he barked at him and even tried to bite him. We thought maybe the dog felt he had to protect me because he had "sensed" my illness (cancer).

I had called staff at the shelter, they recommended a few things, and even offered to take him back. I am happy to say we did not have to do that. My husband did not give up on the dog, he played one on one catch with him, he walked him on the leash, he tried everything.

Finally, after about a month the dog came around and since then the two of them are best buddies.

The shelter dog "Connor" who they had named "Conway" is a wonderful companion to both of us and is part of our family.

We never did get to send in our "success story" of Conway (our Connor) to the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter so we just wanted to say thank you!

Kim Robinson
Shelby, IA

Buster Loves Chelsea

Our existing dog Buster , a blue heeler, was bored just hanging out with our 3 rescue cats. As a working dog, he didn't have much work and the cats didn't want to play with him as roughly as he likes to play. Chelsea was found running down a highway very scared with not much meat on her bones. She was trapped at a gas station . Starving and scared, she ended up at the shelter. When we met her it was love at first sight. Now Buster and Chelsea are inseparable and play all day long. She loves playing chase and tug o war with her new brother. She was the best thing for our family and now she has a forever home. Shelter dogs rock!

Laura Quiroz
Georgetown, TX

Our shy girl...

One day I was at work and my daughter texted me, "Mom, can we have another cat?" A neighbor had found her cold, wet, and meowing under a bush in the snow. He knew we loved cats. She was sick and looked like she only had one eye because she had a bad cold and her eye was swollen shut. We already had one, Oreo (a black and white), that had been part of our family for about 9 years at the time. When I came home and saw those huge sad eyes, I was lost. She has been part of our family for almost 3 years now and Oreo treats her like family. She's afraid of thunderstorms (she hides under the covers with one of us) and is a "big sister" to our two foster kittens. She's very shy around strangers but she sleeps with either my daughter or me every night.

Ledyard, CT

A "Heeler" of Hearts

After our dog Jedi was hit by a car, we thought his sister would die from a broken heart -- and we felt pretty much the same. We decided to honor Jedi by adopting "Jake", a young heeler cross, whom we found on Petfinder. Jake was scheduled to be euthanized, but now his loving, joyful nature is helping all of us to heal. What a GREAT dog -- please adopt today!

Susan Kauffmann
Redding, CA

cat abandoned to cat spoiled ^_^

this is just one of many animals i have rescued from the elements and the cruelty of the world today..but to see her now , you would never know she was neglected, abused and abandoned..dont ya agree..?? her name is Brat as in 'spoiled Brat!" lol I also have another little tiger kitty named Gideon I found and he is another blessing and purrfect addition to our fam... he and four brother and sister kitties abandned at age 5 days old...all now have i rescued several cockatiels from homes that were neglecting them and they have been with me 14 years now....amongst hundreds of others i have found homes for over the give to your local SPCA and help these beautiful animals to have good homes full of love and caring..they deserve it!! Darlene from Baltimore ^_^

baltimore, MD


We had recently lost our three Golden Retrievers to old age, and I found Thatcher on Petfinders. He was currently living at the MSPCA in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard after being sent to 2 different shelters, and having been "returned" twice for being too "exuberant". At the time he was 14 months old. I told them if they had a 14 month old male Lab/German Shorthair that was caged, he probably just needed to RUN!! They said he had no training, except for housebroken. We went to see him, he was underweight, and had ENERGY. We fell in love with him and ferried him across the ocean to our home in Cape Cod, MA. He rode the whole way with a smile on his face, feeling the ocean breeze in his face. In one week, he was hand signal trained, I swear he understands human conversation. He is absolutely the BEST most obedient dog I have EVER had. A few months later we also adopted a female Jack Russell, and she is the "boss". They are best of friends. Only problem we ever had was the second day we had him, we put him out in our luxurious kennel with doghouse, lean to, and carpeted platform when we left for work....and he CRIED and cried until I finally left him inside. I think he was afraid we had come to get him, he was happy and then we were taking him back to that "awful" place. He looks at us with love in his face and never stops smiling. He now loves to go out in the kennel because he knows we always come back to him. Please please consider adopting an older shelter dog...they will give back love tenfold!!!

Sherri Andrews, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sherri Andrews
East Falmouth, MA
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