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Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot, or Lance as he is called at home, is one of six recued and adopted exotic birds in our family. We also have 2 rescued cats and two rescued Greyhounds. Sadly, many exotic birds are purchased by people because of their beauty and later neglected or abused by their owners because they did not know how difficult they can be to care for. Lance was not abused in his first home but his adopted brothers and sisters were not so lucky. With the proper training, love and attention, these wonderful creatures have so much love to offer the right family.


J. Zarate
Newman, CA

A Friend for Yoda

We decided that our dog, Yoda, needed a friend. We drove to our local shelter in search of a mature female playmate for Yoda. There she was! Calmly sitting in her kennel, wagging her tail and following us with those gorgeous soft eyes. We brought her home to Yoda and it was immediate friendship. They're both so happy now.

Jane Plough
Elizabeth City, NC

my addiction,my pups

I started rescuing huskies approx. 9 yrs ago when my fiance and decided we wanted a dog but couldn't really decide what type. I didn't want a small dog she didnt want a large dog. I went to the aspca on valentines day to get her a dog, as soon as I walked in and went to the first cage, the first dog, I knew he was the one.

Eight years later and dozens of rescues later we couldn't be happier. My mom even adopted one of our rescues. There is no greater joy in life then helping those who cant help themselves. The love they give in return is priceless. That is my addiction, their love.

Matt L.
brooklyn, NY

Heroes and Heroines

They come in all different sizes, heroes and heroines. Most important of all is the size of their hearts.

One year ago, on the day that Richard came to Dogwood Animal Shelter to foster Lilly, a nine year old terrier mix, he became one of our greatest heroes. Terminally ill with only a few months to live, Lilly has a tumor that will cut off her breathing. Richard took Lilly home so she could die in a loving home, as opposed to a shelter. Sadly, Richard had an accident which put him in the nursing home, and Lilly back to the shelter.

Though heavily discouraged by family and friends, Sandra stepped forward and offered to give Lilly a home. With a number of birds and other large dogs to care for, it didn't make sense to take in an elderly dog with health problems. But, unable to get Lilly out of her mind, Sandra put aside logic and followed her heart. Healthier and happier than could be expected, the tumor near Lilly's heart stopped growing. So, Sandra, too, is very special, though she believes that Lilly is the true heroine.

Lilly sleeps on the living room sofa near the fireplace. One night, she woke Sandra with incessant barking. Following Lilly to the living room, Sandra found that a burning log had broken through the glass on the fireplace door. "Sparks were flying everywhere. I don't know what would have happened if Lilly hadn't woken me."

Sandra says no one should dismiss shelter animals because of age or health; they are not "damaged goods". Rather, they should be cherished for their love, for as long, or as short, as they live.

Barb Bender
Osage Beach, MO

Home on the Range

We adopted Pete from a shelter where he had lingered for almost a year. No one wanted such a high energy, high intensity dog with behavior problems. We hoped we could provide the right situation for him on our ranch. Two years later he's fully employed and has become a well adjusted, much loved, member of our family. I cannot stress enough the importance of a job to herding breeds. Without real work, many do end up in shelters and many don't luck out as Pete did. Of course, we think we got pretty lucky too.

Patti Hudson
Long Creek, OR

Springtime Tails (pun!) from a Morning Feeder

Here is one tail I was so lucky to experience the first week in April during my morning feeding.

This story begins with introductions:

Sabine is a beautiful horse whose stall is next to Magdie & Nunzi’s- a pair of rescued pink pot bellied pigs. Sabine has problems with her feet and has to be coaxed outside of her stall. The more she exercises her feet, the better they feel.

All winter Magdie and Nunzi come into Sabine’s stall to help her eat her hay. They are buddies, you see, and Sabine is so kind to share her hay with them.

Now that warmer weather is here, we take the hay outside and place it in several areas in the pasture in order to get Sabine to move around. Well, Sabine ate her ‘bucket food’ and then laid down in her stall instead of heading outside to eat her hay.

I started sweeping and happened to look into Sabine’s stall only to find Magdie dragging all of Sabine's hay, which I had set out in the pasture, into her stall and placing it right by Sabine's face as if to say “Please eat this, it will make you feel better.” Within a half hour, Sabine was surrounded by all of her hay.

