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My Brave Wussie Boy

My heartdog, a rottweiler, had died and I wanted to foster another. We got Miles from Chicago Anti-cruelty. He was terrified of everything and would fall to the ground and shake. You couldn't raise your voice or point because he was terrified. He couldn't go in the kitchen and we had to feed him in the living room once he would eat; that too terrified him. We took in Mandy, another rescued rottie, 2 months later and they bonded instantly. It was like 2 halves of a whole coming together again. It took 5 yrs for him to become a dog and then he got osteosarcoma. He endured the chemo and radiation with courage, but cancer always wins. He tried to comfort a scared St. Bernard puppy while he was having chemo. In 3 short months we had to send him to the Bridge. Mandy mourned deeply for him for weeks and looked for him everywhere. Mandy has since joined Miles at the Bridge and we have Henry and Murphy, both rescues.

The picture was taken shortly after radiation and he's wearing a medal a Canadian rottie breeder sent us. Her champion dog won it and she said that Miles deserved it. I miss my wussie, brave boy still.

Sue Westhead
Aztec, NM

LUCKY to be rescued!

We found Lucky shivering and scared on the edge of a railing of the highest waterslide at a water park 3 years ago. Many people tried to touch him but he just approached to bite them. Only I was able to extend my hand to him and he hopped right on and walked up my arm to my shoulder. We consider him the luckiest cockatiel on the planet. We spoil him like there's no tomorrow! We named him LUCKY! We brought him home as a pet and he's been with us ever since. The ironic thing about it is I feel he was a gift from my brother up in Heaven whom passed away a year to the day previous to our finding the bird. You see, the park was the last time my two children and I spent together with my beloved brother before he sadly passed away in his sleep 3 days after. On the anniversary of his death the year later is when we found Lucky. My brother used to do the most pretty realistic bird sounds growing up and his favorite color was yellow. I to this day still believe Lucky was a sign from him to let me know he's okay and will always be watching over me. Lucky is more than just a pet, he's my guardian angel! We couldn't have asked for a better cockatiel. He is the sweetest bird and so much fun.

Denise Stanard
Charlton, MA

Our $20 dog

We had recently lost our American Eskimo (Beau) to cancer, after 11 years, and were grieving. After a month, we contacted an Eskie rescue group about 6 hours from home, and were planning a trip there in a month. Suddenly the lady called with news: there was an Eskie in a kill shelter near us, scheduled to be put down the next day. She had a volunteer ready to pick him up that afternoon, but would we like to meet him first?

We went right away. He was dirty, scared, and hungry, but a beautiful example of the breed, neutered, trained and housebroken. Within 48 hours, he had settled in like he had been with us for years. Teddy is a sweet, loving, gentle (but enthusiastic) family dog. He loves playing ball in his new yard, and wants us all in the same room all the time. The most love you can get anywhere for $20!

Until there are none, rescue one.

Sandy Keathley
McKinney, TX

Jess Love Sponge

Jess lived up our road. She was an outdoor dog 24/7. I’d be in the yard working and she’d show up to visit, having escaped from her yard. The first time I called the number on her collar; from then on we’d just walk her back to her home. Christmas Eve I saw her out in the icy weather but she would not come to me. The next day I caught her and brought her inside. On New Year’s Eve we finally called her owners expressing the desire to keep her. New Years Day AKC papers were delivered (we had no idea) and she was signed over to us. We discovered she was seven and has a pin in her hip (she limps) from having jumped out of the back of a truck when she was two months old; hence the name “Jumping Jess” on her papers. She automatically did as our other dogs, never a need for house training. She is perfect, an angel and a love sponge.

DJ Day
Jackson, TN


Cooper is about 10 yrs old, 98% wonderful, 2% crazy. The 2% is fear aggression. About 8 years ago he was a stray and came to live with a neighbor who mistreated him. Truthfully he was probably mistreated even before. When it turned cold, another neighbor let Coop in for a couple of nights. Then we started to bring him in. To make a long story short, with full disclosure to the neighbor, we confiscated Cooper. Cooper likes most people but he knows when he doesn’t. He has the same attitude with other dogs, being mostly a lady’s man. He is loving and incredibly smart. His Grandpahuman (a retired professor) especially dotes on him. The first couple of years the vet used a muzzle but trust won out. Rescue a dog, love abounds.

