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Dozer & Daisy

Eight years ago we went to the local pound looking for a new dog to fill the void left by our previous dog that had died of cancer the prior year. After two rounds through the shelter we were ready to leave not finding what we had been looking for. But decided to look again and that is when we spotted Dozer, a 1 year old Lab mix. He had been at the back of the cage and when we went up to the bars he came to us with these loving eyes. We took him home that day and he has been the best dog. Unfortunately Dozer's brother-from-another-mother Bandit recently died of cancer.. We decided to once again go to the pound and rescue another dog. This particular pound is a "kill shelter" so we knew we would be saving a life adopting from there, I spotted several dogs that I liked, but weren't available for adoption until the next day. Upon returning the next day I found my two favorites were already adopted. As I went down my list a 4 year old Lab, Daisy, I had also picked out had not been released for adoption, and should have been 2 days prior. She had been forgotten and was just waiting for us to adopt her. She was timid at first, but warmed up quickly. Even though I was on my lunch break and we were supposed to return that night with our kids, we just felt we needed to adopt her then before anyone else did. My husband came and took her home. She is the sweetest dog and is so full of life and energy. They enjoy playing ball in the back yard. Both my shelter dogs are great dogs with amazing love in their hearts!

Jennifer Reed
Mission Viejo, CA

Mia the Diva

Mia was found as a stray in a city that has a 72 hour stray policy. If she was unclaimed in 72 hours, she woiuld be put to sleep. As she was approaching her last 24 hours, a very nice person contacted Happy Tails Cat Sanctuary and begged them to take her. Thankfully, they did. I adopted Mia on December 12, 2009. We will be celebrating her first year in her forever home next week

Beth Madorsky
Mentor, OH


We adopted Sugar from the Volunteer Humane Society in Lancaster, MA. My daughter was home from college and encouraged me adopt Sugar and we promptly changed her name to Nellie. A very sweet Christmas present 7 years ago.

Stow, MA

Today is the Day!

Hello Everyone,

My son Jesse is due to be released from his unit today and will be home sometime this afternoon. Frago is excited! Once they are re-united, I will post here, then start sending out e-mails with photo's to everyone that sent me their e-mail address. If, for some reason, you see the post here and do not receive anything, please feel free to e-mail me again. I have over two hundred requests and I will try to make sure everyone sees the re-union. Thank you all for your support, it has been a tough, but exciting year. Frago is a real treasure, totally the best pet one could imagine, pure love and fun.

Frago, Jesse, and Jim

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ


I have had animals most of my life, most of them strays, and Kylie was no exception. My son found her at our camp this past August, which is two hours away from my home. I was not with him, so he sent me a text message telling me he found another kitten. He also found our other cat Bella at our camp two years earlier. My daughter and I didn't hesitate and jumped in the car at 8:00 pm at night and drove the two hours to camp to get her. She was so tiny and so lovable. As soon as I took her in my arms, she curled up under my neck and fell asleep. We have now had her for five months and she is one of the most loving cats I have had. Bella had a hard time at first, but now they play for hours and Kylie loves to give Bella a bath.

Chris Liberty
Pennellville, NY

Pilsbury, the rule breaker.

I broke the long standing house rule of: "No more animals than people in the house" when I brought Pilsbury home. I saw him at the PetSmart adoption area, a giant 18 pound cat and had to meet him. He seemed friendly enough. He had been residing at the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society for the past 1.5 years. Pilsbury was considered a special needs cat due to a past urinary blockage that requires a prescription food. His age was estimated to be five years at the time of adoption, February 2010. He fits in well at the house with the other rescues, two dogs and another cat. I find his crabbyness and quirkiness endearing. Occasonally he wanders through the house late in the evening meowing which always makes me laugh. He enjoys his special food and lounging around like a corpulent cat should. Thanks to everyone that adopts a friend for life.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Woodchuck (aka Shioban)

Back in early summer 1999, my wife and I were shopping at a local PetSmart making purchases for our feline family. I noticed a curled-up white ball of fur in one the cage maintained by the rescue group "Pets N People", having just lost our beloved white odd-eyed and deaf feline "Jai" (Pronounced "Jay") I wanted a closer look at the ball of fur.

Ironically of of the workers was cleaning the cages and asked if I wanted to see "Lori" (As she was then named) and I said "sure", not realizing until she was removed from the cage that the curled up ball of white fur was a Scottish Fold - Apparently separated from her previous owners since this was a few weeks after the May 3rd F-5 tornado that devastated the OKC metro area.

My wife Debbie & I adopted her and named her "Shioban", which I renamed to "Woodchuck" (For her 'prairie dog' like stance upon her back legs). She had a hilarious 'meow' that sounded more like 'machine gun fire' than a common 'meow'. And of course noone could resist her crystal blue eyes.

When my wife passed away in October 2008, it wasnt much long afterwards before "Woodchuck" passed away - I believe she passed because she had a broken heart from losing her "human Mama".

Brian Johnson
Carnegie, OK

Meet Charlie Chap

As my husband & I were enjoying our decadent Rappie Pie & Lobster with Candle Light on Xmas Eve 2007 this Face appeared in the window right before us. I moved my finger around on the glass & he responded in play, but when I opened the door he shot off into the brittle cold night. Daily he would come to eat & eat & eat the food we left out until late February. I became so concerned, as it was marking around -40 with an awful wind chill ~ And, from checking around the Hamlet he belonged to no one. To my relief, after two days, he again showed his Face, but this time when I opened the door he was right at the foot of it, and didn't move. I picked him up to bring him in without fuss. He looked so big but weighed nothing, & was One Big Mat ~ All of his food energy went to keeping himself warm. Charlie now relishes in showing off and insists on 'His Way' before he bats his 'Baby Eyes'. He is right at home & we love him.

North West, AB, Canada

Jesse in Indiana, Frago waiting

Just a quick update. Jesse has landed with his unit in Indiana, finally, after being stuck in Russia for four days worth of snow storms. They were going to be held in Indiana for five days, but his unit headquarters sent me an e-mail stating he should be home within twenty-four hours. I will soon be posting the re-union!!

We were reviewing photo's of Frago in Afghan. compared to him now, totally different animal. Frago is looking great, gained weight, totally playful and happy. Thank all of you again for your kind words and encouragement!

Love to all

Frago, Jim, Jesse, & Family

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ

Abby, the foster cat who stayed

In 2001, I was between jobs and volunteering at our local shelter. At the time, we had 4 cats but had room to foster those that had surgery, were ill or just didn't do well at the shelter. Our first two fosters went back to the shelter and were adopted, but then came Abby. At the time, her age was estimated to be between 3-5 years old, she had a bad upper respitory illness, her coat was dull and she was pulling out her fur from the stress of being at the shelter. Within 3 weeks of arriving at our home, her beautiful grey coat was shiny, her eyes were clear, and the URI had mostly cleared up. When it was time to return her to the shelter, I just couldn't do it. At first my husband didn't want 5 cats, however Abby won him over. Since then, she's developed diabetes, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis,IBD and has lost most of her teeth to gum disease. On two occasions we came very close to losing her, but she's a fighter. We now have 6 cats, all of them are rescues, and we can't imagine our lives without them.

Haddon Heights, NJ
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