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Socks and Sophie

After our cat. Tiggy, went missing a few years ago and we were unable to find him, I went to the local shelter one last time to look for him, vowing that if he was not there, I would adopt the cat that had been in the shelter the longest time. I was told that Sophie (then named Cruella) was 18 months old and had been at the shelter for over 6 months. After indicating that I would adopt her, the attendant pointed out Socks, a 7 month old male Tuxedo cat who had been brought in as a stray on the day Tiggy (also a male Tuxedo cat) had gone missing. Socks was a younger, smaller version of Tiggy. I decided to adopt both cats. Socks is quite sweet and gentle, although he is now larger than Sophie. He loves everyone. Sophie is a one person cat and is never far from my side. Both are wonderful cats and have brought much joy to our lives.

Lisa Stone
Indianapolis, IN

Baylee my Princess

A little over 3 and a 1/2 years ago I was looking for a new addition to my little family and a friend for my older dog Brighton. I found a cute little pup at a shelter in Idaho that was on my way home to visit family.. So I stopped and saw her and fell in love! I paid the adoption fees and asked If they could keep her until I was on my way back to Wyoming where I was living at the time. They said they would and I planed on picking her up a week later. The day I was to pick her up they called and told me that she had tested positive for parvo that morning and they would refund my money. So I asked what they would do with her and they said that they would have to put her down unless I wanted to pay for her to go to the local vet for treatment. I already loved her and said send her to the vet not knowing if she would make it and knowing the expense could be large. I extended my visit home and picked her up 4 days later. She had made it through the worst and could come home with me. So I got her all settled in her crate for the 10 hour car ride home. She cried and cried and It broke my heart so I put her on my lap and started down the road again. She rode all 10 hours on my lap back to Wyoming. She is a healthy happy mommas princess who sleeps on my bed with me and my husband every night! I am so thankful she made it through! She is such a wonderful friend and love in my life!

Genevieve Burke
Roosevelt, UT


We found Zelda on an animal rescue site two years ago and arranged to have her come to our house for a few days to see how we did together. We were told she had been abandoned in a house alone for how long they did not know. She was very sweet and scared. We were told she was house-trained and understood "out." She walked beautifully on a leash, but would do her business in the house. This happened several times and it baffled us, as well as the woman from the rescue center. Also, Zelda seemed not to respond when we tried to communicate with her, yet she would look us straight in the eye unlike many dogs we have had. One day, on our daily walk with her, we encountered the usual dog-walkers and as I heard one speak to her pet in Spanish, it hit me. Maybe she doesn't understand English. I mean we do live in Arizona. I asked a co-worker for some dog commands in Spanish: Sit. Do you want to go out? Quiet. Come here. I couldn't wait to get home to try them; I was convinced this was the issue. Sure enough, she responded to every command. We were all so excited. Now, she loves to be praised. She nuzzles and makes funny little sounds as we pet her and tell her in Spanish what a good dog she is and how much we love her. Now, Zelda continues to learn English and we continue to learn Spanish. She is our first bi-lingual dog and we couldn't imagine life without our little "chica bonita."

Terry & Jack Wood
Tucson, AZ

My Jeigermeister

On a hot July night, my daughter was on her way home from work, when she had to slam on her brakes for 2 Lab mix dogs in the road. They were coming out of a 2000 acre marsh. She pulled off the road fearful someone would hit them, and tried to catch them. She had food from her job with her and several hours later, she caught the male puppy, he was hungry, shortly after, she caught the mother, she wouldn't leave her boy. They had been missing 7 months and had traveled 60 miles. The mother was still nursing her 9 month puppy to keep him alive, and Molly, the mom, was 16 pounds, starving and covered with ticks.

I went back months in the lost dogs section in the paper and found the ad for the mom and puppy missing, then the puppy was about 11 weeks old. We called the people and they didn't was them anymore, as they had gotten a new dog. Their loss, our gain....Molly comes to the office with me every day and now weighs 80 lbs and Jeiger goes to the office with my daughter where they work with special needs children. It is true when they say a rescued animal knows it. We found out some months after we had them that they had been living for a short time under the freeway overpass. It truly is a miracle they survived. But this is one mom who wouldn't give up when it came to protecting and saving her son, a good lesson for some humans. I wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China......


Robin Wagenhals
Algonac, MI


Pumpkin was dumped in a friends yard when she was just 6 weeks old. She has been a wonderful addition to my 4-legged family. She was so small when I got her, she had to stand up to reach her older brother Kirby's collar to tug on it. He would drag her all over the house and she loved it. She is now 4 years old and is a such a Diva!

