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The Tale of Two Tails

They could have been mom and daughter but they came from two different states; Alabama and Indiana.

Grace, a Collie/Pyrenean mix, was a day away from inevitable euthanasia in a kill shelter and Zoe's mom, a papillon, was abandoned to a shelter because she was pregnant.

Now they are a happy family! Zoe has regained a mom and playmate and Grace has found her nurturing instincts and a new zest for play.

The human side of the family have been blessed with endless joy, seeing them interact and grow closer every day.

Beverley B.
St. Charles, IL

Home at Last

Boo was an unadoptable rescue dog. When they called us to see if we'd try him, I agreed to with a lot of reservations. He had fear aggression badly and would drool profusely and bark viciously whenever my husband was at home. We had other animals and kids to worry about too. But within a month we knew he was home. Now, 2and 1/2 years later, he loves my husband and kids and he follows me everywhere. How can you not love a dog who thinks you're terrific?

Orangevale, CA

Sammie Chose Me

I was getting gas and had to get in my back seat. I turned around and there was Sammie sitting in my car. I asked the attendant to get his dog out of my car & he said no he is your dog now. Well Sammie(really Samson) and I had the next 20 years together. He was the most amazing gentleman, with a heart of gold. He rescued me as much as I rescued him.

Nashville, TN

Little Lost Callie

It was in the summer of 1992 when I saw a little skinny brindle colored dog running down the middle of a busy road. Her tongue was hanging out, her ribs were showing, and someone had shaved every bit of her hair off, including on her ears, legs, and tail She was not very attractive!!

I opened the car door and she hopped right in, but wouldn't let me touch her. Over the next few years she learned to play, trust, and love. She lived with me and my black lab for then next 17 years, and in her strange but sweet manner, became queen of the castle.

M. Raggio
Beltsville, MD

TOBY: A Survivor

It is hard to tell by looking at my BFF Toby; age 9 August 12th of this year, that he is the only surviving member of his 4 siblings.

I can remember the day as if it was yesterday. I had just bought my house a week earlier; was at the firehall on a fireplace matter, speaking to the fire chief (was also in charge of looking after lost animals).Laying in the corner, under a blanket was a tiny pup wagging his tail, picking him up I was told a story of 4 sibling-pups put down because the massive injuries inflicted in cruelty/abuse. All at the age of 5 weeks old.

I asked if I could take him even though he was so badly swollen. The chief followed me to the Vet's, I had taken animals to him before. He gave the chief a good recommendation about me. Before Toby was healthy, it cost me roughly $2000.00. He had broken ribs, a bruised lung and heart, an injury to his throat, a bruised intestine. Toby, allowed me to adminster the many pills, in turn he began to trust/love me. He is a survivor of Human Cruelty and Abuse Against Animals.

In 2004, Toby became a friend to a rescued 5 wk old pup. Then she (Skye; has china-eyes) in turn helped with 2 rescued kittens in 2005,1-died, then again 2 more in May last year & 1 died. Toby, well he takes it in stride! He knows he is my #1.

Sheron Plant
Vanderhoof, BC, Canada

The Girls

Meet Maui and Daisy, both rescues and both sweethearts. Maui is our foster and an American Pit Bull Terrier who came to us as an abuse case and skin and bones. It is amazing what a little love and some food can do. Maui is now healthy and ready for her forever home! Daisy is a beagle mix we rescued two years ago and my cuddle buddy!

Tiffany Graebner
Houston, TX

We are the lucky ones......

This is Chica and she is 120 lbs of pure love. As a 5 or 6 week old puppy, she and a couple of her siblings were dumped on the side of a highway in Athens, TX. Her siblings didn't make it - but she did! Luckily she was found and brought to me and my son (who has thoroughly spoiled her rotten!). As you can see, she tends to hog the recliner, but we don't mind, and she will never have to worry about being dumped again!

Athens, TX

My Boyfriend Taz

I saw his adorable face on petfinder and had him shipped to my home from Tennessee. When he got here he was so skinny that we had to carry him everywhere until we could fatten him up enough to stand on his own legs. He is healthy now and just the most loving thing. We couldn't live without him.

Dawn Neighoff
Westminster, MD

Becky Boop

Becky was 3 weeks old & wandering down the street when I rescued her. It was very early in the morning, & she was howling so loudly! that it woke me & sent me immediately outside, searching. I believe her father comes to the feeding station set up for ferals, & suspect she was dropped in transit by her mother. She has no real cat voice now, just a sweet little peep... she is a very personable little terror. Her presence has restored peace & happiness to our family & we believe she is a very real GIFT from God.

Lance Adrean
J.P., MA

Best Buddies

Both Puddle and Storm were "finds". Puddle (grey tiger) was rescued from a window well as a 4 month old and taken to a local vet, where I adopted him. Storm was found on a doorstep in the middle of a thunderstorm all soaking wet, crying, and starved about two years later. He too was only 4 months old! Puddle is the shy, patient one and has come a long way from the cringing, flighty cat I first brought home; Storm is the outgoing, social one that loves to snuggle. Now they both have a happy home together and are the very best of buddies.

State College, PA
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