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Dodger-the Cat Who Dodged One of His Nine Lives

When I answered the rescue center door and saw this dirty white head sticking out of a box, my first thought was, "This poor cat looks almost dead". The man who brought this old fella to us had a neighbor lady who died six months previously. When her family came to clean the house, they tossed this dear cat outside, locked the door to the house and hasn't been back. The neighbor saw the cat during the first two weeks, then saw him go under the house. Almost six months later, they saw him pop his head out from the crawl space. After coaxing him out, they realized he was in very poor condition. This is when Dodger entered the rescue center.

We see a lot of hardship cases here, but this one broke our hearts. Dodger turned out to be a geriatric cat, completely covered in tight mats except for his head, had rotten teeth, was emaciated and dehydrated. Not only that, his bottom was covered in stool, blood and literally thousands of maggots.

Over the course of two days, he was shaved, bathed, hydrated, rotted teeth were pulled, and the terrible maggots were removed. The huge wounds on his backside required a daily bath for weeks. The first week, Dodger's days consisted of eating, healing and sleeping-he was a very tired, weak cat.

It's been two months since his arrival and we love him dearly. He will live his life here at the rescue center, being one of our "oldsters". His wounds are almost healed and he loves to be cuddled.He can eat all he wants and has already gained three pounds. Now he sports a sweater until his fur grows out. We feel his original owner would be glad that he made his way here.

Jacci Moss
Defiance, OH

3 Rescues/lives of Tika

My boy died last Dec after 10 yrs. When he chose me he was 1 of 5 orange/white kittens plus Mom,Tika. Rescue #1 from bad PitBs in MD. My cousin found them homes, kept 2. Resc. #2, placed Tika, with a kind fellow employee whose dog was mourning the death of their kitty. Sweet Tika helped the doggie pet get thru his sorrow. When the dog died she lived with the very best. Last Fall '09, she moved by car cross country to retire in NM w/him in Santa Fe, NM. In July '10, my cousin, having always kept in touch with all the adopters was told by a mutual friend the news of Tika's human's death. His family, from PA, didn't know what to do with Tika and reluctantly gave her to the Santa Fe Humane Society. Upon hearing this I didn't hesitate to say "I'm going out there to get my baby's Mommy!" (w/ my cousin insisting she must also go)! After a no. of calls to the SFHS, to let them know we were coming, we were on our way on an early AM (w/ a return non-stop flight), w/a cat carrier, calming pheromones and 2 Nts. reserv. @ pet-friendly hotel. Resc.#3 When we got her late that day; it appeared she knew why we were there; she was waiting for us! After pictures and tears with the wonderful SFHS emplys. who took care of her, we left for the hotel. Car, plane, hotel, she accepted it all. It was a breeze like she remembered us. Best vacation $'s ever spent. Arriving at my house in MD, a petite version of my boy, she did his "flop and roll". She has so many of his traits shows her DNA was strong! I have been blessed twice!

Gayle Andriani and Anne Priebe
Walkersville, MD

My Buddie Maxx

I resuced Maxx from the Calgary SPCA in November 2000, when he was 1 year old. Maxx had a very hard life before, abused and neglected, he would hide when people came to visit.

Since being with me for 10 years, he has become my 'social butterfly' and loves to be the centre of attention around everyone. He sits in the middle of us and rubs against everyone, even meowing every so often as if to join in the conversation.

He acts more like a dog than a cat and loves dogs, his current girlfriend is a PitBull named Reba, he licks her and gives her head butts. Maxx is my buddie and has brought such happiness into my life and even into Stella's, (my other rescued cat). I can't imagine coming home and not seeing him greet me at the door.

Brenda Hredil
Calgary, AB, Canada

Our Beloved SUNDANCE

When we adopted this beautiful senior Cocker in June of 2010, we knew it would be for only a short time. He had several health issues, which we overcame. We just wanted Sundance to know and feel love. It was he who shared his love, personality and beauty with us.He was a forgotten stray that had been overlooked at the local pound. Within the time we had him, he ran with abandon, loved his yard, played like a puppy, loved his toys and treats, and slept in peace.

