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Partly Cloudy

This adorable little man was left behind by our neighbors (@!!#) this August. We couldn't believe what they named him (Big Ass Bitch) so we quickly gave him a new name that suited him. My husband suggested Partly Cloudy because he's gray and bright white. Since he had his claws and was neutered he spent the summer outside and we started feeding him. Whenever we'd pick him up he'd cuddle and hug like he never wanted to let go. Unfortunatly we tried to let him in the house and one of my fur babies chased him out the door so we decided to find another forever home for him. This is the 3rd kitty that has come to me and my husband for help and we are so privlaged to be able to help. Finally, one of my friends thought that PC would make a good friend for her kitty so she came and got him yesterday and he was so happy to be held and loved he was drooling! He knew he was going home :) Thanks to everyone who opens thier homes and thier hearts to animals when others won't or don't.

Amber K
Idaho Falls, ID

My baby Booger, rescued over 14 years ago

I had a cat Pooh, who had to be put down due to Leukemia, so my dad took me to the shelter to find another......I saw Booger and fell in love immediately...But was sealed the deal was the fact that the next day, he would be put down since he hadn't been adopted....I took him home right away!! I have had him since March 6, 1996!! I have no idea how old he is since he was full grown when I got him, but I hope he is with me for many hears to come. He loves to sleep under covers between us and stays on our laps while we are watching TV...We couldn't have asked for a bigger buddy or better friend!!

Angela Trent
Church Hill, TN

Pumpkin-just hangin out

It's been almost a year since I found Pumpkin on PetFinder. We brought him home early December, 2009. He's a little over a year old now, and a huge cat already.

We say he has "hands", instead of paws. He pulled up the kitchen a/c vent with his hand, something I've never seen a cat do, but luckily I was standing right there and frantically put 2 cans of soup on it so it would be too heavy to lift, until a permanent solution to the vent could be found. He turned on the blender one night, again, something I've never seen a cat do. We were sound asleep when he did that.

His favorite toy is now a laser light. He chases it all over the place, and just stands in front of my husband, wanting him to turn it back on.

He is such a good cat, funny, very playful, mischievious, lovable. We are so lucky we found him, and are just crazy about him.

Here he is just hangin out in his favorite spot.

Columbia, TN

Phantom & Mouse

Phantom was found at our local "green boxes" where it seems everyone dumps unwanted trash - including cats and kittens, dogs and puppies. He was full of mats and burrs. Lucky for him we found him and he was curious enough to come out of the bushes. Naturally I took him home! That was two years ago and he has grown into the most affectionate, most beautiful animal I have ever seen.

Mouse (the little one) was adopted from our local shelter; he was brought in as a very tiny baby and hand fed. He has grown nicely and is now permanent part of our family.

Cris Weber
Marlinton, WV

Marbles the Life Saver

Everyone says when you adopt an animal you save their life, but in one second they could save yours. I adopted my beloved cat Marbles from a local humane society when I first moved in with my drunk of a ex-boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend, being a drunk, a few months after we got Marbles, fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand (this was before fire safe cigs) and he started a small part of the carpet on fire. Marbles being the awesome cat that is he is, woke me up by biting my face. Not just a playful bite this was a get up now biting. Well to make a long story short, if Marbles wouldn't have woke me up that night my ex and I may have never woke up. Now I am married to a non-drunk (lol) and Marbles is seven and is living his out life in a nice house ( cigarette free ) and has my husband, Me, another cat, 2 dogs, and 2 boys to call his family for the rest of his life. I <3 you Marbles you are the best kitty in the world!!!!!!

