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My Teddybear

I few months after my cat of 17 years passed away, I realized I needed to be a "momma" again and went to a shelter to find a kitty. I knew I wanted an older cat that needed a second chance, so when I saw Tara I knew she was the one I was looking for right away.

Tara had been at the shelter for 3 months. She had a collar on when a good samaratan brought her in after finding her on the streets of Boston.

A shelter employee contacted the owners and informed them that Tara had been located and was in the shelter. The owners response was: "So?".

So Tara sat in that cage from July til October when I came in. At 8 years old no one was really giving her the time of day since everone wanted kittens. Tara was very anxious from her time caged up and had started to over-groom her belly, leaving a bald spot.

As soon as I opened the cage to meet her she came right over to me, meowing and purring. She was a doll right from the start.

Ive been with Tara for 9 years now and I couldnt ask for a better cat. She loves everyone and loves to snuggle up on the laps of anyone that comes to visit. I cant believe her former owners would let such a sweet, smart, lovey little girl go the way they did. But their loss has been my gain, and I cant imagine life without my teddybear.

Boston, MA

Two Peas in a Pod

I have two wonderful, sweet kitties that I rescued, Bast and Cleo, a little over two years ago. I adopted 2 year old Snowshoe Siamese Cleo when I was still in mourning after losing 3 older cats to illnesses, over a two year period. Cleo was lonely, with me at work all day, so, 3 months later, I adopted 10 month old black and white Bast for her from a completely different shelter. The moment Bast came out of the carrier, they literally leaped at each other with joy, as if they were long lost friends! They are best buds! And, they are two of the most affectionate cats I've ever had! Both are lap cats. And, both like to block my computer screen when I'm trying to type!

Sondra Singer
Lakewood, CO

Meet Snowball

Brucie AKA "Snowball" came to our yard when he was about one year old. He was very obviously abandoned with soulless eyes, bone thin, and with a personality that was less than lovable. Oh how time and love changed those characteristics. Today he is three and a half years old. Although he lives with FIV and is indoors only now, he has found his loving personality with soulful eyes and has a permanent home. We will love each other for as long as possible.

Tampa, FL

Pinky and Amelia

Pinky and Amelia were found in an out building on our farm. They were dirty and hungry. Pinky was so dirty all I could see was his little pink nose and eyes and lips. Hence the name PINKY. Amelia was walking on a ledge along the inside of the building. I did not see her until she came flying down, K-ATHUMP! Hence the name AMELIA. Thankfully she was not hurt in the fall. She was dirty and hungry too. I took them in the house and bathed them and gave them some dry cat food and water. They couldn't eat as they were too small. So I got some milk replacement and nursing bottles and got them fed. They are such a joy.

They will soon be one year old. It has been a loved filled year for all of us.

I know they were sent to me to help fill the hole in my heart after having to put my two oldest (16 yrs) cats over the Rainbow Bridge. I give thanks every day for allowing these two little kittys to come into my life.

Nina Christen
Napoleon, OH

Our "Funny Boy" Grayson

When we lost one of our cats due to old age I decided he would not be replaced with another cat but I kept having this feeling that I needed to go to our local shelter to see what they had. One of the first cats I looked at was this beautiful Russian Blue. That was it. I had to have him. He was very sick when I took him home. To the vet he went. We nursed him back to health and he has been our "sweet boy" ever since. He is a very loving cat. He was sleeping when I took this picture. I guess you could say he likes to live life on the edge!

Brian Todd
Russellville, AR

Silly Name, Awesome Dog

The day we returned from winter holidays, this dog showed up at the school cafeteria where I taught. The custodian kept chasing him off, and he'd come right back. He was scruffy and dirty, but with a look on his face like a reasonable dog, just trying to get by. I sized him up as a fit for our yard, our budget, my energy level. On the drive home, he sat quietly in the back seat, looking out the window, like he knew his life was changing. Back at the house, Fluff's quick learning and funny personality won us over completely. He has proved a great gift to our lives. I think he belonged to someone, but got scared by fireworks on New Year's Eve, and broke out of his yard, cause he hates fireworks, and he's a Houdini. We've had him six wonderful years, and I love him totally.

Houston, TX

We saved each other

We started looking for a dog after the brother of our basset hound passed away. First place I looked was for a basset and found Basset Rescue. When they sent me a picture of Tucker, I fell in love. He was mistreated for almost 8 years. He has been here for two years and we couldn't be happier. Tucker is the most loving little guy you can imagine. We did have trust issues at first, but as soon as he saw what we can offer him, that went away. I didn't just rescue a basset; he rescued me and the emptiness I had after loosing Dunkin. Doogy, our other basset just loves Tucker and will not go outside unless they are both together.

Linda Lichner
Rochester, MN

California Dream: Brutus' story.

After losing my 3 dogs in 11 months, I had sworn off dogs, too much pain, I couldn't go through that again. 7 years later, a neighbor brought me this little 18 month old Boston Terrier, with one blue eye and one brown eye: Brutus. He had been neglected and abused, so much so that he was afraid of his own shadow. He gave me the most adoring look and I was a goner! He is now 3 and happy, with the most perfect personality one could dream of. He loves to run on the beach, remind me when it's time to feed the horses, will tell you where to park your car and make cuddling arrangements for him, me and the cat at bedtime.


Francoise Dubois
Thousand Oaks, CA

Lady's Story

A 5 to 6 year old Border Collie- Austrian Shepherd mix, was a stray for many years in rural Ritchie County, West Virginia roaming from farm to farm. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time when someone shot her in the shoulder. A kind person found her and took her to the Ritchie County Humane Society where she was named Lady.

Funds were limited at the shelter because of a devastating fire that destroyed the main shelter in January 2010, and most of the funds were going in the new building fund. June Vega, shelter caretaker, raised money for some of Lady's veterinarian bills by having a Chip-In Donation link set-up with Lady's story and picture on the Society's Petfinder webpage.

June connected with Save A Dog Rescue group in Massachusetts' founder Shirley Moore, to find Lady the perfect home. Shirley made arraignments with Pilots and Paws for Lady to be flown to the rescue group.

Lady's story was on the local TV News in the area and many people filled out applications to adopt her. One man called every other day to check on Lady's condition.

When Lady was ready to go to her forever home the concerned man was the one who adopted her. Lady's story is certainly a rags to riches story. She is now living on Nantucket Island, 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Mass. She walks on the beach with her new person everyday. She follows him everywhere and they spend all their time together.

Lady will never be forgotten by the Ritchie County Humane Society staff and volunteers. This is how we wish all our animals' stories would end.

Kitty Ray
Harrisville, WV

Gypsy & Poncho

I found Gypsy (the mostly black kitty) on 7/7/07, my lucky day, at a cat shelter called Felines, Inc. when she was one year old. She was a little runt with dull hair and many bald patches. She had diarrhea for the first two months but with patience and lots of love she is now healthy and strong with a gleaming coat and spunky as a monkey! She makes us laugh like nothing else. I found Poncho (11 years old now) at the Anti-Cruelty Society when he was 6 months old. At the time I also adopted his 2 year old father Rocky who unfortunately is no longer with us. We love our kitties dearly and cannot imagine our lives without them!!

Kristina & Bogdan
Chicago, IL
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