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This is Sophie, she was brought to a rescue group by the local police in the middle of winter with frost bit ears.They got her back to health but she was so mean that they had to have her declawed and her teeth ground down.For 6 months people would say that they would be back in a few days to adopt her but would never return because of not being a lovable cat.One day they asked me if I wanted to take her or they would have to put her down.Having worked with many farelle cats I said yes.After a few weeks of avoiding me one day while I was playing my guitar she decided to jump on my lap and we finally established our friendship.I have had her now for over 6 years and she is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet.It is true,"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE".

pembroke township, IL

Chico's Journey to My Heart

My Chico found his way to me through his photo at Petfinder dot com. Chico was originally found wandering through Tennessee by a woman who noticed he had absolutely no collar or identifying tags on him. She decided to take a chance on him even though she was more of a "cat person" with about 6 - 8 cats in her home. Fortunately, for me, that situation did not work out for Chico. I have no idea as to whether he just didn't like cats or perhaps the cats didn't like the idea of a puppy in their territory. Anyways, the next place that Chico found himself in was a no-kill animal shelter who was linked, like North Shore Animal Shelter is, with Petfinder. Having had to put down our beloved family Akita a few months earlier, my parents and found the house too lonely without the sound of any barking or canine feet padding around. I registered with Petfinder and could not turn to another page once I saw Chico's webpage with the most forlorn expression one could see on a dog's face, begging for a new home with those eyes of his, which happen to be hazel. Well, three years later, Chico is everything in a pet my parents and I could want. In fact, his first morning waking up in our house, he jumped into bed with me, cuddled up into my arms and let out a big sigh. I then replied, "Yes, my Chico, you have found your home at last!"

Gail Ann Hochberg
Merrick, NY

This is a story about 2 dogs!

Our 12 year old beagle (Katie) it was her time. She had to have knee replacement surgery,she had tumors all over her body and she could not make it up and down the steps any more. Well it was the hardest thing me and my husband had to do. We had to tell our sons that it was time for Katie. Letting her live like this was being selfish. She was getting misable. So we took her to the Animal Rescue League and the Vet checked her out and said to me and my husband we were doing the best thing for her. We spent some time with her saying our good byes I was crying my husband he was also crying. As we were leaving I was crying very hard we walked passed the doors to take us to our car, instead we found ourselves in the room with the dogs up for adoption. The first dog I seen was Cinnamon! She looked up at me and wagged her tail. I was still cring I slid down the kennel and sat right by her,she licked my tears away! I said to my husband I really don't want another dog! But the more I looked at Cinnamon the more I knew she needed me and I needed her! Too this day I don't know if Katie sent her to us or was someone looking out for Cinnamon and me?

Debra Schnelzer
Pittsburgh, PA

Mushu and Hunter

We adopted an orange tabby kitten from a rescue group one weekend after my husband decided he was ready to have his first pet. A few days later this dirty white cat was crying in our side yard. I spent an hour talking to him before he came and curled up in my lap. He lived outside our house for 3 months until we were positive he didn't have a home. He quickly became best friends with our kitten and my husband ended up with his first 2 pets instead of 1.

Sarah Cornett
Apopka, FL

Somebody's Trash is our Treasure

11 years ago a friend was traveling home from work and noticed a trash bag on the side of the road and it appeared to be moving. She couldn't let it go and turned around to check it out. The bag contained a litter of day old puppies that was placed out like trash to die in the Georgia sun. Thanks to our friends and their big hearts, some of those sweet pups survived and our boy Sherlock has been our treasure ever since.

Everett, PA

Gigi, saved from neglect, now competes in Disc Doggin'!

A few months ago I received a call from my friend Todd, a fellow disc dog competitor who also works in dog rescue. Seems he'd saved this petite, 1 year old white and back girl and wanted to know if I could help find her a foster home. Her "owner" was going to take her out to the country and just dump her in a field somewhere.

Any dog who lives here has an opportunity to learn how to catch discs, some dig it, some don't. Turns out Gigi totally digs it! She's got a natural ability to track and catch them, she's even starting to get some air, which is cool because this little 45 pound girl can jump a 4 ft. fence without a problem.

So yesterday my son and I took her to the Kentucky State Championships where Gigi would compete in Toss and Fetch, a 1 minute event where the dog and handler get points for catches based on distance.

She didn't win a medal, at least not a physical one, but she is a winner. She competed well, made some nice catches and didn't get distracted by all of the hoopla that surrounds an event like this. She was once unwanted, but now she fly's on the field while people clap for her and little kids giggle, all the time wearing that big goofy smile that this beloved breed is well known for.

