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Megan is a two-year old English Shepherd that I adopted from Madison Mutts. She was surrendered by a farmer who could no longer afford her upkeep. She came to us as shy and skittish and miserable. She is now a happy, loveable dog who likes to jump in bed with us and cuddle. She loves to learn and will start obedience classes at the end of this month.

Sheryl Jones
Madison, WI

Getting "Lucky"

My mom and I were leaving one morning and heard meowing in the woods by my lot, so we "meowed" back. Out ran a skinny gray waif with hair missing from his rear end and tail. He was meowing and intertwining all around us, even jumped into my car! Not knowing a thing about cats, and never being a cat lover, I took him back to the edge of the woods and said I'd figure out what to do when we come back if he's still around. We came back and there was no cat. Somewhat relieved, we started going back into my apartment and just as we were about to step foot in the door, this little guy came running back as if to say "wait for meee". I took him in to feed while I called around to see what to do. I wasn't "supposed" to have pets in the apartment, vets wouldnt take him, the only no-kill shelter I could find was full, so I decided on the ARL to surrender him and pray they found him a home. I ended up making Mom surrender him while I sat in the car and cried. I cried the rest of the day, that night and the next morning at work. Knowing I felt guilty, my husband called the ARL and they told him they dont normally allow adopting after a surrender but that if he was healthy, I could come back for him. That was a Saturday, the following Tuesday, Mom and I went to get him and he's been with me almost 3 years. I named him Lucky for obvious reasons and is the love of my life and so handsome now. I got him a brother last year and Im now a die hard cat lover!

Pittsburgh, PA


I found my Goober on, he was rescued from a terrible, filthy, high-kill shelter by a local MinPin rescue organization. From the very first time I saw his bright, inquisitive eyes and quirky little smile, I fell in love with that face. He has fear-related aggression issues, as well as having seizures about once or twice a week. I can't even imagine this poor little guy being abandoned on the street, then cowering in a shelter all by himself with no one to love him and hold him when he's terrified!

His favorite time is Snuggie time. My mother bought me a Snuggie (the blanket... with sleeves!) as a joke for Christmas last year. Joke's on her, we both love to snuggle up under the Snuggie and enjoy a little TV or read a book.

He's grown into a great companion for my elderly Boston Terrier, they romp and play around the house and in the yard. My older dog seems to have a lot more spring in his step now that he has a canine buddy to play with!

With firm and consistent training we're working to overcome the behavior problems, and with excellent vet care we're managing the seizures. Even though he's "special needs", I wouldn't trade him for the world. When he sits in my lap and rests his chin on my chest and looks at me with those sweet brown eyes, my heart knows I found true love.

Minneapolis, MN

Checkers the Chicken

Checkers was part of a group of eggs hatched in an elementary school. Unfortunately when it did not hatch with the others it was thrown in the trashcan where it remained overnight. Somehow overlooked by the maintenance crew that evening, the teacher heard peeping coming from the trashcan as she entered the classroom. She immediately realized her mistake and put the egg back in the incubator to hatch. Sadly, the egg jiggled and peeped but could not hatch on it's own. Two well meaning teachers cracked the egg themselves and tried pulling the chick out of her shell but but pieces of the egg shell remained stuck to her body and she could not move. To remedy this problem, the teachers decided by give the chick a bath in the classroom sink, where she immediately lost most of the feathers going down her back and matted her remaining head and tail feathers. She laid in the incubator with very little movement for the next 24 hours and thought by many to be dead. When the representative from the farm came to pick up the hatched chicks, he took one look at the new chick and said it would likely die and instructed the teacher to put it in the 'sick-chick' box to be euthanized. The teachers were so upset that the chick was to be killed after her struggle to survive that they came in to get me to see if I could help. I just couldn't bare to see the chick put to death so we told the man she had already passed and I slipped her out of the classroom through the same trashcan she was once left in to die. Now a month old, Checkers has lots of feathers, and spends her days pecking around my garden.