Now, Magdie could have just devoured the hay outside or dragged the hay into her and Nunzi’s stall, but, no, she decided to take care of her friend. I feel so lucky to have experienced one animal clearly caring for another. Both animals rescued from neglect and abuse are now best friends living out their lives in peace, love and contentment at the sanctuary.

Volunteering at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary feeds your soul.

We are located in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, a place called Mehoopany.

Carol Gerzarowski
Tunkhannock, PA

She rescued me!

I took our two Shih-Tzus into the vet's office to be groomed one day and that is when I saw her - a precious brown puppy in a cage near the front desk with a sign saying "Needs to be adopted." I held her and that was it. She was 8 weeks old and had come to the vet's office with her three sisters who had been abandoned on the doorstep of one of the vet techs. That tech brought them into the vet's office where they were cared for and placed for adoption. My little baby was the last one left. They saved the best for last!

We named her Peanut and there are no words to describe how much love and joy she has brought to me. She is now 3 and I cannot imagine life without her and now that she is with me, I realize how empty my life was before her. She rescued me!

Spring, TX

the story of Skylar

My family had recently lost our much-loved English Setter, Sara, when my mother found a bulletin post at her work about a 6-month old female Siberian Husky, free to a good home. Skylar had been purchased from Petland, which has now been busted for using puppy mills, and the lady who bought her left her with her mother, who had three other giant dogs, and never returned for Skylar. We saw Skylar's sky-blue eyes and fell in love. Because she was a puppy mill dog, she has an auto-immune illness that causes her eyes to become red, painful, and inflamed. She now has be diagnosed with glaucoma in her right eye, and her eyes aren't quite as blue, but she is safe with us. She sleep happily in my bed at night and on our chaise lounge during the day. She is always making us laugh, and forever showing us she loves us! We couldn't be more happy with our Skylar.

Middleburg Heights, OH

my children

In this picture is half of my children. They were all rescued. Lucky was saved in the knick of time. He was litterally all bone.Left out in the middle of no where.He is very healthy now.He is also mamma's boy.Patches was rescued at a month old. All muscle now.She fell out of a crawl space at an apartment complex on a cold and rainy day. Luckily someone I knew lived there and brought her to me. Dolly was rescued from someone who was homeless and couldnt take care of her.She basically had to stay in her carrier most of the time.Dolly is fat and sassy now!!!Very lovable. The two orange ones are two of the triplets. They were rescued before being taken to a shelter . They too have come a long ways. Simon was only 2 pounds at the time I got him.Sparky had been sick and not gaining weight. He is fine now. Very fearless.He too is mamma's boy.Their brother is Spunky and he has extra toes!!! They are all my babies.They are my life. I will do anything for them. I have rescued more cats than I can count.Some have come and gone. It makes me feel good.Having them around really helps me.I consider them my therapy. I dont know what I would do without them. They definitely own me!!!!!

sonora, CA

A Believer

Let me begin by saying that I never was one to show deep affection towards an animal. They have a tendency to leave you before you're ready to let them go, so I found it's best not to get attached. That all ended with our cat Misha. For 15 years, she was the most devoted and loving cat. Then my Misha got very sick. After many attempts to prolong her life, we had to let her go. I decided that I was not going to let myself love another animal again. Sometimes, the unexplained can happen. The day after we lost Misha, a small tori cat appeared on our deck. My wife opened the door and the cat dashed in. She found me sitting in the easy chair where I always sat with Misha. She jumped up purring and rubbing the top of her head under my chin; just as Misha used to do. Her loving personality was exactly like Mishas'; right down to her ability to melt my heart. We realized then that before going to her final destination, Misha found the time to send us her replacement. She must have known I would be very lonely without her. The little stray became my Brandy. I believe Misha sent Brandy to take her spot on my lap and to love me as she had. From the very first night to the present, Brandy sleeps in the exact same place that Misha did; on a pillow at the top of my wife's head. I will never understand how this little cat, who came out of nowhere, can have all of Mishas' endearing qualities, but it's very comforting to know that My Misha lives on in My Brandy. I believe there certainly is a higher power.

Gus Angels
Concord, NC
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