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Two great pitbulls

We had already taken in Dee, a pit mix, from some college boys who adopted her without knowing the responsibilities of owning a dog. Then when our wonderful older dog died and we went to our local shelter they recommended Dutch, a six or seven year old male pit who has never met a living thing he doesn't love. The two bonded instantly and have brought us great joy and entertainment ever since.I never dreamed I would own one pitbull, much less two, but have learned that they can be loving, devoted pets.

Katherine Morrison
Alexandria, VA

Our Kona

Although Kona was at the local SPCA, I saw her story on Greg's List. She was 16 years old when her owners decided that they didn't want her anymore. It broke my heart to think of her spending the rest of her life in a little cage so I decided to adopt her, sight unseen. We have had her about nine months now and she is the perfect little lady. We also have two other black cats (much younger) that we've adopted from various shelters but Kona is the special one. She plays like a kitten and amuses herself when I'm busy. She has never done anything wrong or gotten into anything. Please, please think of adopting an older animal. She has surely brighten our lives.

Buellton, CA


I rescued Frankie after he spent a week roaming around a friend's house. It appeared he had been 'out on the road" for quite some time but clearly ready to be taken home and loved! The vet said he was a 3 year old neutered male and his disposition indicated he was loved and cared for by someone - I checked for lost cat postings and with local authorities but no one seemed to be missing him. That's when he came home with me! He gets along well with 8 year old kitty Joey, LOVES to play with toys, and always greets me at the door. Now I have two sweet boys to love!

Robin McAleese
Oswego, NY


We found Molly wandering the street and wondered how such a beautiful and gentle girl could have gotten lost. When I find a dog, I always leave my name at the shelter and tell them if they're going to put the dog down, to call me first. They called. No one had come looking for her, and Mol Mol was too old and had tumors, they said, so they didn't think she would live more than a few months and they were going to euthanize. I drove right over and made her mine. We thought we could give her a good life for her last few months. She fit right into our pack of 3 other dogs, and she was the sweetest soul you could ever know. She was quiet and ladylike, until she'd howl to let you know it was walk-time! She loved exploring, always finding new paths in our canyon and coming back with twigs in her hair, but she would never let me out of her sight. We lived with this angel for over three years, finally losing her this summer. I know she's waiting for me in heaven, where she'll never be lost again.

Jennifer Bradford
Spring Valley, CA

We took 21 of the 41 dogs & puppies

We are not a rescue but just a family that got a call from the sheriffs office that they needed our help. We went right over & there was 21 dogs left in the living condition I just showed in the picture.We brought them all to our home & are feeding & caring for them out of our own money. As long as we save them its worth it. 17 of these dogs are females & we think are pregnant. To look in their poor eyes how can you not save the dogs ? They are safe now & have food & shelter & most of all LOVE !!! We will be caring for these dogs until they are settled down & we know they are ready for a home. Could take a lot of time for some of them, But I think they will all be able to be adopted out at one point. They are all of the lab mix it looks & when they look at you it is like they are saying thank you. So when I go to bed so tired I could drop from all of the work, I know these dogs are sleeping in a dry & clean shelter with a full belly. Not a better feeling in the world for my being tired. I just wish all people would find it in their hearts to love a dog as much as a dog will love you back. Nothing like a true companion !!!!!!

Terri Holdren
seymour, MO


Katmandu showed up at work one summer day and wouldn’t leave. None of us were in a position to offer him a forever home so we fed him, took him to the vet when he was sick and even had a heated dog house in the winter. The next spring I became concerned about the truck traffic and took him to a farm that would feed and shelter him. A few weeks later, as I was leaving my office about dusk something leaped at me from the shadows. Katmandu had traveled over 5 miles to return! Needless to say, I saw that as a sign that he was meant to be my cat. He went home with me and became a wonderful companion. He learned his name and would always come to me when I called him.

Champaign, IL

Teddi the Ditch Terrier

A woman walked into my office 10 years ago with 2 small puppies someone had dumped next to a highway off-ramp near where she lived. She explained that when the neighborhood got full up from taking kittens and puppies dumped there, she would come into town and see if she could find homes for them. Teddi was a scared, dehydrated bundle of tan fur with a black mask and caught my heart immediately. I named her Teddi Bear, because she looked like a little stuffed bear. 10 years later, she's our farm puppy, happy as a clam, loves everyone. When people ask us what breed she is, we say "Ditch Terrier", and we laugh when they agree that "that's a great breed!", thinking we're serious!

Conni Schaftenaar
Zeeland, MI, MI

Jack the watch cat

Jack was rescued from an animal shelter that didn't keep cats long. He was due to be executed 3 days after I first met him. Since he's been a part of this family, I couldn't imagine a day without him. If he's outside, he stays close to home and will fend off any animal, including dogs, if they come to close to his turf. He's our little fuzzy bear with a heart of gold, lots of love and a great sense of loyalty to his home and family. I have only had rescued animals as pets and find them to be the most loving animals anyone can hope for.

cincinnati, OH


We found Pebbles on She was at a foster home for the rescue Eye on the Sparrow in Yorkville, IL. We already have two Brussels but once I saw thos big beautiful eyes we knew we had to have her! We drove 13 hours each way from NJ to get her. We have only had her a week but she is a wonderful addition to our family!

Shelly V
Mahwah, NJ

Giving Back...

We adopted Codie from Texas when she was 10 months old. She is a Mini Aussie and we brought her home to our then 10 year old Standard Aussie Angel. Angel had been doing Pet Therapy work at Glendale Memorial Hospital for almost 5 years at that point and she taught Codie how to be a Pet Therapist. Angel passed last September and now Codie is carrying on the legacy as an excellent Pet Therapy Volunteer. She is 3 years old now and is about to complete the circle by teaching our new pup how to do this work. We couldn't be happier with her or more proud of her. She has brought many laughs and a great deal of joy to literally hundreds of people...but mostly to us.

Santa Clarita, CA
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