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Love of My Life

We were not looking for another pet, having already several pets at home from our blended family, but my husband's mother thought a dog would make a good gift for his birthday. Rescued from the pound as a pup, Maui had been malnourished and abused in her short life, and she was very timid and hand shy when she first came to us. She and I quickly bonded and I am very thankful to have been the one to love and spoil her for ten wonderful years until she died of cancer. We will always miss her.

Stephanie Lollar
Midland, TX


The saddest fact of Caramel's story is that it isn't unique. Our voluntary small animal clinic works with these tragedies daily, working to pull them off the street, into medical treatment and observation, and either back on the street or into homes--if we're lucky.

Caramel was 6 months old when she showed up at the hotel. A real mess. I rescued her, got her into treatment, and we found a good Nicaraguan home for her. One day soon after her placement, she keeled over dead. We never know what tragedies these poor creatures bring along with them. But she got loads of love, care and food from the day of the photo until her last day.

Lucy Bartlett
Granada, Nicaragua

Operation SAVE STINKY!

Last November 19, 2009 a feral cat in our colony named Stinky returned home injured. He would not let us near him to assess his injuries, so we had no choice but to call Animal Care and Control of NYC for help. They came quickly and netted him without incident and left with him. As we watched the van leave, so went a piece of our hearts. We could not give up on him. After many phone calls over the next 2 days, we located him at ACC on stray hold. We visited him and when i said his name, his flat ears perked up. Thats all i needed to make it my mission to save him.

By the next Tuesday we were allowed to "adopt" him after signing a "bite waiver"! We found a vet in the East Village willing to treat him and took him there. His pelvis was broken and his right side paralyzed. We brought him home, turned our guest room into Stinky's Suite and he is healing quite well. He is able to get around his enclosure and is quite content to live his life of luxury--with full staff! He may never be the wild outside boy that he once was, but we love him all the same. One of these days i hope to gain his trust and actually be able to touch him!

Dale Eggers
Bronx, NY

Skinny Minnie

I went to the pound one day to look at the dogs but, of course, you can't go to the pound to see the dogs and not say 'hi' to the kitties.

I petted & talked to some of the prettiest cats ever, finally noticing a kitty in the corner cage who hadn't gotten up to see me. I commented to the attendant that she looked mean (there's cowlick between her eyes that makes her look scowly.) He replied she's actually very sweet, but doesn't have the strength to get up. I asked if I could hold her.

I was shocked. She was an adult & weighed maybe 4lbs, skeletal with what should have been long hair matted in solid clumps around her neck. He said she was probably very old and sick and wasn't eating. Having been there the longest, she'd be the first one put down to make room for more adoptable cats. I recaged her and she seemed happy enough from the attention that she ate a bit.

The next day I resolved to help her - even just to die if that's what she needed instead of wasting away. I adopted her and took her to the closest vet. He ran a battery of tests & said: she's fine, needs some weight - take her home! Turned out she had a plaque build up on one of her teeth so eating hurt her.

I named her 'Skinny Minnie' which is ironic now since she weighs 11lbs. At home she was happy and loved and started eating like it was going out of style even if sometimes the pain made her growl.

Finally she was heavy enough to withstand being put under anesthesia so her teeth could be cleaned.

She's happy and healthy now!

Liz Berry
Abilene, TX


Three years ago, we were fortunate to take a tour of Greece. It was one of the hottest summers on record and most of Greece went up in flames that year. The horrible plight of dogs and cats in Greece nearly ruined our trip, with thousands of homeless animals roaming the country starving, injured, and dead on the streets. We came home vowing to adopt from a Greek shelter. Little did we know, at the same time we were there, someone dropped Phoebe, her brother Nikko and another young female dog in a dumpster behind the Artemis Tavern near the ancient Temple of Artemis at Vauvronia, Greece. Fourtunately Connie Phillipson, a volunteer with Greek Animal Rescue, was searching the area that day for dogs in need of help, and heard their cries. She rescued them, and sent us a photo of the puppies. At 3 months old they made the trans-atlantic journey to their new home and we met them at the airport in Chicago. Phoebe now guards our farm here in Wisconsin and Nikko keeps watch over our friends Denise and Deb in Michigan. They are the sweetest, most loving, and forgiving souls. Healed from their puppyhood trauma, they are the delight of our lives.

Phoebe is my soul sister.

Falcon River
Hollandale, WI

Bringing Savannah Home

Fall of 09, I was visiting Savannah, GA. Savannah is a very pet friendly city. You see kitties in many windows as you stroll around town. And I'd often thought I'd like to bring a kitty home from there, to have a living piece of the city in my home.