Heather Keating
Vadnais Heights, MN

Mommies Little Bean <3

We had found a little stray cat one afternoon who had collapsed on my mothers deck from heat exhaustion. I gently gathered her up and brought her home to try and care for her. She perked up as soon as we got home out of the heat. 5 hours later she ended up having 4 kittens in my living room (much to my suprise!) 3 of which I lost right away, then Mama the next morning due to unknown complications. All I had left was a tiny half bald little kitten in some serious trouble. We immidiately made an emergency trip to the vet where I was given less than a 5% chance the kitten would survive. I was shown how to tube feed and support the tiny fragile little life. Tube feeding had to be the most heartbreaking thing I have ever done, sticking a tube down such a tiny babies throat and hearing the tiny screams, but I knew that was his only hope in surviving. He earned the nickname "Mommies Little Bean" due to his size and lack of hair lol. I did not sleep a wink that first night in fear of the little ones life, I was so terrified that he would pass away in the night. The next morning I was so relived to find that he had survived, much to everyones dibelief. I knew then my little "Bean" might just have a fighting chance. Each day he grew stronger and healthier and eventualy learned to suckle from a bottle, then started on wet kitten food. I am now a proud mama to say Beans is now 5 months old and doing exceptionally well (much to the vets shock!!) I am so thankful that Beans is such a special part of my life <3

Ashcroft, BC, Canada

This is my beautiful Mila

I work on the service drive at a Nissan dealer and one day when I was walking into the shop, one of the technicians yelled, hey Rhonda, look! and there she was...this skinny, abadoned, little Pastel Calico, rubbing back and forth on his leg. So of course, right away, I had to go and pick her up, everyone at my work, knows, I love animals. I took her into the file room where my friend Annette does the warranty, she loves animals too, together, we are always rescuing some baby :0). We kept this young cat in the file room for a couple of days, nourishing her and trying to get someone to take her home, no one did. Me and my sons weren't ready for a cat, but this kitty was growing on me, she is beautiful and loving beyond measure... One day the cleaners had accidentally let her out, so when I came to work, I freaked! and was sad all day. Then right before leaving that day, a co-worker brought her to me and said he found her trying to drink coolant water! I grabbed her and called my sons, who knew of all of this and they said, mom, bring her home! So that's exactly what I did and we named her that night...Mila, we love her, will all our hearts, she is our friend, family and little lover :0)

Rhonda Kennedy
Rialto, CA


A friend of mine found 4 kittens, eyes just starting to open, whose mama had disappeared, and no nursing mothers at the local shelter. Not sure what to do, she put the babies in the bed with her Lhasa Apso who had just weaned 3 pups. She felt at least it would keep them warm while she found out what to feed them. Mama Lhasa immediately adopted the babies, nursed them til they were fat and frisky, and taught them how to use the doggie door to go potty on the back patio. All 4 babies have been adopted, but at least one of them consistently makes a short, staccato mew that sounds suspiciously like a bark :o)

Tucson, AZ


This is not my rescue story - although all my many pets are rescues :-) This is a heartfelt Thank You to all the wonderful people that rescue animals and share their stories!!!!! Every day when I click, I look forward to reading the rescue stories and wish I could tell each person "thank you, you are an angel!"

So the kudos go out to all of you! We all know the joy and love that a rescued pet gives us every moment of their lives.

Lisa Valero
MIami, FL

"Stay-Out-Of-Trouble" (or SOOT for short)

Five years ago, I came home to my still-new apartment at the end of a long week. It was Halloween and I was just going to get something to eat and head back out for a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat activity. However, when I turned the corner to the front of my apartment, there on my doorstep was a little black kitten, looking at me with an expression that seemed to clearly be saying, "What took you so long to get here?" Because it was Halloween and she was all black, I didn't want her to run into mischief, so I brought her inside, put her in my dog's pet carrier and hit the grocery store for some basic supplies on my way to the activity. That weekend and early the next week I made an effort to find out if anyone nearby had missed a black kitten (she had a flea collar on, so I thought it was a possibility).

Long story short, no one claimed her and the thought of taking her to a shelter just didn't make sense when she had already found a home with me. So she joined the family of myself, my dog and my bird (I was a living Looney Tunes cartoon). She got her name when I caught myself routinely telling her to "stay out of trouble" as I left in the morning, then realized that S.O.O.T suited her coloring as well as her personality.

We just celebrated our fifth anniversary/Halloween together and although she gets whiny if she can't get to my lap, and she still likes to push things off the counter or eat my papers, when she snuggles on my lap and gets her purr going, there's nowhere else I want her to be.

Lafayette, IN
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