DJ Day
Jackson, TN

Our Alis

A few years ago we had two rescued dogs and had recently "lost" Harry an older rescued dog. We wanted to bring a new dog into our home before we lost our aging girl, Noel. The plan was for the new dog to learn some of Noel's good traits and not the bad traits from Cooper. We received Alis from a rescue group; she was just under a year old. A member had gone to save a particular dog from a pound but was too late. It was the last day for Alis who was also scheduled; they had never even fed her. The rescue group member left with Alis instead. She was very sweet and cuddly from day one. Unfortunately, she takes all her cues from Coop (her hero) and together they are trouble, but we love her madly. For 17 years, all our dogs have been rescues. They have filled our lives with unimaginable love!

DJ Day
Jackson, TN

One-Eyed Jack

Jack didn't know what love was. He had been shot in the face, thrown in a creek and abused by his first owner. A kind neighbor rescued him after he had been shot & took him to the vet and paid to get his eye removed and patch him back up. I met Jack when this kind woman brought Jack to an adopt-a-thon I was hosting. It was love at first sight. I had another rescue at home and Jack would have to pass her inspection, but he was so laid back, she fell in love with him too. That was 7 years ago. He has since become a Registered Therapy Dog and is loved wherever he goes. He's my best friend, my confidante', my companion. He sits on the couch with me & watches chick flicks and never makes fun of me when I cry. He may only have one eye, but the love he shows in that one eye is more than you could ever imagine. He's not only my One-Eyed Jack, he's my One-of-a-Kind too.

Nicole MacLean
Havertown, PA

My sweet little Yuki

I just adopted a new kitten, Yuki (Japanese for "snow," since he is a Siamese/Snowshoe mix and part white). I don't have a photo yet...

He was in foster care overseen by a rescue organization called Finding Fido in Phoenix. I found him on His profile described him as very mellow and loving, and I thought he would be a good personality fit with my "established" cat, Murray (a laid-back 7- to 8-year-old Siamese).

I inquired about Yuki (called "Friedrich" by the rescue organization), but was told that he was spoken-for - he would be adopted on Saturday, Oct. 23. But on the 23rd, I got a call that the "adopter" never showed up, so "Friedrich" was still available. I went to check him out, hold him, and pet him, and I took him home. Things just fell into place for me - must have been meant to be.

Though very shy and skittish at first, Yuki has made himself right at home. While his profile had described him as not very playful, he has had a ball playing with Murray's toys (which are now Yuki's, too). He has come to love being petted by and cuddling with me. He is a real sweetheart. I couldn't be happier with him.

As I write this, Murray and Yuki are still going through the "introduction" process. Murray is a bit jealous, as is to be expected after six years of him being an only cat, very closely bonded to me. But he seems to be coming around. Knock on wood! Murray just has to realize that I can love him just as much as I always have, but have room to love little Yuki, too.

Jennifer Bach
Scottsdale, AZ


A mama and her four kittens moved into our old dog house under our deck. Because we have a large territorial German Shepherd usually a mother will move them out within a couple of days. This one was here for the long haul. We decided to keep them and had them all fixed so the cycle of unwanted cats would stop. They are a source of infinite joy to us and our dog. One of the kittens actually adopted her and shadows her everywhere hence his name; Shadow. She has even started to teach him to be a watch cat! You don't have to go to a shelter to adopt unwanted animals sometimes they just find you.

Nancy Peklicz
Wheeling, WV

Alban from the Albany Hoard

A hoard of 40+ cats were rescued by Safehaven in Albany, OR. I had been wanting a second cat, so I went to the shelter to get another cat, thinking I would help make room for the rescued hoard by picking one of the non-hoard cats that had been there a while. As I looked around, the volunteers pointed out Alban, saying he was the first of the hoard healthy enough for adoption. He was at least 2 years old, but was was only 4 pounds, he smelled awful, his fur was scraggly, his eyes were weepy, and his breath was terrible. He was energetic and friendly, though. And he reminded me of my previous cat who passed at the ripe old age of 19. He was so pitiful. I couldn't resist. I took him home. He was playful like a kitten and desperate for attention, but he wiggled like an eel if I tried to pick him up and hold him. My first cat detested him, so I had to keep him separate. He would come right to me whenever I entered his room, and would climb into my lap. I nursed his various infections and spent a few minutes every day trying to pick him up and hold him. Now, a year later, he's almost 9 pounds, cute as a button, and loves to snuggle. He sleeps right next to me every night, and sometimes even wriggles under the covers. And I can always count on him to rub his nose on my nose or pat my cheeks to wake me up in the morning.

Trudy C
Tigard, OR
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