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Home Sweet Home

After being rescued from a shelter at 3 months old Herbert's fate was again in question when at the age of 5, after a violent tragedy in his home, he was once again left homeless. We had just lost our dear cat of 18 years and were not ready for another cat yet but we felt we needed to adopt Herb as no one else wanted him. He is a gorgeous Maine Coon with the most handsome mane and green eyes. Six years later, at the age of 11, he still plays like a kitten and definitely knows what he wants now to get it. He has his forever home and we love him to death, which he does not always appreicate as it cramps his macho style! "Mr. Tude" rules! We are so glad he ours! Adopting senior pets is a win-win proposition!

David & Deb
Orem, UT

A Place to Call Home

On my way to work, early morning, September of 2006 I was surprised to see a tiny, blonde chihuahua sleeping at the

end of a driveway near my house. Living in the country as I do, this was odd. This continued for several mornings and afternoons. This must have been where someone had left her during the night and she was waiting for their return. After talking to neighbors, it seemed that everyone on the street was trying to catch the elusive little dog but she would run away and not let anyone close. Finally, after about a week of this, I came home from work and saw the precious pup walking up the street, head down, dejected. I ran outside and started calling and talking to her. She stood still, looked up and down the road, then started running toward me. I was hoping it was a good thing. She jumped into my arms and three and a half years later, has never left. I took her in and fed her, took her to the vet the next day, bought her a little pink bed and food bowls. It took her a while to overcome whatever she had endured in her past life. Her name is Chula. She now reigns as queen of the house and yard, daring other dogs to come close (from the safety of the arm of the love seat near the door), bossing around her older brother (a 13 year old boxer mix), and choosing from her vast wardrobe of clothes, what to wear each day. She has been a joy and I am so happy she decided to make my house a place to call home.

Blackstock, SC

The happiest dog on the block!

When I adopted Connor from a local shelter he was recovering from serious neglect. He was missing hair on half of his body due to a flea infestation and he was extremely shy. The shelter did a wonderful job helping him before I was able to take him home. Three and a half years later he's a bright and energetic little guy who loves going on walks and hanging out with his step brother Atti.

Rob Mallinger
Ankeny, IA

My Sweet Boy

I wanted to adopt a small female kitten when I made the rounds at the shelters 5 years ago. While all the others kittens were meowing and jumping for attention, my eyes fell on a very quiet, barely 12 week old orange kitten who was flea-ridden and so skinny that his bones were protruding. I knew right then that he deserved all the love and the best life I could give him. I was so worried the he might not live through that night or the required neutering the next day. Today he’s a long, sleek, very healthy 20 pound kitty. This is my sweet boy, Gringo - the love of my life. (He & I were the only two 'blondes' that day at the San Diego shelter... hence, his name.)

Mission Viejo, CA

My boys!

These are my boys, Onyx and Wheaty. I've grown up in a family of animal lovers and it was natural that I'd be one as well. I've had tons of pets growing up and these two are my first cats of my own. Both of them are rescues and are a little over 2 years old now. I got Onyx at around 6 weeks and Wheaty around 12 weeks. They love to wrestle and chase each other throughout my home, and are the best of buds. They both have very distinct meows too which is awesome. I'm very grateful to have 'em in my life!

Los Angeles, CA

A rescue dog that rescued me!

I was going through a rough time in my life when I found Bailey. I had grown up with a black lab, and after he died, I couldn't imagine getting another dog. Then I found Bailey through a lab rescue group. He became my best friend, and ever since then he has always been there to comfort me, love me, keep me company, and teach me new things. Every day I am amazed at how smart and caring he is. He is more human than many people I know. Life would be so dull without him, and I can't imagine not having him around!

Krysten P.
Powell, OH

My name is " V "

This is " V " (Roman Numeral 5-for our 5th feline family member)

She was about 3months old, scared and lost, screaming her head off at 3am in our parking lot.

Within 5 minutes,she took control of our home, our hearts and our other 4 male felines and 2years later, nothing has changed..She adds a never ending spark of mischief and laughter to all our lives.

Bless all of you who adopt thru the animal shelters, but dont forget there are others in need of love and a home that have not made it to the shelters.

Cindy Cobb
Temecula, CA

Nymeria finds a home...

I just happened to look outside one day and saw a super skinny black kitty run across the street. I couldn't believe how skinny and tiny she was so I went outside with a can of cat food. She ate it but wouldn't let me touch her. She kept crying though so I knew that she was asking me for help but was just too scared. After 10-15 minutes of her getting farther and farther away (although still crying), I finally got close enough to grab her and without thinking twice, brought her inside and put her in my office, away from my other four cats.

The poor thing was so skinny that I could feel all her bones, not to mention that I thought she was a kitten due to her super small size. I took her to the vet and discovered that she was about 1-2 years old and only weighed 5 lbs.

The most amazing thing about her was that she was more starved for attention than for food or water. She just wanted to be close to me and sit on my lap.

I named her Nymeria and decided that I would be her foster mom. I promised her that I would find her a home where she would never go hungry or unloved.

Well, I'm horrible at fostering so Nymeria is now my newest little one. She is adjusting to having a brother and three sisters.

I am so happy that I happened to look outside my window that day because I would have missed out on a sweet, affectionate and cuddly angel in the form of this tiny beautiful black kitty.

Rochester, NY


We've never had a dog. My husband always insisted dogs are too much work. One day while at the barn, a friend of ours showed up with two 3-month old Tibetan Terrier puppies. One of the puppies was born deaf, and she was trying to find a home for it. As we sat there, my friend casually says "you should adopt her." For the first time ever, my husband didn't say no.

Now, 2-1/2 years later, when I see my husband on the floor playing with Patches or cuddling with her, I find myself thanking God she is deaf because otherwise we probably would not have adopted her. Her deafness has never gotten in her way. She loves to play and run with other dogs, she is my constant companion, and none of us can imagine our lives without her. She is one of the most loving and beautiful animals I have ever had the grace to know.

San Ramon, CA


The manager of the shelter where I adopted Phoebe and Maggie recommended that I adopt an older female along with a kitten. Since I am not home during the day, she said, the older one would take on the role of the mama cat and teach the younger one. That was 11 years ago, and I couldn't have selected two sweeter girls. They groom each other, play together and bring me moles from the yard. Sometimes, like all sisters, they get into a snit with each other. But when it is nap time, all is forgiven and peace rules the day.

Maryville, TN
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