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Almost two years ago, my fiancé called me with disturbing news from work. Her co-worker's family had discovered several abandoned puppies in a wooded area near their home. As we already have a Golden Retriever, Lucy, I didn't think much of it other than feeling sorry for the poor puppies. Soon after the initial phone call, I received another phone call inquiring if we still had our portable animal carrier that we used when Lucy was a puppy. I could see where this was going. My fiancé wanted me to come to her work and see the puppies, just looking of course. I have always wanted a German Sheppard. I knew better and proceeded to her work with our portable animal carrier. In all, there were about five or six abandoned puppies which needed homes. There were three puppies which looked to be German Sheppard and two which had some form of Chow mix. I actually had no intention of rescuing one of the puppies but one stood out in the crowd. Her name is now Kacey of course but at the time, she seemed to be just the runt of the group. We took her home and introduced her to our almost two year old Lucy. Lucy was like the mother Kacey never knew. They got along very well. It was cute to watch the very tiny Kacey try and be the big dog in the house with her little bark. Kacey is about two years old now and Lucy is almost four and they still get along very well. After much research and talks with our Veterinarian, we believe Kacey is actually a Belgian Sheppard Malinois. Regardless of her breed, she is definitely part of the family and will be for a long time to come.

Brendan T. Beaton
Frederick, MD

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