Dorette Peterson
Riverside, CA

Sent from Heaven - literally

In June of 2006, my dear mother became very ill and was hospitalized. It was the beginning of the end, but I wasn't ready to let go of her. She was not only my mother, but also my best friend. A few days before she passed away, she told me she wanted me to get myself a "little" dog. This was a strange request coming from my mother because she always told me I had too many animals (all rescues). I told her when she got better, I would get a "little" dog per her request. Then a few days later, she said it again. This time my sister was there to witness what my mother requested. My sister and I looked at each other but agreed with my Mom to get a little dog when she came home from the hospital. Unfortunately, my mother passed away a few days later. I was devastated.

About a year later, I was driving down a deserted road to meet some friends for dinner and saw a white furry animal run under my wheels. I slammed on my brakes and got out of the car to see a little dog, shivering and covered in leaves. No other human was in sight and the dog had no collar or leash. I took her home and did my due diligence for two weeks trying to find her owner to no avail. Then I remembered what my mother wanted for me before she died and knew this was gift from beyond. My dog was sent to me from heaven from my mother. Her deathbed request for me was fulfilled. I named her Bebe Rose and she's a little Maltese. She's the love of my life in more ways than one. Thanks Mom!!

Christine DeCarolis
Pittsburgh, PA

I am Tiger and may be Ireland's oldest cat!

I am a rescued cat. My human found me thrown over a wall when I was only 2 weeks old. I am now 24 years old which is equivalent to being 115 years old in human years.

I had a stroke 3 weeks ago and my Vet made me better. I can't believe how he took my temperature! Lucky he can move fast because my claws were well sharpened!

The kiddies in our family love to rub and brush me. That makes me purr so loudly.

I also live with a Golden Labrador. Dogs will never be as smart as us Cats! LOL I enjoy chasing her around the garden and I sleep in her bed.... this means the stupid dog ends up sleeping in my little basket. LOL

If you are on Facebook you can find me here:

Sligo, Ireland

Meant for greatness...Meet Mia

As an insurance agency I became connected with the mother of a client of mine that died suddenly. While talking with the mother, I was told that when her daughter was found, Animal Control took a mixed breed hound dog named Mia that her daughter was training to be a therapy dog for the Delta Society. The mother lived in another state and wouldn't be able to get to the humane society where Mia was taken for over a week. We both knew that Mia, being a large mixed breen hound wouldn't last long. I decided to go get Mia that same day. It took many calls and finally a personal call to the Animal Control officer to finally locate Mia at the shelter. We brought Mia home and discovered all the "tricks" that Mia had mastered. She could count when you held up fingers, bring her emtpy dog bowl to you, she could bow, she could go and get your shoes! She was amazing! To think this wonderful dog would have been put to sleep without anyone knowing her talents and skills! She was the most amazing dog and very well mannered. We kept Mia until she was finally reunited with the mother of her deceased owner. It was so wonderful to have been a part of saving Mia's life and I know she has a wonderful forever home.

Gulfport, MS

My miracle baby

On a cold and rainy November night, I heard a cat crying outside. I tried to find the source and couldn't. Fast forward to the next morning and the crying started again. I threw on a jacket and shoes and ran outside determined to find this cat.

I rounded the back corner of my house and there she was, a feral calico kitten wedged in the V where a board had broken out of our shed. I expected her to go wild when I got closer but she just stared at me with these heartbreaking eyes. I grabbed her and got her unstuck and pulled her inside my jacket. The poor baby was shivering and shaking so bad.

I ran inside, yelled for my husband dragging him out of bed and we took off for the vet. She was so tiny, and was barely moving. We headed to the vet.

After a few x-rays we were told that she was paralyzed. Nothing broken or any spine damage, but her spinal cord had suffered from lack of blood from being wedged. The vet kept her for a few days, calling us every day to update us.

Black Friday he called again and told me that he wasn't sure she would ever walk again. He wanted to know if we were willing to take that chance or if we wanted to put her to sleep. Talked it over and we decided she deserved the chance after being stuck for 9 hours in the cold temps and rain.

We brought her home and so began the process of caring for her. After about 2 weeks, I saw her tail twitch. A week after that she was up and running around the house like nothing had ever happened! She is truly my miracle baby!!

Quinton, NJ

Our Bambie of the wooods..

We live in the country, a good percentage of woods with scattered houses. Not far down the road is a national forest, which covers a great deal of land. On our way home, we passed a road,and my son said what was that. I turned around to see,and it was this little, wet,mostly bones, starving, black an white dog. Didnt really need another dog,but there was no way in Hello,was I going to leave this dog. Well, I put her in the truck,she road on my grandbabys lap, all the way home,wrapped up in my grandbabys blanket. When we got home,my son,grandbaby,and sister all announced that she was a she,and her name was Bambie. As our Bambie grew, we realized she was a Bambie. She loves to bounce,no matter how high,are short the grass. She also climbs. We have a hurricane fence around our home, and she will climb it. Then on all four she perches on the bar,before she leaps off. So shes part deer,and part cat, that equals all OURS!!!

Elmer, LA
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