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I have been rescued!

After being rejected for a service dog from an organization, I finally resigned to having a family pet. In November of 2008, my son sugested one Sunday after church to go to the Humane Society. The place was packed. Both with people and animals.

I came to this one dog, husky/collie cross that was already 9 years old. I cried when I saw him and knew that he was the one.

Little did I know that I would have my service dog after all. He started doing things I needed automatically. He helped me up stairs, he kept people at a distance, he allowed me to use him to balance myself, plus a whole lot more! I took him to my doctors and got the paperwork filled.

Dexter is such a gentle dog. He is amazing with my other rescued animals (2 cats and 4 rabbits). He gets praise from people no matter where we go because of his behavior. Dexter has allowed me the freedom I would not have had without him. Dexter has rescued me!

Kitchener, ON, Canada

My loyal friend Riley

I've always had dogs but Riley has probably been the most loyal. He is forever under foot even if I trip over him or accidentally step on him he won't leave my side.

Our town takes in its strays to our local vet clinic where they are kept for 5 days and if not taken back by their owners or have found a new home they are euthanized. My husband and I have a dairy farm and the vet was out to the farm telling me about a wonderful dog he had there. Shortly before this we had to put a sweet young dog down after a lot of money and heart ache. Before that I had a stray, who we loved, bite someone but after lots of litigation we ended up having to euthanize him. In less than a year we had lost two dogs, so I told him no I didn't want another dog. A couple of days after the vet's visit I needed cow medicine at the vet's and I dropped in, the vet immediately brought out Riley. I'll admit he's not the most beautiful dog in the world but I fell in love with him. Dr. Spear kept him for 2 weeks instead of the 5 days because he saw something in him. Thank you Dr. Spear!

We had to take care of heart worm and then he chased a cat outside into a pile of re-rod and drove one of them through his chest. So much for a free dog. I would love to have a DNA test done to find out what his breeds are but my husband says you aren't going to love him any less if you know what he is. He's right.

As everyone says rescue dogs are the best

sandy morrison
Canton, NY

In It For the Long Haul

My name is Wylloe. My human likes to spell names weird, have no idea why. My human adopted me in July of 2010 from the Killeen Animal Control Shelter in Killeen, Texas. I was shy in the shelter, scared of all the loud dogs in the kennels down the row. My humans heart went out to me because I was so sad. She adopted me and I went home. I was so scared of every noise and hid in the kennel they had set up for me at night. I started coughing and limping on my back left leg. My humans took me to the vet and the vet was really nice! I got cookies! They scraped my head and took x-rays of my lungs and my hips. They said I have bronciopneumonia, demodex mange, secondary infection, and I had a fracture of the neck joint on my femur where it meets my hips. The vet gave me medication for my skin and my cough! I'm feeling much better. The vet said I was about a year old! The shelter thought I was 3 months old because of my size! My human and the vet says I'll have to have surgery on my joint within the next year so I can walk correctly. It was an old fracture and the vet said it was a common injury in car accidents. I can't tell my human what happened to me before I came to my new home but I'm well loved and cared for. I have a stuffed duck I roll around in the grass with. I get lots of treats and chew bones. I have my own bed and water bowl! I am very happy regardless of my injuries! I look forward to many long years with my human!

Kimberly Russell
Copperas Cove, TX

The Trio

As I was leaving work one day in early spring, waiting to get onto a busy highway, I heard the loud, plaintive cry of a kitten. I turned around at the first opportunity and went back to investigate. Hidden amongst the juniper abutting the highway were three tiny black and white feral kittens, their eyes were just starting to open. The weather forecast was for heavy rain that evening, I couldn't just leave them there, so I took them home. Didn't alert my husband in advance, just dropped them off with him as I went out in search of kitten milk.

Our veterinarian told us about Cat Angel Network, a no-kill shelter, which has volunteers who care for and bottle-feed kittens. A lovely lady took Onesie, Twosie and Threesie to care for until they would be old enough to come home to us. Unfortunately, Twosie & Threesie succumbed to an infestation of worms but Onesie hung in there. The next week, our Cat Angel was asked to care for two more orphaned kittens, Daphne (a muted tortoise shell) and Apollo, an orange male. They, too, had just opened their eyes.

