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He saved our lives

I have a bassethound that is so in tune to our emotions that when I am really upset he seizes.

My boyfriend has seizures and Brunswick can tell when one is coming on. He was down in the flood plane with the dog and had a seizure. When he came to Brunswick was tryingt to drag him from the flood plane by his arm.

My house burnt down a little over a year ago. As you can see by the picture Brunswick doesn't move for much. He was the one that alerted us to the fire. The fire spread so fast had he not we may not have all gotten out safely.

Hats off to our biggie boy.

Karen Sandy
Harleysville, PA

Redheads rule

We tried everything to find the owner and finally decided he was abandoned in our development on purpose. It took 8 of us to round him up into an empty patio, where we gave him a few minutes to relax. Then I came in with food, treats, water, and a toy, not knowing what he would want. He wanted to cuddle up in my lap and has been snuggled there at every given opportunity since that day. Otherwise, he plays with his big Pointer sister and I'm sure they both know how lucky we all are that they are rescue dogs in their forever home.

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Ragsie's Mom
San Diego, CA

Little Sister

We found this little girl in the middle of the road one night. She was only as big as a hand, starving and so sick she couldn't even open her eyes. I picked her up and took her home to take care of until she was well, then planned on giving her away to a good home. You see we already had 3 large male cats and that was enough. Well needless to say she won our hearts and my husband gave her a name, so I knew we were keeping her. She has since bonded with 2 of the 3 boys and we call her Sister. But we also call her the fruit bat as you can see from the picture this is how she looks and she has no tail, just a stub. She still has problems with her immune system, but is getting stronger daily. She is able to take down her brothers from behind. Of cource they are letting her.

Lisa Geiger
Cocoa, FL

Rags Finds a Home

My husband and I were driving down a rural road in Mississippi, and we came over a hill and saw a small, shaggy dog in the road. He started running after our van so we stopped and picked him up. He immediately curled up in my lap and fell asleep. He was about three months old.

Since we already had two dogs, we asked our neighbors, whose dog had recently died, if they wanted him. They took him, chained him in the back yard, and left him there. He cried and cried which made me cry, too. We asked the neighbors if we could have him back, and Rags joined our little pack. That was 13 years ago, and he is as happy and contented now as he was when he curled up in my lap so many years ago.

Chris Carroll
New Orleans, LA


I volunteer at our local Humane Society Thrift Shop and do not go into the adoption building because I would want to take all the animals home. One day Poppi was sitting in the outdoor pen looking sad, out of shape and depressed. I knew nobody wanted to adopt a nine year old, deaf, toothless dog, I told Poppi that he could come home with me. Three years later he is a very happy dog who is a UF Gator fan and loves to walk! In fact, he usually prances and looks as if he is circling the ring at Westminster!!!

Helene Rhine
Gainesville, FL


I was coming home form work one Friday in 1998. I turned down this little road that I take for a short cut, and I saw this dog dragging what looked like some type of chain. I stopped the car, got out, and called to see if it would come to me. After alot of coaxing he came over, and I found that it was not your normal chain, but a heavy chain that could be used to tow a vehicle!! Since the chain was clean, and the place I found him was muddy, I knew he had been dumped. He jumped in the car, and we took a trip around the neighborhood to see if we could find his owner (no collar). No owner, so he came home with me. I can still remember looking in my rear view mirror and seeing those big brown eyes!!

Since I didn't have a fenced in yard, I called the local animal shelter to come get him. I was under the impression that it was a no-kill shelter, but after they had him loaded, I was informed that he would be put down in 14 days.

Well within 10 days, I had a fenced in yard, and a new dog. He has been with me ever since and is now 14 1/2!

Bowling Green, KY

Sad little Beagle - not any more!

