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My son and I wanted a dog. That would be difficult living in an apartment complex that doesn't allow pets unless one is elderly or disabled. I have depression. Fine, but I needed a doctor to approve a pet. My doctor refused. Then my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and his doctor also said no and I gave up. I already knew if I could somehow get a dog, I would get it from Lapeer County Animal Shelter in Lapeer, Michigan USA.

I found another doctor for my son that would take care of Asperger’s and general health. I presented my request to him. He said no… unless he saw an article about the benefits of Asperger children having a pet. I sighed. That wasn't likely to happen. I took Zack to an unrelated appointment and was told great news- the nurse had seen such an article! They handed me a prescription for a dog!

The next week was a whirlwind. I visited the shelter and saw a Chihuahua mix. Oh no, anything but a Chihuahua! But he implored me with his eyes and wagged his tail frantically. “Take me with you!” he seemed to say. I looked him over critically and said, “Well, you’re a little scruffy one aren't you!” But I couldn't resist long. I took him for a walk and he just fit. That scruffy dog is now in my eyes the prettiest ever because he is a member of my family. Great personality, he plays more every day as he gets used to it here and realizes he is staying. He changed my mind, I saved his life and there is no doubt about it, I would do anything for my Scruffy (whom I now think is a Rat Terrier, not a Chihuahua)!

Jessica Helton
Lapeer, MI

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