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It was raining cats and dogs when I started into Town one afternoon and I had just entered the on-ramp to the Interstate Highway when I happen to look to the side and seen what I thought to be a large Rat so I pulled over and stopped my car. When I did this Kitten came running to me half scared out of her wits. She couldn't have been but 4 or 5 weeks old.

I put her in my lap and started on down the ramp and there were two more kitten laying in the middle of it that had already been run over and killed. So, I ended up getting off at the next exit and taking the kitten back home where I fixed her some warm milk and gave her some can food that I had for another cat that I already had, then as she was infested with fleas and she was already soaking wet I gave her a bath and got all the fleas I could off her. Don't know why but, I started calling her Geraldine and the name stuck.

That was 14 years ago, back in 1998 and she has been with me ever since and is strictly a house cat. You would never know that she is going on 15 years old as she gets to chasing her tail sometimes and still acts more like a kitten than a cat of 14 years. She also loves laying in my lap and watching TV with me and snuggling up and keeping me warm at night. My Only regret is that I didn't happen by sooner that I could have maybe saved the other two. It is also my hope that we have a lot more years to share together.

Don Goswick
Prue, OK

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