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The Orphans And The Jacket Of Love

In 2006, I was doing some cat and dog rescue with a no-kill shelter in Virginia, and gained a reputation there as "The Cat Lady" because of my great fondness for felines.

One of my fellow volunteers told me of a man who had three tiny, recently orphaned kittens that his wife couldn't bear to take to the local high-kill shelter - could I possibly take them home with me? Well, it only took a few minutes before I called the man and arranged a kitty transfer.

This a was 25 degree November night, and my car's thermostat wasn't working, so when I received the kittens, I tucked them inside my heavy nylon bomber jacket and down the road we went. We stopped every few miles during that 35-mile trip so I could count three pairs of blinking eyes - I was terrified I'd suffocate these teensy babies.

We all made it home safely, and the wee kitties became Little Girl, Little Boy, and Zero, and they are permanent parts of my household in the woods of Virginia.

Teri Price-Gray
Stanley, VA

Hutch is our Best Friend

We wanted to get a Boston Terrier. We researched websites. Then our daughter called us to say that her neighbor wanted to give away one of thier dogs. We agreed to come a look at him. When we got there, we were overjoyed. It was a Boston Terrier! We took Hutch home and discovered that there were burn marks on Hutch's coat and what felt like a rib that had not healed correctly from being broken. Hutch had been an abused dog. We were sent to him, and, him to us by chance...or was it. Hutch is happy today and healthy and he is so laid back. We love our best friend.

Bob Thomas
Essexville, MI

The Mystery in our Lives

It was October 2009, my pit mutt named Topaz was getting spade, so me and fiance Dustin took our Pit named Manson to the dog park, as we were leaving i see a white spot moving in the grass, so i slowed down and there was this little chihuahua dog walking all alone. so i stopped the car, told Dustin to get behind the wheel and i slowly went over, i inched as much as i could as i didnt want to scare the dog, it was kinda hot out as we do live in Az and this little thing looked so heated. So after 5 minutes of kneeling by the dog, she let me pick her up, i walked over to the fountain to get her water. than after looking around and no one in site, we took her to the nearest Petco where i posted a Lost Dog flyer on there board. then headed out so we can go pick up Topaz from the vet, when we got home, i got papers and started writing out Lost Dog flyers, i went back to the dog park, and posted them on every pole, there was ALOT of poles! then drove over to the community office next to the park and gave them one for there office. the next morning i took her to get checked by the vet and she was just fine at 5lbs and an Applehead Chihuahua. i posted another Flyer at Petsmart and posted it on 4 different dog sites and other websites. after a month and no one claiming her. we ended up making her part of the family. we named her Mystery as she was a mystery to us, our 3 dogs and now a baby on the way! one BIG happy family. xoxoxoxo

Sheri Lynn
Gilbert, AZ

Bloo - saw him on the internet

We have had cats up until the last 2 years when our last cat (Bill) died of cancer. It was a great loss cause he was the perfect cat, he loved everyone and everyone loved him. I had told my husband that when I retired I wanted a dog. I was laid off at work about 3 months ago and had known it was comming for about a month before. So that meant retirement. I had been checking the internet looking for dogs and when I saw Bloo I knew he had to be mine. He is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. He was 1 1/2 yrs when I found him. Well, I went to see him and I fell in love. I think he also knew I was going to be his new mom. A couple of days later my husband said something to a friend about me getting a dog and I said I had already had found one. My husband went with me to meet Bloo. He had been a the shelter for about 5 months so he was a little scared to leave. He is just a perfect companion. He does not have a undercoat so hot summer days and cold winter days he will get most of his exercise on the treadmill, and he loves it. He is very smart, he sits, stays, down, place, heels, comes and kennels at night. I am so thrilled I found Bloo !!!

Mari Bionaz
Weiser, ID

Rough life to care free life

Not great at writing, so all I can say about my chiwawa tweet is that he's ~ 7 yrs old and am sure was abused before. I rescued him may of 09. he wt. ~ 3lbs when I got him and he now wt. ~6. All I can say is he make my family SO HAPPY and he is going to want for NOTHING ever again! He had it rough im sure before but he is in a loving home and we will never let anything bad happen to him EVER again!. Not great at writing like I said.

armando armenta
oceanside, CA


My son & Max "found" each other in the very spot across the street that we lost our Beloved Duke(a 5yr old Black Lab we had since 5wks old).

