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Finding Nemo

Last December my newphew sent an email with the attached picture. He was trying to find a home for a dog that had been left behind when his owners moved away. They still owned the property and promised neighbors they would return every other day to feed the dog. As time went on the vists were less and less frequent. Thankfully the neighbors were keeping an eye on little Halo, feeding him and letting him out when they could. But he was still living alone in a cold, dark house. After a handful of emails my son and I hit the road for a 2 hour drive to Find Nemo (he was living by the ocean). From the start he was a joy. So full of love and puppy playfulness. He immediately fit right in with our other 4 dogs. He makes the most endearing grunt sounds when he's content curled up next to us. Almost like he's saying I know I'm home. It's been a year and he's happy and healthy and we can't imagine not having him as part of our family.

Philadelphia, PA

My angel...Mater.

I rescued a totally blind Aussie Mix, Patches, from a shelter. She passed away suddenly after only 2 years. She needed me to guide her and when she passed, I could barely stand the pain. Two days after her death, a picture of this one-eyed Aussie mix appeared on my computer. I rescued him from from a shelter and he looked so much like Patches. I know she sent him to me from Heaven. We named this sweet guy Mater--we named him after a character in the Disney movie Cars. Tow Mater was a broken down tow truck with a missing headlight. Since he had a missing eye, we thought it was an appropriate name. I always adopt "flawed dogs" because they are the most beatiful in my eyes. This guy deserves some fame. Please pick him to give a shout out to all the flawed pups out there that deserve a chance!

Wendy Pudlak
Bethel Park, PA

Middle needed New

RESCUED CANDI FROM NO KILL SHELTER when she was 3 months old just as my oldest dog was at the age she had to be put down witch would have made my middle dog wood have bin lonely since she was always with some other another dog in her life It has bin an adventure but I would not give her up for any thing she is that special Candi is the black one

tom culak
Chicago, IL

Abandoned for a bad heart

Mother nature can be just as cruel as some humans.

This beautiful, brown, long haired cat was abadnoned by his Feral mother at 3 weeks old because he has was "not perfect". We were not looking for another cat when this sweet, cold, and starving little boy popped out of a hollow tree two days before Halloween and stole our hearts. Our vet said he would probably not live to be 5 weeks old because he was so young and had a heart murmur. But a year later, Max is a fun loving ball of fur who lives happily with his human parents his "big brother" Gus (a black cocker spaniel), and his sister Mihn (who is actually his feral sister that we rescued at 6 mos.)

He loves to hide in the laundry basket and this day was no exception. "Oh, sorry Mom, were these clean clothes?"

Please have your pets spayed and neutered so that no more precious babies have to be abandoned.

Tammy Wildenstein
Candor, NY

Noel the China Doll

I was at a flea market with my mother and we noticed something very unusual. A small cat was sitting on a shelf asleep in a hampster cage in a live-fish supply vendor. There was a sign on the cage saying "Ten Dollars cage included!" After a few questions we discovered that this little cat was in a foreclosed home, the vendor got it and put it in the hampster cage to sell, it was only ten dollars because it was old.

My mom called Animal Control, and we took the ten dollar cat straight to the vet. The prognosis was not good. The 13 year old cat had liver failure, heart complications, anemia, and was dehydrated. The vet suggested euthanasia or to take the cat home and give it a good last few days as it would most likely pass away in its sleep within the next few weeks.

We wanted to make sure the cat was not in any pain and once reassured, took her home. Mom was making some ham and turkey for our Christmas dinner and the cat (who we decided to name Noel) perked up and ate an entire plate full..

Three months later the vet did bloodwork again and to our pleasure everything was turning around. She managed to pull through it.. But a year to the day of her rescue she had seizures. We spent all of that Christmas in the Emergency Vet and they were not sure she would make it..

Today she is a happy 16 year old, and sits still and peacefull like a China Doll with her gorgeous eyes in the window.. until dinner is ready of course! We wouldn't give up on her and she is a beautiful, happy cat with a lot of purring going on!
Gainesville, FL

A Passover Cat!

It was a Passover Seder and the time had come to open the door to allow the prophet Elijah to enter, should he choose to do so. My step-daughter opened the door and in walked our Elijah. He was a stray and of course he had to have that name. About 5 years old at that time, he lived with us for the next 15 years until a couple of months ago.

He and I were joined at the hip my wife said, I miss him so very much.

George Holmes
Austin, TX

A Tiger for Thanksgiving

My wife and I found Tiger hiding under our car on a cold and drizzly Thanksgiving weekend, apparently dumped outside our apartment building. She was too shy and scared to let us approach her, but she returned to us every evening for feeding. By the third freezing night, we resolved to bring her inside with us. Our neighbors knew nothing about her and no one responded to our "Found" ads, so we adopted her. Tiger is now spayed and happy to watch the outside world while warm and cuddly with her cat buddies.

Edward Trumbo
Royal Oak, MI

A fat tom with no tail

Fat Tom is my avatar. He is a fat British shorthair who started life as a kitten down a hole. One kid (vile little bastard) got hold of him and threw him, and his family, into a manhole,along with an assortment of bricks; Fat Tom came out scarred and with a crushed tail, broken jaw not much fur. The rest of the litter,and the mother, died. Fat Tom was turned in to the PDSA by a fireman who rescued the remains.

I got him.

I get woken up every morning by a fat, purring fish-smelling fatarse. Fat Tom has gone from a bit of string with a meow attached to the fine, huge-arsed feline he is today. That said, I have to share the gaff with another two cats. One of whom is female. And Tabby. And a bloody nag, even though she's a cat.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

The Tail of Curtis MacWiggins

"We always try to encourage adoption, but in this case, he is a tough case," the shelter staff warned. "He is sick and has a bad cold and eye gunk and is depressed because his sister was adopted earlier and he's lonely." He was the only black cat in the shelter. Actually, he was the only kitten in the shelter, left there because he looked sick and mangy with his eyes full of gunk and scared of people. "We'll take him," we said, even after being warned "he may not make it through the first few days". We brought him home, he was scared in his unfamiliar surroundings, hiding behind the fridge, and the corners. I layed with him on the bathroom floor the first night. There, on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, he came into my arms and began to purr. I knew this was something special.

Curtis has since come out of his shell, healthy and rambunctuous at 3 years old, especially with the help of his baby sister Abigail (black cat, 2 years old, also adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter). We share a bond that has helped me through depression and mental anguish and he and Abigail both have given me love and affection when I can't muster it for myself. The power of animals is amazing in helping you through difficulties. Taking the chance on Curtis was one of the best things to have happened to me and my family.

Amy J
Everett, MA

Callie Cat

Callie was found abandoned on the sidewalk of a tiny Alabama town in June of 1992. We were having a heat wave; the weather was so hot that you could literally fry an egg on the pavement. Callie was the egg. She was alone, her eyes had not opened, and her hip appeared deformed. My mother and I nursed her back to health. When my mother died at home ten years later, Callie and her other two faithful feline companions stayed on the bed with her until the end.

Callie is now 18 and a half, and has cancer of the kidneys. Because she has always loved the Christmas tree, I put the tree up in November this year just for her.It will be her last Christmas in this world.

Sandra Tindoll
Union Springs, AL
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