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Jay-Z a Real Sweetie

While browsing the Lookin' for Love Animal Rescue sight, this beautiful male dog caught my eye, it was LOVE at first sight. he was being housed at the local pound and in danger of being euthanized. I HAD to save him. He is the BEST dog, loveable and very shy. He has survived heartworm treatment and is now in very good health. He and Scooter, my other dog, r best buds. I thank Lookin' for Love everyday for bringing Jay-Z into my life!

martha thompson
missouri city, TX

Meet Eddie

We met Eddie at the Robeson County Humane Society. He had a pronounced limp and we learned that he had been shot in the leg; the shrapnel had shattered the bone, knocked the ball out of the socket and some of the shrapnel was still inside. He was about a year old and so loving and affectionate that we couldn't imagine not giving him everything he needed. We adopted him and scheduled his surgery. He now has no limp. A metal plate was inserted in his leg and the ball was reseated in the socket. He is now healthy and happy and keeps our other three dogs on their toes. The whole family adores him!

Don Terrell
Lumberton, NC

A New Life

Daisy's owner said she was a "bad" dog and kept her chained in the back yard. He forgot she was still growing and her collar grew into her neck. It was a 4 hour surgery to save her; only to have her put back in the yard with no love and attention. Finally, we convinced Daisy's owner to give her up. He told us she was too wild to live indoors. How wrong he was! Daisy is a very calm and grateful girl who has never even made a potty mistake indoors. She now has a nice warm bed, toys (at first she had no idea what to do with them) lots of food and clean water, and several dog brothers and sisters and a few cats to run and play with.

Monita Young
Louisville, KY

Winter Never Left

Winter was a stray cat I met while having my last cigarette of the night. I wasn't sure I should, but I left her some food, and boy, was she grateful. After a week of this, I took her to my vet, got her shots, and brought her into my house, where she made herself right at home. She is a wonderful, goofy, loveable little imp, full of mischief and affection. She gives me plenty of new cat-stories everyday!

Annandale, VA

Boris Boy

We wanted a neutered, de-clawed male for a playmate with our kitten, Kyra. I called the shelter in our small town and by chance, they had a boy, and we believe he is about the same age as Kyra. His owner didn't give the shelter his name or any information, just dropped him off. He has become Kyra's companion. Boris has become our sweet snuggle bug, we all love him. I can't see how anyone could have ever given him up!

Barb and Kelly
Green River, WY

Black Cat for Good Luck!

Our old kitty, "Kathadin" had gone to the "Rainbow Bridge" and we were without a cat-love for a few months. Upon our return from vacation, I said to my husband that I HAD to have a cat - our house seemed so empty.

We went to The Hermitage Cat Shelter in Tucson and started to look around. I thought it would take a couple of hours to find a perfect match, but my husband found our "Angus" right away. The shelter manager said he was a wonderful cat, but had been overlooked many times. She told us that in Tucson (Arizona) it is a death sentence for black cats if they end up in a kill shelter - many people are superstitious and think black cats are bad luck.

We are very lucky! Angus is a purebred Turkish Angora and has brought us hours of love and entertainment. We couldn't have been luckier in finding the right kitty-love for his forever home.

Nancy Spaulding
Tucson, AZ

Heart break

Hi, I need help to find and bring home my Schnauzer, Chewbacca. Last April I fell and broke my ankle needing surgery , plates and screws. I lived alone with my 2 mini Schnauzers. After the hospitaliztion, I returned home, was still unable to walk, so caring for my 2 dogs was impossible. My husband worked away in Cincinnati and came home on weekends. He lived in a small apartment that did not allow dogs. I reluctantly gave my dogs to the Radcliff Schnauzer Rescue. They told me they would keep them until I could walk again. The dogs were transfered to Schnauzer Rescue of Cincinnati. I found the dogs and emailed/phoned requesting the return of my dogs. I was told that both dogs wer in bad condition and I would not get them back. This is totally untrue! My emails and phone calls were then ignored and I have not been able to get in contact with these people since. Please help me get my Chewie back! he is my heartbeat and I miss him so bad!! He is blind in one eye, and has an underbite, he has very thick fur, and is larger than he should be for a mini schnauzer. He may well have had tats and mats on him, I was not able to groom him due to my broken ankle!! but he was not in a really bad shape at all, I looked after my dogs very well, they saw the vet regularly, had heartworm year round, and were taken for grooming regularly..until I broke my ankle. Please, Please C. Chambers

Charmaine Chambers
Ft . Mitchell, KY

They rescued each other

My mother's best friend was Puddy, a Lhasa Apso mix that was found wandering the streets, and was her only companion, until they both came to live with my wife and me. At the age of 95, Mom lost her Puddy, and was inconsolable. She was already under the strain of having to give up her house, and her independence, and this was the last straw. We were worried that she would literally give up an die with grief.

Although we already had a dog, we knew she needed one of her own, so we took her to the Operation Kindness no-kill shelter near Dallas, and found April (renamed Bitsy), a Yorkshire-Dachshund mix that had been rescued from a hoarder. Mom wasn't ready for another dog so soon, and Bitsy was lonely and depressed, after being shuffled from cages to vets to cages to foster care to cages. We thought the match was perfect.

It took just one day for Mom to come around, and in a few weeks Bitsy was running our home. At 8 lbs. she is no match for Beau, our 40 lb Eskie, but she still pushes him around, and steals his chew-sticks.

We lost Mom recently, but Bitsy gave her two great years of love, and saved her life. Of course, Bitsy has her forever home now, and has largely recovered from her first three years of trauma and neglect. We owe her more than we can repay, but we're trying.

Sandy Keathley
McKinney, TX

#5282 Picked Me!

14 months after my 18-year old cat died, I was finally in a position to adopt another. At the local shelter a green-eyed, gray and white tom reached out, wrapped his toes around my finger and held on, careful not to prick me with his claws. Now just three days later, he answers to "Hamish". He came from a 14-cat household and definitely enjoys being "lord of the realm". While he's a real gentleman, he's also a wee big lazy, clever, sweet and loving, and at 3 years old, finally learning how to play. I'm glad he chose me!

Denise Cardos
Council Bluffs, IA

Charlotte's retirement

Charloette retired at a very young age. She and thousands of her breed of racers retire every year and are placed in loving homes. They are kind and getle pets who want nothing more than a soft bed and two small meals a day. Many think they need room to run and are high energy, because they raced. Nothing can be farther from the truth. When they retire the settle down and need very little exercise. They are indoor dogs that take up very little space. This breed may be the lowest maintenace large dog you will ever encounter. For more information just search the internet for RACING GREYHOUNDS.

jon Fishback
Vancouver, WA
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