I would love to see her adopted out to someone who would pledge to keep her involved in this sport. She has so much potential and she can introduce you to some great family fun! She's great with kids and other dogs but get's along best with dogs that are more submissive.

Burt Tienken
Florence, KY

The Miracle Boxer

Over the last 10 years, my wife and I have rescued 4 Boxers. But one in particular is a true miracle case. We received an email that a male Boxer would have to be put to sleep in 24 hours if not claimed, adopted or fostered. We already had 2 Boxers so we decided that we would foster him until the Boxer Rescue organization could find a home for him. I picked him up and he looked really bad. He was underweight, had a sinus infection and had scars all over his face, neck and legs. I thought to myself, "what are we doing". He looked like the dog from the movie "Hooch", and so that was an obvious name for him. He seemed happy to have a roof over his head, and people loving all over him. Over the next couple months however, he became very lethargic and just laid around all the time with no energy. We took him to the Vet and had tests done, blood work, etc. His blood cell count was very low so we started trasnfusions. Nothing seemed to help. This went on for about 6 months, with his blood cell count so low he should have been dead. The Vet Dr. decided to take some more blood samples and send them off to NC State University's Veterinarian School Dr's. When we finally got the results back it was a rare strain of the parasite called Babesia, only 5 known cases in the US. A cure was not 100% but we paid for the medication and crossed our fingers. Within 2 weeks his blood cell count was almost back to normal. He is still with us today, 6 years later and is the happiest dog ever! We are still "fostering" him. Hooch, our miracle.

Mark Brown
Charlotte, NC

Tilly and Toni

We filled out an application with the English Bulldog rescue. We were told that not many Bulldogs are surrendered so chances were slim. So we decided we would go through a breeder and get a pup. We brought Tilly home at 8 weeks, she was great. 3 weeks later we got a call that a 2 year old Bulldog needed a home in our area. We went and met Toni and it was a no brainer. My kids and Tilly loved her, not to mention Toni loved us too! We took her home that night and it has been great ever since. Toni went into mommy mode and is very protective of her little baby. It is the sweetest thing you have ever seen. We are truly blessed to have 2 wonderful new additions to our family!

Kelly Constantino
Tewksbury, MA

Mimzy & Remy

In 2007, my husband and I were looking for a cat to join our home (and keep me company before he left for Iraq). We went to our local Petsmart where a local shelter called "Cats-R-Us" had all of their special needs cats in the adoption area. One 3-year old cat was sitting inside her litter box (which we thought was strange), but I came up to her anyway. She crawled out, sniffed my finger, and rubbed her forehead against my hand. We were hooked. Funny part was, the shelter originally wouldn't take our money because she was a "problem" cat (bouncing around from house to house, hating everyone, and letting those owners know it lol). She needs prescription food, but it's nothing we can't handle! She's a sweetheart! We "renamed" her Mimzy because she originally had a boy name (of Einstein). She just turned 6 years old (May 2010).

At the end of 2009, we finally moved into a home that allows dogs. Ecstatic, we saved up the money and adopted a 7 week old puppy (we named Remy) the day before New Years 2009-2010. He was from a litter of 12 that were born in a drain pipe and rescued around Christmas. Remy just turned 7 months old (May 2010).

When we first brought Remy home, Mimzy would throw up after each encounter with him, but 6 months later and they are already laying next to each other (as the picture shows). They still have their issues once in a while, but Mimzy has a safe place away from Remy when he gets to be too much.

We couldn't be more blessed with these two rescue animals in our lives. They get spoiled like no body's business :-) exactly how their lives should be.

El Paso, TX

Heaven Cent

"Penny", our cat, who isnt much of a cat at all has become more than a pet, she is part of our family.

As a child I adopted her. I begged my mom to take me to the OSPCA, I wanted a cat of my own. We looked a fluffy black ones, white ones, big ones and pretty ones but I was stuck on this scrawny, ugly little cat cat. She just had this look in her eyes and I kept going back to her little meow. She looked like she was in need of an angel, and that was what I would be!

My mom had to tell my dad not to laugh when we came home, becuase SHE was the ONE, I just had to have her. She spends her days lazing around in the sun, catching caterpillers, not mice , and begging for treats at 7pm,every night, its her ritual, and best you not forget that!

14 years later, she is now 15, and going strong. Fat, happy, healthy and majorly spoiled. I've since moved away from home, and she has happily taken over my bed, and my beanbag chair in my room. Penny will always have a special place in our hearts. A part of me just cant seem to let go of those little copper coins I get handed back in my change at the store. You just never know how special, just a penny, could be.

Tiffany Koene
Barrie, ON, Canada
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