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My husband found Tornado on the Miami streets 7 years ago & saved him from being hit by a car. Now seven years later he is a great dog & loves to give kisses. He had a rough life before us but now he is so loved. He is battling cancer right now too.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saving Forrest

This is Forrest, my rescued Yorky. My son found him on a cold rainy night in November (8 years ago), and begged to keep him... we ran a lost ad but no one ever replied. I already had a maltese so I was hesitant at first. The two are inseparable now & the best of friends. He has won me over & is my cuddlebug. Can't imagine life without him now. He thinks he is a Doberman Pincher & has the heart of a LION. Please give dogs the chance they deserve. You won't regret it!

Hampton, VA

I rescued a princess

Sylvia had been homeless for a long time and was so wild she had to be caught in a feral cat-trap in order to be put in the shelter. Then she spent more than a year caged before I brought her home. From those wild beginnings, she has become an incredibly loving, silly, playful girl who bosses us around, loves to have her belly rubbed, and would snuggle all day if she could. She's truly incredible and totally adored by everyone who meets her.

Denver, CO


Animals are frequently abandoned in our rural neighborhood. Gus "found" us on Thanksgiving day, 2009. He is full of fun and mischief. There's no watering plants when he's around unless you let him play in the water first! Please rescue abandoned pets. You will be rewarded with love and gratitude!

Linda Byrd
Lumberton, TX

My Puerto Rican best friend

While working in Puerto Rico for many years, I had the opportunity to make friends with my littlle Missy Girl a few months before I would leave the Island. She was part of a homeless group of puppies, running with older feral dogs, in the Arecibo beach area. After feeding her and her siblings for several months daily, I decided to take her to a Vet for shots and papers to bring her home to SC with me. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, is very protective but loving, and I am so glad that I rescued her. She doesn't know she is smaller than her cousin, the doberman, and is definitely the "pack leader".

Mary H.
Taylors, SC


I already have two dogs, both rescued and of course they are my children. I heard about this husky that lives in an old car and between scrap metal behind someone's house. When me and hubby went to have a look, I noticed no food, water or any shelter. In fact there's not even enough space to walk let alone run. I immediately fell in love with Nero and decided to take him into our home. He now lives with his little brother Eddie and his sister Samantha. Once a week they get a huge bone and of course Nero loves his Boss canned meat every evening. He is so lovable but complains when you are not rubbing his stomach every evening. He literally talks to us and lets us know when he feels left out or needs to go for a run. Me and my hubby take the "children" out every Saturday to the park to run. They will then chase birds and just run to their heart's content. I absolute adore my dogs and will do anything for them. All they need is food, water, shelter and your love. In return they will ALWAYS be there for you and bring tremendous joy to your life!

PRETORIA, South Africa

Homeless Pets - An International Problem

Growing up in the U.S. I had many pets who had been unwanted by previous owners and they had all enriched my life greatly. When I moved to Israel two years ago, I had not planned to get a pet right away. However, when I found a tiny puppy wandering outside our home and found out that people drive to our kibbutz and throw away their unwanted pets, we took her in to our home where she has become a beloved companion. Jade really enjoys sleeping in the sunshine, and as you can see, she will use anything for a pillow!

Yehudit Danoff
Gesher Haziv, Israel


My husband brought Einstein and his brother Blacky home to me on our anniversary - June 30, 2007. We were worried about little "Einie" because he shook so bad. We took him to our vet and discovered he had CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia). Our vet said he should have a normal lifespan; he will just shake whenever he's concentrating on something and be a little awkward. But whenever, I would hold him, he would stop shaking and fall asleep on my chest. He was absolutely precious-so sweet and funny.

He didn't want to be left out of any fun so he learned how to climb up the cat condo, climb the stairs and run around and wrestle with the other cats. My favorite memory is of the smile on his face when he got to the top of the 5-ft. cat condo. He was so proud of himself when he made it to the top! I could almost hear him say, "Look Mom! Look what I did!"

We lost him a little over a year later. Not because of CH but because he had a bad heart. He left such an impression on me, that I had his portrait tattooed on my chest right where he always laid on me. He will be a part of me forever!

T. Stout
Buford, GA


I was working in south LA when the ground's keeper of a kid's camp brought Rosa (then "Pookie") to spend the day with us before taking her to the local shelter. She had been given to a young girl to keep her company while her mother was exiled in Atlanta. The girl moved to be with her mom and left the dog behind, overwhelming the elderly grandmother. Her fate was uncertain at best -

I honestly wasn't "ready" for another dog but Rosa's sweet demeanor, goofy nature and calm energy won me over. She was easily trainable and now loves our long walks and everyone she meets - including the mail lady & meter man (!). The stray cats we feed run to her for cuddles - she is just that kind. I take her everywhere and strangers instantly love her, declaring she's their dream dog! Her sensitivity is extraordinary and she keeps me grounded with lots of cuddles and fun romps. I can't imagine life without her.

Mutts/rescue dogs are the BEST!

Elizabeth Underwood
New Orleans, LA

Sleepy Sadie

Sadie came to us when she was 3 and we were her 3rd family. She had a seizure the first day she was with us. After numerous doctor's appointments and a clean bill of health (giving her back to the rescue was not an option) she was finally ours. For the next year or so, she spent the better part of her time sleeping hence the nickname, Sleepy Sadie. About a year and a half ago she quite suddenly started flirting with little boy dogs, playing with us and working ardently on her chew bones. She was adorable and loving in the beginning and now Super Sadie is awesome and has us wrapped around her little paws.

Kathryn G
Chandler, AZ
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