It was May 2010, about 2wks after Tennessee saw the worst flooding in 100yrs. ,

He could hardly walk, weak, & basically dying.I truly believe he wouldn't have made it another 24hrs. He lay on the front porch for a day. We fed him & gave water. The next day we had another Thunderstorm. I could hear Max crying. When I opened the door to check on him, He ran into our house & hearts. And hasn't left since.

It took about 2days until he moved from "his spot" in the middle of the LR carpet. However, He would slowly limp to the door when he had to go potty, then, back to his "spot". After a week, Max was 80% better. Finally had the strength & courage to "check out the house".

Now, to look at him, you would never know that was the same dog. Its like we have had him since he was a puppy. He Loves to have his tummy rubbed, & to be around someone/anyone. He doesn't like to be in a room alone.He barks at strangers like he owns the place, I we Love it.

We are so blessed to have found each other.


Tracy Katzmarek
Bruceton, TN

Going to the Dogs

I've always been a cat person and had at least 2 or 3 cats in my house. Two years ago my cat Gordo passed, his mom, Annie, was born 10 years ago in our garage by a stray and has been with us ever since. Six months later my coworker said he couldn't keep his female miniature dachshund (she was 8 months old at the time). The reason he couldn't keep her because she had submissive urination. With lots of love and patience Peanut rarely pees unless she's super excited, which sometimes happens when my son gives her raspberries on her tummy. I didn't realize I could love an animal this much. Then this past January my daughter called saying she found a stray female cocker spaniel wandering the streets in our neighborhood. At first we thought she was dark brown but after a couple of baths she turned into a beautiful strawberry blonde. So we named her Lucy (for Lucile Ball). Peanut and Lucy have become best friends and you won't see one without the other close by. These 2 girls are the sweetest dogs and are great with my family and friends, my neighbors call them my babies. Since the girls I've become a CONFIRMED dog lover. But what about Annie you ask? She's still the queen of the house. She takes walks with us around the block and the girls treat her like royalty...even when she eats their food!

Mary Hlavacek
Houston, TX

Maggie the Boxer!

My story starts back in Nov. of 2009, I answered an add on the computer about an elderly boxer that was in desperate need of a good home. When she was found she was very under weight and could barely stand. They had even contimplated putting her to sleep cause they thought no one would ever want her in that condition. But, they seen something in her eyes, a will to live!!! So, I answered their ad and was very lucky to become her new mommy!! She is such a joy and a blessing! Her beginning weight when I took her in was around 35 lbs, now she is a blossoming 57 lbs. She has overcome many obstacles she has had 6 tumors removed ( all of which were either warty substances or fatty tumors) and has had 7 teeth pulled. I would truly be lost without her!!!

Manda Rogers
Kokomo, IN

Blue Eyed Princess

Amber was given to me by my cosuin who got her from her owners before him. My cousin had her for about two years. He couldn't take care of her anymore. I coulnd't let such a sweet and loving animal go to the pound. I took her. She has been attached to em ever since. Amber my blue eyed princess. She loves her doggie brother Foxy ( Corgi mix). Amber follows me everywhere in the house. She will lay at the gate until I come back through it. Amber is very gentle.loving,and timid. She loves palying with her duckie. Amber will be 6 years old on September 13,2010.

St.Louis, MO

Jerry Lee

We met Jerry Lee when we first arrived in Enterprise Alabama. We moved here with five dogs, six cats, a ferret, a rat and a mouse. The dogs were allowed at the hotel, but the cats were not. So a friend of my daughters offered her barn and we took her up on it. The second day we went to tend our cats, this little mini-daschund shows up in the yard. He is skin and bones, covered in blood and fleas. I reached down to pick him up and seen his ear was about torn from his head. My daughters friend said she had never seen the little guy before. So, he came back to the hotel with us.Several months after we took him in, my daughters friend told us that she in fact knew who Jerry Lee belonged to. The neighbor two doors down from her. He wouldn't let Jerry in the house because it was his ex's dog. But he wouldn't let her have him either. Every chance he got, he would go after the little guy. That explained his panic if someone yelled in the house. Also, any loud noises and Jerry would flee and hide. The animal control was called but couldn't do anything as when they would get there, the dog was no where to be found. Finally, the man left for the week and that is when Jerry came to our friends. Since then, he has been repaired, neutered and well fed...He is an absolute doll! Our friend said that the neighbor has never asked about the little guy, but when he was asked, stated that "he was probably ran over, just as well'....

Denise Hissong
Ozark, AL
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