We lost our beloved Sundance on November 9, 2010. What a beautiful soul he was. We shared a complete lifetime within 5 months and 8 days. Well done Sundance! You have blessed our world.

Silver Spring, MD

Sadie Girl

This is my Sadie Girl, she was adopted from the Humane Society when she was a year old...She's had her problems to overcome...She was very scared and submissive to Men especially...and would pee anytime she saw my husband or sons...But after three years she is Queen of the Land loves her couch and her blankies...chest rubs...long walks, and any attention from anyone!!! She is a very happy and loved Dog...I Don't even want to think what my life would be without her in it!!!!!

Cynthia Ortiz
Escondido, CA

My cat Mouse

Mouse came from a litter of stray kittens. I thought my cat Monkey would like a little buddy so I brought her home. It's been 5 years now and Mouse is a typical little sister, stalking and pouncing on Monkey, but they love each other. Mouse is a cuddly lap kitty and I love them both very much.

Amy Green
Pueblo, CO

Rescued and Rescuer

After the passing of a beloved Golden, Tyke, another Golden, was rescued off a farm, where he had been living off the land. Tyke was thin, stinky and unruly. But with patience and unconditional love, Tyke became a perfect rescue and A RESCUER! As reported in the Pantagraph on 2/14/2003, a man and his dog were walking on the trail, when a dog, Tyke, kept returning to a spot on the trail's bridge overlooking a creek. "Tyke kept looking down and then at me", Mark, my husband stated. Mark spotted fur in the creek. He went down to the creek and found a small dog with its head and front legs sticking out of the ice-covered creek. After pulling the dog out, Mark rushed him to the nearest Vet Clinic. It turned out the dog was a customer at the same clinic and the small dog was returned to his owner. However, this story is as much about Mark, my husband, as it is about the animals he has rescued. On, May 11, 2002, also reported in the Pantagraph, Mark was preparing to dump a load of garbage at a transfer station. After getting out to unlatch the truck, Mark heard crying. Out of the garbage, which had just been dumped ahead of him, crawled a tiny kitten. Because of her small size, less than a pound, she had escaped being compacted. The 4 week old kitten was dehydrated, had a broken jaw and damage to her teeth. The kitten, Gabby, became a member of our family also and her and Tyke became best "rescued" friends. The picture accompanying this story isn't the best, but it shows how inseparable they were, even if Gabby couldn't look over the top of the couch!

Connie S. Griffin
Bloomington, IL

My cat Monkey

Monkey was adopted from a rescue shelter in Arizona at 10 months old. She is now 10 years old and the sweetest kitty with the biggest heart. She purrs and gives me kisses when I brush her. She is such a happy and spoiled kitty in her forever home.

amy green
Pueblo, CO

Meet Bailey

I found Bailey 15-1/2 years ago in the woods across the street from my condo. He was just a kitten and a little bundle of fur, but he was flea infested and had eye and ear infections. Taking him home and nursing him back to health was the best thing I ever did. He is a joy to have and such a sweet and loving cat. He's getting old now and has diabetes and some other medical problems, but he's my baby and the best thing in my life. Oh, by the way, he's named after Bailey's Irish Cream since his coloring looks just like the color of the liqueur!

Laurie Stamm
Ocala, FL

Meet Lexi

I adopted Lexi from a rescue when she was 6 months old. Her fur felt like bristles and her paws like sandpaper plus she was afraid of everything (even the newspapers lying on the floor). For the longest time she hid underneath the table all day and slept under the bed all night.

It took time, patience, and good food but now, 5 years later, she is a happy, unafraid sweetheart who no longer hides plus has hair like silk and paws as soft as cotton and smooth as glass.

I can't imagine what she went through during her first 6 months of life but I know in the past 5 years she has been treated like the princess she is. She was definitely worth the work and time.

Please adopt a rescue or shelter dog, you will find a diamond in the ruff.

Zephyrhills, FL
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