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It starts back 12 years ago when I really wanted a cat and knew there were thousands of animals that needed homes. I went to a nearby shelter and was overwhelmed, like so many people, by the amount of animals needing homes. I had in mind that I wanted an older cat because too many times they are not chosen because they aren't cute little kittens. She was a year old at the time I adopted her. My ex-husband was very abusive, and after having her in that environment for a while, I swore to her she would never be in that atmosphere again. I moved out of that home and into an apartment and met with a guy she absolutely adored. She ran to him! I found she was so energetic and so relaxed with him that I named her Kaylee after someone I knew who died who was just like her! I have truly given her a new lease on life! She used to be so skiddish and today, she runs to everyone she knows! I have a 7 year old son that has been with her since the day he was born. I truly made a difference for Kaylee, she is so loved and gets pampered all the time by me and my family. I can't believe anyone would give her up! In a way I am glad they did because I would never have found her! She is my "princess" and I hope people don't just look for kittens because older cats need a home too! She is now 13 years old and still full of so much life! I have changed her life forever and she truly has changed mine!

Kristine Yates
Dennis, MA

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