About a year after my previous dog, Duke, passed away and my boyfriend and I had moved to a new state, we started the online search to rescue another dog. We looked high and low and so many dogs would have been perfect, but in the end, it came down to a pathetic and lonely looking little Beagle that had been rescued from a puppy mill/hoarding situation. His rescuers were reluctant to adopt him out because he hadn't been fostered and seemed very anti-social. I insisted that we could handle him though and after being treated for worms, having a number of cystic tumors removed, and getting his chronic ear infections cleaned up so he could hear again, he's been a happy and healthy dog ever since. No wonder he was in such a bad mood! His facial expressions and general goofiness make me laugh constantly. When his ears flip backwards, he looks like an elf. I adore him and am so happy we found him. My dream is for all lonely pound dogs like him to find homes with people that love them as much as I love my little Tanner. Go adopt a dog today!!

Baltimore, MD

Jolly "Foof" Molly

This is a picture of Jolly "Foof" Molly (aptly named!) getting caught in the act of sharpening her claws. A month after we had found Phife (the black kitty on the chair is admiring her claws since he doesn't have any) we decided we should rescue another kitty so he would have someone to play with. My husband called me from Petco and said "There's a little black and white girl kitty here! Let's get her!" I really, really love black cats but when I met her she seemed so sweet and innocent and had the prettiest gold eyes. We found out that she had been the runt and had to always fight for food. Now when she's hungry she let's out the smallest squeak! We took her home and it took a few days but Phife took to her and now they play like there's no tomorrow. They sleep wrapped around each other (wrapped around me), eat and drink together and they purr purr purr! Well, we found out she is sweet but definatly NOT innocent and we wouldn't trade her for the world. I look out my window and see so many homeless cats in our neighborhood and it breaks my heart. Please, if you are considering getting an animal, adopt! And if you do, please spay or neuter them! It is so rewarding and even though they can't say how thankful they are they can and will show you. I'm thankful everyday for these two. They have certainly brought sunshine back into my life after loosing my 16 year old kitty/friend/familier Bogie Boo in Jan.

A Kleid
Idaho falls, ID


When my youngest sister Colleen died, I decided to adopt her precious cat, The Shah (or Shazie, as Colleen usually called her), who was already 18 years old with some health problems. It was a sad day the day my sister Michelle and I buried Shazie after a peaceful death. She had been well-loved. A few weeks later, a cat who incredibly resembled Shazie (she was a short haired version of the long-haired Shazie), began to show up at my sister's back deck -- of course Michelle fed her. Could this be Shazie in an 'easier to take care of' form? The cat had recently had kittens and wore a pink flea collar that was much too tight. Michelle tried to find the owner, went to shelters and posted pics but no one claimed her. I took one look at this cat and decided to give her a home. I called her Rumi and she has been queen of the house ever since. She is now a happy, healthy family member! I am reminded of loving memories of Colleen daily because of Rumi.

Lynne Reece
Blacksburg, VA

Phife Hemmingway

My Bogie Boo kitty passed in January of 2009. I didn't think I was ready to welcome another kitty into my life...after the 16 years Boo and I had been together it really seemed impossible. But I wanted to help out and rescue a kitty too. Then one day on Craigslist I saw this adorable 6 month old black male cat that looked like he had 1 too many screws loose (the pic was much like the one here) and I knew he'd fit perfectly with my husband and I! I contacted the lady and we went to meet "Hemmy" on my husbands birthday and immediatly fell in love. We've renamed him Phife after one of our favorite music artists and changed Hemmy to Hemmingway because I didn't want him to be named after an engine! He deserved a much more noble name. He's been with us a year this April and he is the funniest cat. He talks up a storm (Boo did that and it's so comforting), he spoons with me at night and he and his sister Jolly "Foof" Molly love each other so much! When he lays down he looks like an arrow pointing "this way!" He splays his hind legs out behind him and lays one front paw on top of the other and crosses his legs. The best is when he runs down into the basement and hollars for us to come and lift him to the windows. We think he may have tourettes! I am so fortunate to have found him and as far as loving another kitty, I don't think any cat can ever replace Boo but he certainly has a spot in my heart that is forever his!

A Kleid
Idaho Falls, ID
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