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Bella is now just over a year old. Her and 4 of her siblings were orphaned just days after birth. A home was found for all of her siblings. She has made a very comfortable place for herself in my home, joining 2 other cats Mandi and Abby. Aside from sleeping and eating, she loves laying on top of her sisters.

Angela C
Espanola, NM

Sirius and Sandy

We got Sirius Black as a 5-month-old puppy. My dad found him on the side of a road in Arkansas and kept him for my son. We had no fence, so Sirius was inside or at doggy daycare. When we moved, we knew he would need company in our fenced yard or he would go find some.

The doggy daycare, Funnybones in Atlanta, was fostering Sandy. They had found her running across their parking lot, dragging a rope, with her collar dug into her neck. She was skin and bones. They took care of her for a couple of months before sending out an email seeking a home for her. I asked whether Sandy and Sirius got along. "Oh, yes," I was told. "They play together all the time. Sandy will wrestle as long as Sirius wants to." So she came to our new home with us when we moved.

It took Sirius a while to get used to sharing his family. It took Sandy a lot longer to stop eating everything in sight, including frogs. Now, as you can see, they are best friends.

Tifton, GA


Chester came in to the ER of the hospital where I work a year ago. He was a stray who had been hit by a car & had multiple injuries. It was going to be expensive to get him back to health & euthanasia was in his future. I got ahold of Bassett & Beagle of the Heartland who paid for Chester to have surgery thank goodness! I had planned on fostering Chester but I fell in love with his sweet demeanor & crazy antics. He also got along so well with my other 2 beagles that I just couldn't part with him. It's now a year later & the 3 boys are all still best buds. They have added so much love & fun to my life I can't imagine what it would be like without them! (This photo shows from L to R: Andy, Boz & Chester sunning themselves on the patio)

Colleen Manthe. RVT
Overland Park, KS

The dog that adopted us

Duke wandered into our lives the year of my 11th summer, we were living in a small town in Montana and not looking for another dog. Sometimes though it just seems that they are looking for you, this is what happened to our family. Duke as we named him, was an adult shep/malamute/? mix that very stubbornly refused to vacate our property (much to my mother's frustration) She sprayed him with hoses, cleaned up the food my father and we kids left for him, and the cats chased him away. But he always came back, and was always calm and friendly if not overtly affectionate. One day, probably about 2 weeks after he had adopted our property my family hopped into our van and drove the 1 mile to our gas station to prep for a trip berry picking. We had left the stray staring longingly at us from our yard and driven down the road. Yet, upon reaching the gas station and opening the door there was Duke, looking perky and pleased with himself. He seemed to have this smug look as though to state that he had chased and caught us and now we were his. From that day on he was our dog, and though I have many a story for this mutt that had obviously had a rough life prior to us, there is not enough room here to list all the joy he brought my family. Sadly Duke passed away in 2005, on my 15 days of leave from being stationed in Iraq for OEF, he collapsed while looking for me at the camper I was staying in. I can't help but be warmed though that he waited for me to say goodbye. We love you buddy.

killeen, TX

Petey, Hurley, Lewis

Our three "boys" are always having a good time. Their lives did not start out very good, but they are enjoying themselves these days. Petey (red Pit Bull/Lab mix), Hurley (Australian Shepherd mix), and Lewis (Lab mix) were rescued from three different sources. Along with these three are three rescued cats, Spaz, Precious, and Rumple. We enjoy every day with these crazy guys!!

Terri and Mike Scutt
Chandler, AZ

The beagle from Taiwan

I wanted a beagle and looked on Pet Finder for beagles available to rescue in my area. I found a rescue group that had contact with a veterinarian in Taiwan who had found a stray beagle there. They were looking for someone to foster her and would fly her to Washington if they could. I contacted them and arranged a foster-adopt. We had a small farm and wanted to make sure she was good with kids and animals and wouldn't kill the chickens. She was just perfect for us. She was great with our foster children and with all of the animals. She is a typical friendly, happy little beagle. She has several scars and a nick in one ear indicating that she had been injured in the past. She also had a propensity for getting into garbage which was probably her main source of nutrition when she was on the streets of Taiwan.

We have since sold the farm and moved into a motorhome. She loves to travel with us and see new places and people. When we decided to rescue a beagle we didn't expect to get one from half way around the world but she has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Janet Black
Hattiesburg, MS

Our Gentle Giant

We found Boswell on an online rescue site, and he stole our hearts. Originally billed as a boxer, he was actually the world's first Bolama - a boxer, lab, bull mastiff. He topped out at 120 pounds, with soft green eyes and a coat like Elsie the Cow. Boswell loved everyone and everything that he met, and was the most gentle of dogs. He helped to raise his best buddy, a Chihuahua, who nipped at his heels and snuggled with him at night. When Bozzie left us, we received flowers, cards and calls from people in the neighborhood who loved seeing him amble down the street greeting everyone.

Veronica and Tom
Rockville Centre, NY

Frankenstein the sweetheart

Around Valentine's Day one of my boyfriend's customers at work told us about a Siberian Husky that was dropped off for grooming, he was never picked up and the original owners had gave the wrong information to the groomers. He went and took a look at him and said he had to come to our house at least until we can find him a good home.

He got along with our first husky Rocco (on the left) so we decided he will have a permanent home with us, my Valentine's Day gift. My boyfriend decided to name him Frankenstein or we like to call him Franky (on the right). He was afraid of loud noises and for everything he would drop to the floor with his tail between his legs and ears slicked back. All we did was show him love, regular walks and food. He turned out to be a great dog for us and a great buddy for Rocco. Who would leave such a sweetheart? He doesn't have to worry about being left anywhere now that he has a forever home with us.

El Paso, TX

My girl, Lucy

Lucy was dropped off a few miles from my home. She is a red-nose pit. It took two months of feeding her daily, to gain her trust. She finally came home with me on October 2, 2008. I took her to our local animal hospital, Gateway Animal Hospital in Statesboro, Georgia. Dr. Edwards and his staff were great. They gave her a thorough check-up. She was given her shots and had some blood work was done. She also was treated for heartworms by Dr. Lynn of Reidsville Veterinary Clinic. She had some problems, but received a clean bill of health around January 2009. She has been with me now for almost 2 years, she is healthy and happy. Lucy is a great friend and my walking buddy. I thank God for bringing her into my heart and home. Please consider rescuing animals in your area.They all deserve a loving home.

Debbie Morris
Claxton, GA

Love At First Sight

The story of Kitty is not the same type of rescue as is normally posted here so I've hesitated to share it.

Back in 1993, I visited a friend who was moving out of state. I knew she had 2 Himalayans so when this gorgeous dilute calico met me at the door I instantly blurted out "Whose cat is that? Can I have her?" Not a normal thing to say as a greeting!!! Something in me said THIS CAT BELONGS WITH ME!!

The friend's answer was, "As a matter of fact, she's not mine. My sister-in-law moved and can no longer have a cat so I've been keeping her temporarily. But we weren't planning on taking her with us when we move."

The real rescue is that Kitty HATES all other cats and she had a rough time living with 2 others. She was so happy to move to a one cat home. We call her Velcro Kitty because she's always Velcroed to a lap. She's my girl and I'm hers. This truly was love at first sight.

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