I was there for adoption day at the Petsmart on Abercorn. There, in a top level cage was my beautiful calico girl. She was mine from the minute I saw her sweet face. She had a different name then but I immediately named her Savannah. She was 2 years old, with a fully developed sweet, playful personality. Her foster mom was on the way in to the store by car but I called and asked if she would let someone from Florida adopt the calico. She agreed. I purchased a carrier and a few hours later Savannah and I were on the way back to my home in Florida.

For that first hour I thought "un-oh, maybe this was a mistake." She was making some of the most mournful and loud cries I'd ever heard. But, as soon as she reached her forever home, she made friends with her two new "siblings" and settled right in. She snuggles with me when I watch TV and scurries around keeping my much older kitties younger. My other two are over 15 years old. Since Savannah came home they race and chase playing all kinds of new games with her.

Never buy into that "oh, my cats are so old they won't accept a new cat." You might just be giving your elderly cats a new lease on life when you bring in a teenager kitty!! My Savannah is just an everyday joy to all in the house.

Dr. Marilyn Naito
Tallahassee, FL


This is Sophie our fourth rescue kitty, second one to be rescued from outside in our back yard. Here she is only a few months old she was born on my Grandpa's birthday who is no longer with us. I Think this is why she is extra special. She is now almost 2 now. Youngest of the four cats and thinks she is the boss of them all

Sharon Schumacher
Ironton, MO

Brookston and Wolcott

We lost our two dogs a year apart and decided we wanted to go the rescue route. We found Brookston a one year old Westie through a rescue group in Martinsville, IN. He was one year old and had perfect manners and has been a joy. When we dog sat for friends, he was so sad after they left that we decided he needed a brother. I searched all over the web and met some strange rescue people along the way and some very kind rescue people. Last week my girlfriend and I drove in a driving rain to Warren, OH where we met our newest addition Wolcott. He is was born on 12/31/2009 and the rescue people bought him and his sibs at an auction. When we got him he had red yeast stains and was stinky and tired, there were 15 dogs in the home were he was being fostered and I think it was a lot for him to take.

He has been welcomed into our home by his big brother, and if we can just get the potty thing down we are on our way to two dog happiness.

They are name Brookston and Wolcott after two cities in Indiana.

Susan S Watson
Indianapolis, IN

Gaia Rose Blooms

August 22, 2009, I found an injured calico kitten where I work. When my scheduled work days were done, I brought her home and straight to a vet. A dislocated elbow at or very near birth made one leg useless and there was a raging infection in the leg and she had a severe URI. A tiny one pound kitten became the center of my world for 6 months. Compresses and creams to get the skin to grow back, multiple rounds of antibiotics for infection and watching a little kitten live in a cage because I couldn't let her loose with four other cats in the house. February 2, 2010 the leg was removed after months of fighting to heal it without reasonable success. At four pounds and still undersized, she almost lost the fight on the table, but a wonderful vet and many purrs from friends made a miracle. Gaia Rose is an amazing thing! She purred even in the beginning despite her pain and illness and has never stopped. She runs and wrestles with my other girls who are three times her weight and twice her size and holds her own quite well. She has cost an arm and a leg, figuratively and literally, but I don't regret a moment. She gets up to so much mischief and is such a joy, that leg isn't even missed. In fact, I think she's GLAD it's finally gone and she can be a kitten. She lives and loves to the fullest each and every day!

Amy Bowers
Kershaw, SC


I found this wonderful cat early one October morning (2007) while I was walking Angel, my spaniel (6:30 a.m.). He was several feet up in a Willow tree meowing. I managed to get to him and lift him down. He was soaking wet and shivering...and very, very tiny. I took him home to my husband who wrapped him and warmed him while Angel and I went out to continue our walk. I posted signs all over the neighbourhood and asked all the school children if they were missing a kitten. No one knew anything about him. He had a flea collar on him so somebody from a different area of the city MUST have owned him at one time but decided they didn't want the responsibility after all and 'dumped' him in the park in my neighbourhood. I kept him and called him Willow. When I took him to my vet I was told that he was only about five weeks old! How could anybody do this to such a small, living thing! Willow grew very fond of Angel and walked with us everywhere. He thinks he's a dog sometimes! Sadly, we had to put Angel down in November and Willow mourned for many weeks. Recently we acquired a new puppy, Rachel, and after several weeks of making up his mind, Willow, warmed to the new pup and now Rachel and Willow are inseparable. He's certainly added a lot of love to our life and to all our neighbours lives because Willow loves everyone and everyone loves Willow! :-)

Angela McCumber
Peterborough, ON, Canada
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