Elaine Apsche
New Britain, PA

Kali gets a life she deserves

Three years ago this May, our family decided to add a new member. We found out from a friend of ours that 8 Lab mix puppies were just brought into the Sarnia Humane Society. They had been thrown in a garbage dump on Walpole Island. They were all sick and I just kept my fingers crossed that she would be ok. Poor things were only 6 weeks old so we had to patiently wait 2 weeks before they could be adopted. The first time we met it was love at first sight. This little rolly polly blonde puppy was ours for sure.

She's had a hard life, ruptured a cruciate ligament in her first year, but we had it repaired and she's doing well. She has brought so much love and laughter into our lives. She now has her own kitten which we rescued. He showed up on a friends farm with an extremely tight leather spiked collar on his neck and was no more then 6 weeks old. He's now a year old and loves him dog mommy as much as she loves him.

Shannon Davison
Sarnia, ON, Canada

The Mystery Dog

Every summer I go to Penticton with my family and me and my dad go everytime to the SPCA to just look at the animals. But last year when we went there was a little puppy that was soo cute, it was love at first sight. Just a half an hour later we found ourselves filling out adoption forms. But since Toby was too young to take home right away, we had to wait a whole month and then drive all the way back to Penticten from Abbotsford (which is 4 and a half hours) pick him up, then drive a rambunctious, few month old puppy 4 and a half hours back, stopping every 20 to 30 minutes for a "potty" break. When we first saw him he was only around the size of a little terrier and had very small paws so we thought he wouldn't be very is now 6 months later though and he is around 60lbs. We call him our mystery dog now because we have no idea what kind of dog he is or how big he will get. But we love him and he is my baby now!

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Our Sweet Mesa del Sol

One early June morning in 2000, my boyfriend Don was sitting out in the desert open-space area called Mesa del Sol, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ten yards away, Don saw something move, and he thought it was a groundhog or a jackrabbit. As he walked over to it, he realized that it was a puppy---someone had dumped it out in the desert to die. When he got closer, the puppy ran, and while it was running, it peed out what was maybe the last water it had had to drink before they dumped it. Don caught it, gave it some water, and determined that it was a she. He calmed her down, brought her home, and put her in bed with me. I fell head over heels in love with her, as he already had, especially when I realized that God had put him there to save her from a terrible death by dehydration.

Mesa's a beautiful golden retriever mix, and we feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to love and care for her, and to have her care for us, ever since that very lucky June day ten years ago.

Merrie Ritter
Albuquerque, NM

In memory of our "Miss America" Jenny Rae

Jenny was our little Miss America. She was born homeless and contracted the e-coli virus from her mothers milk. A great vet offered to try to bring her to a healthy state footing half of the cost. Although she lost her facial hair around her muzzle she was a healthy, happy dog. We boosted her self esteem by calling her Miss America. We had Jenny for 14 wonderful years and it was the compassion of a dedicated vet who made that happen. A big "Thank You" to all of the wonderful vets and vet techs that care for our furry family members.

susan miller : )

Mabank, TX

Susan Miller
Mabank, TX

Meet Eddy

I got Eddy from Lifeline Cat Rescue 11 years ago, he was trapped in a trailer park in Boulder Creek, CA. When he lays down he always crosses his paws and he also likes to drink from the water faucet in the bath tub. He's the light of my life.

David Janssen
San Jose, CA

Meant To Be

I first saw Rocky as a stray when she showed up at the rock quarry I drive past. I fell in love with her then, but thought she belonged to the quarry. I eagerly looked for her every day on my way to work, and would be upset if I couldn't spot her after a bad storm or flooding or the winter's heavy snows. One day, I noticed she was pregnant, and took a picture of her to show a friend.

That picture made all the difference because after that sighting she wasn't seen again. Everyone who was familiar with her thought she had died. Then one day, a couple of months later and for no real reason, I was on - and there she was. I had the picture of my own to prove it was the same dog, right down to the ticking pattern on her sides. We went to the Humane Society the same day, and the rest, as they say, is history...!

Amy Nichols
Scipio, IN
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