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We rescued our kitty, Lucky from a storm sewer near our home.

My daughter, Andrea and her friend Christian were outside when they heard the cries. They went to see where those cries were coming from and were surprised to find a tiny kitten down the storm sewer. This poor little kitten was so small and helpless. They decided that they were going to try and get it out so Christian slid a rope down the sewer and somehow managed to grab "Lucky" with it! The kitten was so small and very young. Christian decided to keep him. I told my daughter that since he was the one who rescued him that we had to let Christian have him. This was a Thursday. Andrea was having a birthday party on Saturday and Christian decided to give the kitten to Andrea for her birthday! We took "Lucky" to the vet. He only weighed 9 ounces. She didn't have much hope for his survival. He was very young, born without a tail and because of that, he had some issues with his hind-end. He was taken away from his mama so young that he didn't have a chance to develop the skills that a normal kitty has. We took him back to the vet two weeks later and he weighed nearly 1½ pounds! He was getting stronger! Over the next two months, I cared for "Lucky" and he learned how to care for himself!

We are very happy to have him! Today, he's a very happy and healthy 17 pound cat!

We named him "Lucky" because we feel that we are lucky that we all found each other! And we feel that if it weren't for us, Lucky would not have survived.

The Russells

Sunshine Russell
Coolville, OH

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