For the next two months, my husband and I made weekly treks to visit the little trio (54 miles round trip) until they were weaned and independent enough to come home to us. My husband hasn't smiled so much since our daughter was a baby, over 30 years ago. These adorable, playful kittens are just as sweet as they can be!

West Chester, PA

Found on the Freeway

I thought I was seeing a baby opossum on the freeway off-ramp coming home one day. As I passed the little thing I saw blue eyes and I knew it was a Siamese kitten. She was screaming her head off and headed for the shoulder of the road. I scooped her up, cleaned her up and made her ours. Because I found her in August I called her just that. It quickly became Gussie. That was 17 years ago. Today Gussie has been on chemo for two years and is slowing down just a little but she is still my little highway honey.

Marie Kessler
Belmont, MI

Queen Ann (Liz) Hawks

Queen Ann (Liz) Hawks is a five year old Belgian Malinoise from Belgium I adopted after she had been rescued from a kennel. She has already had breast cancer surgery, so I hope her life will be easier from now on with me and my two cats on our farm.

Marian Andrews
Louisa, VA

Sadari comes home

I've posted before on my two babies Karma and Kismet. Karma is now 19 and in kidney failure. I decided I would try to ease the transition of losing him by adding a new furrbaby beforehand. I went to NHSPCA and looked around. I had a number of volunteers helping me. I had almost chosen one little gray cat who reminded me of one I'd lost before. One of the volunteers called me over to meet this little lady. Her name was Vivian. She twined around my ankles, rubbed my hand and as I talked to the volunteer, she nipped me. The volunteer assured me it was shelter stress and I laughed and explained that I had had one cat EXACTLY like Vivian. She would nip when she had enough attention with little/no warning. While we talked another volunteer was getting a box ready for a kitty who was going home. Vivian hopped right into the box, looked at me and said as plain as day.. "Well.. lets go! Now!" that was it. She'd been there since December and this was July. The volunteers were so happy. They were happier when I showed them the shirt I was wearing with Karma and Kismet (previously Chubbs) on it. It says "Where Karma goes, Kismet follows". They all remembered Chubbs and were happy she had a good home and that Vivian was going home with me.After some name searching we changed her name to Sadari. She and Karma are friends, she and Kismet.. well we're working on that. She also likes enclosed spaces as you can see from her picture. I was heading out for a walk and spotted her in there! Silly girl. She's a loved and happy girl! Have to create a shirt with all three now!

Somersworth, NH


We went to Cares 4 Pets in Brooksville Florida after our older dogs passed away. Scooter found us that day and he has made us laugh ever since.

We encourage everyone to adopt rescue dogs. They are the best!

Eileen and Phil
New Port Richey, FL

Mo gets a better life

I adopted my shar pei, Mo, from the Nevada Humane Society in Reno. Our best guesstimate is that he is 13 years old. He was used as a bait dog for dog fighting and once healed, languished at the shelter for nearly a year. He is a great dog, kind and gentle despite his history. While he may not have many years left, he can now enjoy them in the comfort of our home with plenty of love, care and good food.

Cindy Peterson
Sparks, NV

Babycakes Princess Weasel

Babycakes came to me through my roommate at the time. She was rescued from a local farm before the farmer could "thin the litter". I had just given my childhood cat back to my mom because she was lonely after I had moved out. So I was not wanting another cat so soon. Unannounced to me was the fact that my roommate had developed a serious drug problem. Her and her genius friends thought that it would be funny to give Babycakes a variety of drugs while I was at work. I did not figure this out until I noticed that she had a case of the sniffles that would just not go away. We promptly moved. After several other moves and much love exchanged between us I noticed that Baby's breath was a little extra stinky. After a visit to the most wonderful vet ever, we found out that she has periodontal disease (her teeth were rotting through no fault of my or her own). Through years of tooth extractions, antibiotics, steriods, and tooth brushing it was decided by myself and the vet that Babycakes has a full mouth extraction (remove the remainder of her teeth). Even though she was in constant pain you would never know it. She is the sweetest most loving cuddle kitty I have ever had. She would whistle purr up a storm even right after a surgery. She was the only kitty to want affection from the vet after her surgeries, instead of hissing or growling. Baby now has lots of loving "Aunties and Uncles" which she adores. She just soaks up the love.

I would not trade my Babycakes for anything. She is a blessing and has helped me through some tough times.

As for the roommate? Well, karma got to her.

Danna G
Edmonton, AB, Canada
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