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The Dynamic Duo

Hudson, the Keeshond/Shep mix, was part of a litter being sold out of a cardboard box on the roadside. He was a 5 week old ball of fluff, too young to be away from his mom, so was totally attached to his human pack. After about 6 months, we decided he needed a canine playmate, so we adopted Bailey, a Rottie/Chow/Aussie mix. They started playing the first minute they met, and didn't stop for the next 9 1/2 years. Bailey was the ultimate caretaker for all smaller, sick, or injured creatures and humans. She would bathe the cats, holding them still with a paw on the tail. She was the perfect Therapy Dog, zeroing in on the person who needed the most "love". Hudson was constantly exploring his surroundings (hence the name), watching out for us, and trying to keep Bailey from counter cruising. We lost Bailey to a massive infection 1 May 2007, and Hudson only 8 months later to hemangiosarcoma 23 Dec 07. The hole they left in our hearts was so huge, we headed to the SPCA right after the New Year to start looking for a dog who needed us as much as we needed him or her.

Alice Hall
West Chester, PA

Giving a second chance

Chance joined our family in October 2010 after his previous owner dumped him on my country road. He wandered for about two weeks in the area. Chance ran away from most people including the Dog Warden. I came across him limping down the middle of the road as I drove home on a Saturday. With a little bribery (thank you Oscar Mayer hotdogs), Chance came to me. He was dirty, covered in ticks and scabs and was limping significantly. I called every vet and shelter in the area without luck. After posting an ad in the local paper, the owner's ex-wife came forward. I found out that "Bailey" would be euthanized if he returned home. Needless to say he became "Chance"(Second chance at life) . We have figured that he is about 8 years old. He now has 2 Cocker Spaniels and a Corgi for siblings in addition to his human family. He is the most well behaved dog that I have ever encountered, he is a true gentleman!

Meg Sweet
Johnstown, NY

My Boy Jax

Jax came to me just a few days ago! He had a bad ear infection, skin issues and had been tied up outside for months. Even with a long ride to his new home and meeting the other rescues that live here, he has managed to catch everyones heart with his gentle nature and sweet dispostion. He is such a good boy, lays on his back for belly rubs and loves to curl up on the couch with me. He's still learning that it's OKAY to play with all his new toys and bones and that riding in the car is FUN! We are bonding closer each day and I look forward to many happy years with my sweet boy.

Kari L. Heath
Modesto, CA

Tess Swims to find a home

Tess came to us by swimming in from the lagoon in St. Maarten and pulling herself up onto the dock, no easy task and she had a broken hip besides.

She is now a healthy, happy girl who loves the beach and loves to ride in the car. She has many friends who are also rescued dogs and they swim and plays in the sand on the beach every week,. She has a sweet disposition, is very well behaved and we are so very glad to have her in our life.

Kathy Blasberg
St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Precious Lily

"She's so precious" that's what most people say the first time they meet Precious Lily. Followed by . . ."What kind of dog is she?" "We don't really know" is our reply "we found her on". What we do know is she is sweet, smart and lovable; she has added an immeasurable amount of joy to our family. Rescue pets are the best!

Suzanne Allen
Snellville, GA

The Triumphs of Paddy

Paddy was thrown from a moving vehicle resulting in her face being peeled back and problems with her back. The Hill Country SPCA took her in and soon realized that she had probably been abused all of her 4 years. Her physical injuries improved but her mental state did not.

She shook with fear at every sound and movement. She did not blink. She did not raise her tail. We had to keep her on a leash at all times because she would run from any and all people. She spent the first 18 months with us in a total state of fear. She would cower down and shake every time we attempted to approach her. She was incapable of understanding our love towards her. Visits to animal therapists were of no use. It seemed that Paddy's previous life had been so traumatic that nothing could help her.

Finally, we gave up "trying" to help her and just let her be herself, no matter what that might be. That was the turning point! She did everything on her terms and at her pace. That might not sound the right thing to do because humans should be in control of their animals, not the other way around. But Paddy's case was, and still is, unique.

I believe she will never be a "normal" dog. However, after being her care givers for over 4 years now, Paddy is finally a happy and healthy dog. We don't need a lap dog, we just need Paddy to be happy and unafraid. She now comes in and out of our house, sleeps under our bed, comes to us to take treats out of our hands and wags her tail on a constant basis. She has given us more joy than we have ever given her.

Pauline Scott
Fredericksburg, TX

Domestic abuse to domestic bliss

JJ(now Guinness)had been taken out of an abusive home after his owner was arrested.He was scared and not socialized and had been at the SPCA for months.We found out he had never been in a house and had been beaten with a 2x4.The group we fostered for asked if we would take him since we did not have little ones at home.

. We could barely get him in the car and he hid in a corner of our bathroom cowering.I sat and read to him and treated him for 2 days before he came to me.Two months later he was ready for a forever home.People were on their way to meet him and he looked right at me and I burst into tears,he was not going anywhere.We took him to a trainer for 10 months to work on his fears and now he is such a joy.He is my constant shadow and the best 110 pound lap dog anyone could want.He loves his two rescued brothers too.

susan hammond
nashville, TN

1 man's trash is MY TREASURE

Merlin and 4 of his brothers were taken to the shelter to BE PUT DOWN BY A SO CALLED BREEDER. They did not meet his definition of a Great Pyrenees. Carolinas Great Pyrenees Rescue stepped in and saved them from their death sentence !!! He is wonderful , very smart and the most loving of my rescues. All 5 pups were adopted. So it is true - 1 man's trash is truly MY TREASURE. Thank you CGPR♥

Kim White
Sophia, NC

Sammy and Fernie

Sammy (left) and Fernie (right) are our rescued Greyhounds.

They have this crazy habit of sleeping in the same position. They are very loving, friendly, sweet, calm dogs. We recommend considering a Greyhound to anyone who is looking for a wonderful companion.

Polly Gehr
Oak View, CA

A Chance Encounter

In November of 1996 I was waiting to move into a new apartment. I stopped at a small store in my town to pick up a few things and as I walked into the store I saw a little grey cat.

I found out later that week when I saw kitty again that the so-called owner shut him outside in the middle of winter because he decided he didn't want him so he figured he would just let it freeze to death outside in the middle of winter. My blood boiled. I also realized this kitty was not grey but cream colored. The grey was dirt.

When moving day came, I jumped into the car to go and get kitty.He had such a distinguished look about him. I named him Thompson.

First stop: the vet. He was estimated as a two year old non altered male with ring worms and a nasty mite infection that had progressed into his canals. So I spent the next couple of weeks squirting him with mite meds and worm stuff. In the midst of all that he developed an upper respiratory infection so antibiotics were added.

All the while I'm trying to get him to use the box (which he wasn't doing) and slowly getting him to trust me.

After all the meds and all the problems, I finally got him neutered. He learned how to use the box, play with his toys and about a year later acquired a sister named Josie.

It's been fourteen years now. Thompson is now 16. He chases 13 year old Josie around the house, bites her head and then they roll into each other a fall asleep. I look at him sometimes remembering all I went through with him. It was worth it. Glad he chose me.

Kim Lake
Becket, MA
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