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Make room for Garfield!

Here he is, exhausted after pawing and punching his way out of a paper sack. Garfield (aka Garfy, aka Bigfatredcat) loves to hide out in paper bags and wait for an unsuspecting kitty to pass...

But Garfy wasn't always so comfy and happy. When his owner lost her home to foreclosure and had to move in with relatives, he and his companion kitty were forced to live shut in a closet all day while she was at work. It seems the home owners' dogs wanted to have the kitties for lunch! Garfy's cat companion was adopted out, but no one wanted him because he was eight years old. Imagine spending eight or ten hours a day alone in a closet!

When I heard of his plight through an artist friend and fellow cat lover/rescuer, I just had to offer him a home with wide open spaces. I already had eight cats (all rescues and foundlings) but I figured I could make room. I just couldn't let a handsome red tabby like Garfy go on living in limbo.

He adjusted quickly and soon began begging to go out the cat door and onto my 43 acres with the other kitties. He's been so active that the "fat" part of his nickname no longer applies! But every evening he can be found on my lap or right next to me on the couch.

He's a delight. I hope everyone will consider an "older" cat and always adopt an animal in need rather than breed or purchase one.

Patrice Young
Toccoa, GA

Dainty Dewey Decimal -- the Triple D finds a retirement home

I first made Dewey's acquaintance 5 years ago when I was walking through my neighborhood one night. She cried at me and it soon

became clear that she was hungry. I brought her some dry food and

after that, we were friends. More than food, she needed love. I would drop by her house and call her name and she'd come out to rub all over me. Dewey turned out to be 15 years old. She had been declawed and living outdoors most of those years. This year the owner saw that it was true love and agreed to let me adopt Dewey and give her an indoor home. Now Dewey has her own room with a view and my affection in her old age. My other 3 cats (Mercury, Artemus, and Molly, all rescued cats) are adjusting. There's nothing like the love of a rescued cat.

Carolyn Wolfe
Boise, ID

Scout on the lookout!

Scout is our third rescue dog we have adopted. He came to us after loosing our 16 year old beagle Buddy. Scout was adopted from our Metro Animal Services and joined our 3 yr old rescue border collie mix Brailey.. He was a "clearance puppy" - he had been born at the shelter and was 7 months old when we found him.We knew we might be his last chance. Once we saw him and saw how he jumped for joy as he played with our two boys, we knew he was ours. That was 4th of July weekend 2009 - nearly a month to the day, our area had sudden mass flooding and the kennels at Metro Services were hit hard. Several dogs and cats lost their lives before help to get to them. It breaks my heart to think Scout could have been in the middle of that disaster. We are forever grateful for our "clearance puppy" and love having him as part of our family. Please adopt from a shelter or rescue agency! You will never regret it!

Louisville, KY

The Three Amigos!

I have never had 3 cats that have gotten along better than these 3. They each have their very own personalities. Ollie (orange-white) is a chatter box and a love, Candie is a sweetheart, and Tobey (black) is a momma's boy and like to sleep under the covers at my feet. I find myself so happy they each "found" me they have added so much to my life and my family. I don't know what I would do without them!

Julie Tremble
Midland, VA

The Truth about Pitties...

Having grown up in a house with dogs, pit bulls in particular, I knew once I became an adult I would have dogs of my own. So, when it came time for my husband and I to get our first dog, we adopted Sienna, a tan & white pit, from the local shelter. We found her on and it was love at first sight, and it's been love ever since. A year later, after moving into our first home we decided to adopt another dog so that she would have a playmate. We adopted Boo from a local shelter as well. We choose him because we knew black dogs, especially larger breeds, are harder to adopt. And he's been a wonderful addition to the family. Now, Sienna and Boo are two peas in a pod, spoiled rotten ones at that! Their sweet and funny personalities make us laugh and smile each day. We've made the lifetime vow to adopt all of our future pit bulls from shelters because they are so often overlooked and misunderstood. Once you meet and get to know a pit bull you'll understand that they are a truly wonderful breed; smart, loyal, funny and affectionate.

Sally & Mike
Southern, NJ

From the Streets of Naples, Italy

We were living in Naples, Italy, and a friend brought us a tiny kitten, only a few days old, that she had found deserted in the street. He was almost blind with diseased eyes, very malnourished, and full of fleas. I nursed him round the clock using an eye dropper. It was touch and go at first, but on the third day, he purred while I was cuddling him, and I knew then that he would make it. Today he is the most special, loving cat who has ever shared our home. He's almost 10 years old now and still as happy and playful as a kitten. Every day our Tom brings sunshine into our lives.

Suzanne Toll
Citta' della Pieve, Umbria, Italy


I retired to Mexico a few years ago and bought a house in the small fishing village of Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatan State. There are no animal shelters and people ignore the strays, although some put out leftovers for them. Perhaps that's why I've acquired 10 cats and 3 dogs. One of the rescued dogs is a red-brown mutt named Uaymi (why me?) who came to my yard in 2007 with mange, worms and a limping back leg. He was also very thin. I fed him and the next night he came back for more. I cured the mange, got worm pills and started to fatten him up. His leg healed over time and he turned into quite a handsome fellow with his light green eyes and weimaraner looks. Of course he's not really a weimaraner, more a Yucatanmaraner, but it was as good a name as any, especially with the town of Uaymitun down the coast and the English version ¨Why Me?¨ since I really wasn´t looking for a dog. But he's a great dog...he barks when someone comes to the yard and follows me walking or riding my bike around town. In fact he follows so closely that I sometimes trip over him. If he loses me, he runs around town looking until he finds me and then acts like I've been gone for days, he´s so excited. Uaymi has house privileges and internet privileges also - they let him sit at my feet when I come to email and most people let him follow me into their homes. The local kids all know him by name and pet him. He´s brought me a lot of happiness and I hope that my example will help change local attitudes to cats and dogs.

Linda Roth
Dzilam de Bravo, Mexico

Two great pitbulls

We had already taken in Dee, a pit mix, from some college boys who adopted her without knowing the responsibilities of owning a dog. Then when our wonderful older dog died and we went to our local shelter they recommended Dutch, a six or seven year old male pit who has never met a living thing he doesn't love. The two bonded instantly and have brought us great joy and entertainment ever since.I never dreamed I would own one pitbull, much less two, but have learned that they can be loving, devoted pets.

Katherine Morrison
Alexandria, VA

Our Kona

Although Kona was at the local SPCA, I saw her story on Greg's List. She was 16 years old when her owners decided that they didn't want her anymore. It broke my heart to think of her spending the rest of her life in a little cage so I decided to adopt her, sight unseen. We have had her about nine months now and she is the perfect little lady. We also have two other black cats (much younger) that we've adopted from various shelters but Kona is the special one. She plays like a kitten and amuses herself when I'm busy. She has never done anything wrong or gotten into anything. Please, please think of adopting an older animal. She has surely brighten our lives.

Buellton, CA


I rescued Frankie after he spent a week roaming around a friend's house. It appeared he had been 'out on the road" for quite some time but clearly ready to be taken home and loved! The vet said he was a 3 year old neutered male and his disposition indicated he was loved and cared for by someone - I checked for lost cat postings and with local authorities but no one seemed to be missing him. That's when he came home with me! He gets along well with 8 year old kitty Joey, LOVES to play with toys, and always greets me at the door. Now I have two sweet boys to love!

Robin McAleese
Oswego, NY
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