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Three abandments; 3 rescues

Mary Lou, the cat in the middle, was abandoned in the woods before she could barely walk. Her litter mates were never found. That was 19 years ago. Two years ago, Dolly (left) and Barbie (right) were abandoned in a park before they were weaned. 3 other litter mates were found. After bottle feeding them for weeks, all found good homes. Dolly and Barbie use my male Boxer/Rottweiler mix as their mommy and knead on him regularly.

Michelle Baumeister
Lima, OH

Tessa Girl

Tessa wandered onto my dads farm one winter morning about two days from starving to death. She was talkative, warm and friendly. My dad said she'd be wonderful and as I'd just lost a dear cat, she may make me feel better. In 3 minutes I made the choice to go ahead only on his words. We flew first class from Michigan to San Francisco and she hasn't looked back since. She told my dad she needed help and now she tells me when she wants treats, love or play time with the laser. I couldn't imagine life without her and neither could Sophie my other rescue!

Misti Layne
San Francisco, CA

Patches 100 Ticks Later and In Her Forever Home

Five-year-old terrier mix "Patches" came from a New Mexico shelter so petrified, skinny, matted and filthy with 100 ticks on her and about as many flea bites because she was often left outside. Obviously badly neglected, she was owner-surrendered to the shelter when he was evicted. Patches was transferred to a rescue here in Colorado to be given a chance at being adopted instead of surely being put down at the shelter. When my co-worker, Deanna, sent me her sad story and her equally forlorn picture (in corner of my photo), I immediately wanted to give her a forever home with us! It's been only 3 weeks today and she's a different dog!! She's happy, healthy, more confident, sleeping and eating well, playing, taking long daily walks and learning to trust people and new situations. Here she is in her new leopard bed, which she adores. She reminds us of a gentle little deer. She is a real gift and a sweet addition to our family of pets, Bo (our other terrier mix), Griffin and Ivy (our cats).

Susan Hall
Fort Collins, CO

Madison Grace

Madison was a rescue dog that my son, Jake, and I fostered. She, and 7 of her siblings, were dumped at 4 weeks old without their mother. Jake and I went to the shelter and signed up to foster her. We took her home, gave her a bath, bottle fed her, and wrapped her in a blanket. Between our family and friends, I don't think Madison's feet touched the ground for about two months because everyone wanted to hold her! Our Chocolate Lab, Macey, was very jealous at first because she was used to getting all of our attention. One day, after having her for about 2 months, the shelter called to bring her in to be put up for adoption. Well, of course, we adopted her!

Madison just celebrated her 2nd birthday in April, and she is an amazing dog! She is so loving. I think she knows we saved her life! Now, I don't think Macey would know what to do without her, and I know we wouldn't. It is my hope that her sibilings found as good of a home as Madison did.

We love you, Maddie!

Fairfield, OH

Paying it backwards

I want to thank you, an unknown stranger, for your especially responsible

actions when you brought Simone to the Humane Society. It must have been difficult for you to give her up because she's a loving, sweet kitty. Good people don't do this easily. Kitty Simone was 6 years old on the day we adopted her and she's brought much joy to our hearts for the past 7 years. As you can see, she likes to help in the office!

If you've worried even once about your difficult decision, please know that by caring, you did the right thing. Thank you for doing that, from us and especially from our loving Simone.

Karen K
Santa Rosa, CA

Our Shelter Children

We found our precious boy on at a shelter close to our home. He was first come, so on the day he became available we camped out in 20 degree weather for 4 hours, in front of the City Hall, where we paid to adopt him. He is a wonderful Golden Collie mix . He had some fear issues, as many shelter dogs do, and we loved him and trained him through those issues. When he was a year old we started looking for a playmate for him and found a beautiful Sheltie Mix at the same shelter. We took him to meet her and they have been best friends every since.

They have changed our lives. We are older, empty nesters, and I highly recommend going to your local shelter and bringing more joy than you can imagine, into your home by adopting a pet. They go every where with us. We love to camp in our RV and so do our dogs. We could not imagine our lives without these two 4 legged children. We are so Blessed to have found them.

These two have kept us young and healthy in our Senior years. We walk every day with them. Seeing the joy in their eyes on our walks is priceless. They are so full of life and always ready for a game of tug, chase, football, hide and go seek, you name it. It's Game On!

Our boy is 3 1/2 now and our little girl is 2 1/2.

Please adopt a shelter pet. It will change your life!!

Sherry Lynn
Richardson, TX

My Clydie Dog

I was at work & my student came in carrying something & asked if he could leave early. I agreed but asked what he was carrying, he had a 3lb chihuahua. He was on his way to put the dog down because his sister no longer wanted him. I opened the cage & we both fell in love. Clyde had fleas & an eye infection, but the worst was yet to come! I came home from work one pm & Clyde met me at the door, he was shaking. I looked into his face, I knew something was wrong. My gut told me to go to ER. The doctor said it would be easier to show me rather than tell me. I went to the back, they opened hismouth, he bit a TV cord while I was gone. The doc said he was suprised he did not self combust! His mouth was charcol & when the doc rubbed his thumb in his mouth, ashes fell off in his hand. The had to remove some of his tongue. He has a tube thru the nose & into his stomach, I feed him liquid, antibiotics, & pain meds every 20 mins. I took off work & for 1 wk Clyde sat on my chest. Clyde has a perm. hole in the roof of his mouth we have to watch because food gets up in there & he cant get it out. His tonge is slick & partially gone, often you find him with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth because he cannot feel it. His smile is crooked one one side because his face was burned, he just has an Elvis smile now. Clyde is recovered, loved & a very happy dog! He is my best boyfriend to date.

Debbie Czarkowski
Redlands, CA

Meet Bear

We lost our Best Friend Harley to Lymphoma in July of 2008 and the devistation was so deep for me that I had decided (in all my selfishnish) "no more pets" for me. husbad did not feel that way and immediately (without my knowing) went looking at all the local shelters for a new friend. He found our Bear at the local Animal Services Shelter, 8 weeks old, full of fleas and adorable. Bear is now 2 1/2 years old and he is such a joy in our lives. Never be selfish when it comes to the many "furry babies" that need forever homes. ADOPT! There are so many to choose from. This is a picture of Bear and my beautiful grandaughter.

Seffner, FL

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot, or Lance as he is called at home, is one of six recued and adopted exotic birds in our family. We also have 2 rescued cats and two rescued Greyhounds. Sadly, many exotic birds are purchased by people because of their beauty and later neglected or abused by their owners because they did not know how difficult they can be to care for. Lance was not abused in his first home but his adopted brothers and sisters were not so lucky. With the proper training, love and attention, these wonderful creatures have so much love to offer the right family.


J. Zarate
Newman, CA

A Friend for Yoda

We decided that our dog, Yoda, needed a friend. We drove to our local shelter in search of a mature female playmate for Yoda. There she was! Calmly sitting in her kennel, wagging her tail and following us with those gorgeous soft eyes. We brought her home to Yoda and it was immediate friendship. They're both so happy now.

Jane Plough
Elizabeth City, NC
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