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She had me at meow...

My sister went to our native Puerto Rico for vacation in August 2010. There are hundreds of thousands of stray animals in Puerto Rico so when she called me saying that she found a stray calico kitten laying in a parking lot, I was not surprised.

We decided to take the kitten to the vet in Puerto Rico so she could get clearance to take the trip home to New York.

I already had 5 cats and did not want to add another one. Matter of fact, I gave myself many prep talks prior to meeting her, trying to convince myself that I would NOT be taking her.

Well, that didn't work out so well because when I met my sister at the airport and saw this super tiny adorable calico kitten (yeah, I'm a sucker), I fell madly in love with her.

I held her and it's as if she had always been my little angel.

Truffles is the sweetest kitten and she's so well-behaved. All she wants to do is be loved and I'm more than happy to provide her with that and much more.

I often ask her, "Truffie, where have you been all my life." She's my little angel on earth.

Although Truffles story has a happy ending, there are still so many little ones needing our love.

Will you not adopt love today?

Rochester, NY

Moxie Girl

I lost my tomcat to diabetes in June, and since my female kitty didn't like other pets, was determined to not get any more for a while. Then, in September, a coworker announced that his dogs had found a tiny kitten in the yard. Its eyes were glued shut with infection, but it was puffed up, claws out, and hissing - no dog was going to get it! He and his wife brought it in and cleaned it up but couldn't keep it because of his allergies. No shelters in the area were taking cats.

I must have "sucker" stamped on my forehead because I took it home, made a vet appointment, and gave it a name: Moxie. We estimated her age at 4 1/2 weeks - too young to be on her own, but she was making it despite a respiratory infection. She weighed only 7 ounces. There followed a week of antibiotics and eye ointment, and then wormings, vaccinations, and tests. Moxie was kept separated from the other cat until she was cleared of leukemia and feline AIDS, then allowed to mingle. With more guts than sense, she set forth to win over her house-mate.

Older kitty, Tessa, was not happy about the new interloper, but after 2 months, she's actually starting to tolerate the kitten. Moxie is now 3 months old, clear-eyed, and sleek. She has three modes: bounce, scamper, and crash. She continues to live up to her name by repeated attempts to play with Tessa and exploring the higher elevations of our home. She's a goofball and a joy. Welcome to the family, Moxie!

Linda White
Warren, PA

Beach Buddy

This is our Buddy. He was dropped of to me Dec. 23.1996. If I didn't take he was going to a shelter, or worse. Of course, I could'nt say no. He ended up being the best "Lifedog" ever. Always at the beach, playing frisbee or ball with anyone, especially the kids. If ever a child would start to cry or scream, Buddy would run to the rescue. Unfortunately, I had to put my Buddy to sleep, Nov. 2008. The beach just isn't the same for anyone.

Sharon Chartrand

Chateauguay, Qc. Canada

Sharon Chartrand
Chateauguay, QC, Canada


This beautiful maine coon mix was abandoned to live in sewer drains when he was a few months old. Luckily, he was trapped at 7 months and fostered by a wonderful "aunt" until he could be adopted. Because he's shy (and who wouldn't be after THOSE experiences!), he was in foster for over two years and went through a couple of misses until I saw him on Petfinder. His name is Oscar, but I have to call him Precious most of the time because he's so soft and silky and loves to snuggle and purr when I'm reading. I'm so grateful every day that there are wonderful foster homes and other dedicated people that help these beautiful animals to have a second chance!

Trenton, NJ

safe and at home

The pic shows my second cat, but I want to tell you about the first one. unfortunatelly I don't have any her pics on my computer... Anyway, one day, my brother was walking through the park when he noticed children playing by the stream. when he approached them, he saw to his surprise and fear, that those kids were playing with the cat, trying to drown it.... he dodn't have to think twice, grabbed the cat and brought it home. the kitty was about 2 months old. my brothes said, it was going to stay about 2 weeks... well she stayed 12 years!!!!!!! when she passed away, I thought I wouldn't be able to endure another cat... Fortunatelly it didn't come true, I'm a very proud owner of the cat in the picture:)

Radoom, Poland

Jasper's Happy Tale

I lost my first dog in autumn 2009. By Thanksgiving I couldn't think about facing the holidays alone. Just before Christmas, Jasper came home forever. I was told he had run out of time at the shelter where they first picked him up. As a last resort, those people put him on a transport with another dog scheduled to go to a no-kill shelter. The second shelter took him in to keep him from being euthanized. Once there, his "Angel" got him through kennel cough and neutering.

