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Teddy Bear

Teddy was at a kill shelter with a leg injury that made it unlikely that he would be adopted, and would probably be euthanized. Fortunately, he was taken in by a rescue group, treated and put for adoption. My mom had never wanted a pet and put all kinds of restrictions on me for getting a dog, but the minute she saw Teddy, she fell completely in love. He is now her best friend. He has so much personality, loves to make people laugh and has introduced us to our neighbors. This little dog that would probably have been killed has brought so much life to us-- thank goodness he was rescued! We can't imagine a life without him.

Palatine, IL

Raccoon Kitty

A kitty appeared at my door the day that Dino, my good friend, died, a man who had fed hundreds of stray cats. Thus, this kitty became Dino. Dino was a year-old feral cat, in great shape because he had raised himself to survive. He hung out with and copied the local raccoons. He bit me the first week he was in, but after 13 years he's my heart, possessive and cuddly. And, he still likes to stand in his water bowl, as the raccoons taught him!

Patricia Bryant Resnick
Apple Valley, CA

Meet Joey

Joey was found in an abandoned house with his siblings at 3 months of age. After months of care by my local humane society, they were finally healthy enough for adoption. I started fostering Joey when he broke his leg roughhousing with his brother. It didn't take long before I fell totally in love with him, and he with me and the other 4 dogs in my family. I was once again a "foster failure."

Prince Frederick, MD

If I hadn'€™t adopted a senior dog with issues

In 2005 Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network sent me to evaluate a senior dog with issues. I had NO intention of adopting a dog that day. It had only been 6 weeks since we lost our heart dog and were still mourning. I was fostering and had been with needy dogs so it was not a "I have to help this poor boy" kind of thing. It was, instead, one of those "chemical" things. Spanky is a work in progress and probably will be for the rest of his life. We are committed to his care but never had a clue how committed he was to ours.

I am an asthmatic able to care for severe attacks at home. On 2/24/06 I went to sleep like any other night. Later I "experienced" Spanky barking. It was a compelling alert bark. He seemed very far away. I was also aware I was coughing erratically. I was out of it and very confused. I lay there. I realized later he was also jumping on me.

My friend was in another room watching TV. He heard Spanky's alert bark and ran upstairs calling me. I was really out of it but finally responded to him. I sat up realizing I was having a life threatening asthma attack. I quickly used my rescue inhaler. Soon I had a clearer head and did what was necessary to control the asthma attack. During the whole ordeal Spanky was glued to me.

If he had not tried to wake me with the alert bark, I probably would not be here to write this. I was told I probably had CO2 Narcosis which is anesthetizing. Had not he barked the alert I might very well not be alive today. I am sure that I owe Spanky my life.

Great Neck, NY

My "soul mutt"

Griffin was found starving and abandoned along with his mom and nine brothers and sisters on the side of a mountain in Utah. The sheep operation that owned his mom must have decided it would be too much trouble to move a mama Akbash and her ten puppies when they headed off to their winter pastures. Thanks to an Akbash rescue organization and Big Dogs, Huge Paws, a large breed rescue organization, Griffin is now my soul mutt. I am grateful every day that he came into my life.

Antonia Cardella
Albuquerque, NM

From the Alley of Death to Save People in Need...

Lucky Morgan WAS a little 4 month old Puggy that was in a Petstore when he got permanently injured in his left eye. Such an injury would mean certain death to a pup like that. Today lucky is a rescued 7 month old happy pup.

Already having a one eyed Bostie girl that works with terminal phase children (those about to die), I had an idea of what to do. Having visited him often, I noticed that he was really caring for children and adults, mostly elder ones. It was THE SIGN to me.

Since I knew what to do to save his eye even if he would never see with it again. I brought Lucky home and his new sister started teaching him how to live with only one eye and the most important thing, what to do with sick people to comfort them...

He still has a lot to learn, but now he has a GOAL... TO HELP PEOPLE LIVE! All that with ME and my other babies... That's a GOOD LIFE NOW!!!

Linda Guay
Longueuil, QC, Canada

My Heeroz

Here's Rocket Man (Rocky) and Grommett (Grommy) The Noo Yawk Heeroz. I adopted these two darlings from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. I also fostered for Cairn Rescue and Sonnet, a fostered cairn was adopted locally. She got loose from her owners and was hiding in a wooded area near her new home. Because she was afraid, she hid from those looking for her.

I brought Rocky and Grommy to the site as they knew Sonnet from her foster home days. The boys left "pee-mail" all around the edges of the wooded area.

Next morning, her owners spotted Sonnet walking out of the woods. We believe the "pee-mail" my boys left helped her to venture out in the open and back to her home.

Rocky, Grommy, Sonnet and her cairn brother Shammy are now best buds and often have play dates.

Penny Mahar
Whitesboro, NY

Story about this rescue???

Hi, I'm looking for the story about this rescue dog. I haven't been able to find it. I'd like to know what type of dog this is in the picture. I own one that looks almost identical to the dog in the picture and would like to read the story. I rescued mine down in Florida about 6 years ago. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Debbie Lupton
Lovingston, VA

Pookie's Pathways

Pookie was apparently abandoned when her owners moved. She started hanging around our door everyday when my husband would come home from work. One day when I was signing for a UPS delivery, she ran into the house and the rest is history. I love that she chose to adopt us. She loves to sit with me when I sew and is now my quilting buddy. Pookie moved with us to central Florida and is enjoying the good life.

Roberta Watt
Lake Mary, FL

Rescue Story- Meet Alex

I adopted Alex in 2004, on Christmas Eve from a shelter on Eastern Long Island. She had been abandoned and abused and was in the shelter for ten months when I found her. It was love at first lick. She was about fifteen months old then had very little interaction with people and other dogs. After adopting her I immediately began the process of socialization and obedience training. In spite of her difficult beginnings and early harsh treatment, Alex adjusted beautifully to life outside the shelter. She became comfortable with and trusting of the people she came in contact with. We eventually became involved with the Delta Society and certified as a therapy dog and handler team. Alex is my constant companion; but also my working partner. I am speech pathologist and my clients are adolescents and young adults with autism and severe emotional disabilities. I am very fortunate and I am able to bring her to work with me. My clients love her! She has helped nonverbal students develop language; and assisted adolescents with severe emotional disabilities learn to deal with their anxiety, develop trust and demonstrate sympathy, compassion and patience. She is truly the perfect example of the expression regarding “man’s best friend.” To many of my clients, their best friend is a 114 pound Akita named “Alex;” and every time I watch the reaction of these youngsters with her, my heart melts. A huge smile comes across my face; and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without her. I know that for many of the youngsters I work with, their lives have become much brighter, and many of them have become more open and communicative all because of her gentle acceptance of their specific uniqueness.

Springfield, VA
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