He was so excited to get into my car it was clear he knew all dogs should have their own person. Now he pays back in spades the love and care that saved his life; every day I say a thank you to the rescuers that brought him into mine.

Madison, WI


Both our dogs had crossed the Rainbow Bridge within 8 months of each other, one from massive systemic infection, one from cancer. We were devastated, and the house was too empty. My husband has a theory that the gods of homeless pets find a vacancy and fill it with just the right fit, so we headed to the SPCA to look for our "fit". Dobby was sitting quietly in his run, just watching us. We took him out to the fenced enclosure, and he was the perfect gentleman, obeying commands, walking beautifully on lead, playing happily with each of us. My daughter promptly fell in love; I wasn't sure I was ready to adopt so soon after losing both Bailey and Hudson. I told my daughter and husband we should wait until the upcoming long weekend to adopt, and if he was still there, he was meant to be ours.

We went back to the SPCA the Fri of the long weekend and were told Dobby had been adopted. We asked the staff to call us if anything changed. With our daughter in tears, we headed home. As we walked in the door, the answering machine was beeping; the man had cancelled the adoption and Dobby was waiting for us. He is a Dobe/Husky/Greyhound mix, 3 feet tall, 4 feet long, and about 8 inches wide, fast as blazes, and the cuddliest dog we've ever had. He is a very social animal and loves playing with other dogs at parks in the area.

We are his 3rd family, so even after nearly 3 years he still has some separation anxiety. We take him with us on trips (he loves going to visit "his girl" at university), and he knows he's home forever with us.

Alice Hall
West Chester, PA

The Dynamic Duo

Hudson, the Keeshond/Shep mix, was part of a litter being sold out of a cardboard box on the roadside. He was a 5 week old ball of fluff, too young to be away from his mom, so was totally attached to his human pack. After about 6 months, we decided he needed a canine playmate, so we adopted Bailey, a Rottie/Chow/Aussie mix. They started playing the first minute they met, and didn't stop for the next 9 1/2 years. Bailey was the ultimate caretaker for all smaller, sick, or injured creatures and humans. She would bathe the cats, holding them still with a paw on the tail. She was the perfect Therapy Dog, zeroing in on the person who needed the most "love". Hudson was constantly exploring his surroundings (hence the name), watching out for us, and trying to keep Bailey from counter cruising. We lost Bailey to a massive infection 1 May 2007, and Hudson only 8 months later to hemangiosarcoma 23 Dec 07. The hole they left in our hearts was so huge, we headed to the SPCA right after the New Year to start looking for a dog who needed us as much as we needed him or her.

Alice Hall
West Chester, PA

Giving a second chance

Chance joined our family in October 2010 after his previous owner dumped him on my country road. He wandered for about two weeks in the area. Chance ran away from most people including the Dog Warden. I came across him limping down the middle of the road as I drove home on a Saturday. With a little bribery (thank you Oscar Mayer hotdogs), Chance came to me. He was dirty, covered in ticks and scabs and was limping significantly. I called every vet and shelter in the area without luck. After posting an ad in the local paper, the owner's ex-wife came forward. I found out that "Bailey" would be euthanized if he returned home. Needless to say he became "Chance"(Second chance at life) . We have figured that he is about 8 years old. He now has 2 Cocker Spaniels and a Corgi for siblings in addition to his human family. He is the most well behaved dog that I have ever encountered, he is a true gentleman!

Meg Sweet
Johnstown, NY

My Boy Jax

Jax came to me just a few days ago! He had a bad ear infection, skin issues and had been tied up outside for months. Even with a long ride to his new home and meeting the other rescues that live here, he has managed to catch everyones heart with his gentle nature and sweet dispostion. He is such a good boy, lays on his back for belly rubs and loves to curl up on the couch with me. He's still learning that it's OKAY to play with all his new toys and bones and that riding in the car is FUN! We are bonding closer each day and I look forward to many happy years with my sweet boy.

Kari L. Heath
Modesto, CA
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