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This story begins as a rescue, I had a friend who had two kittens. They could not keep them anymore so I took them in, it was great at first, they were wonderful cats but then financially I fell on hard times. I had a friend helping me, but when it came time to get the male (Tipsy, all black) fixed I couldn't get it done right away. So you probably can figure out what happened. Macy (female, tiger striped) got pregnant. I was freaking out, I could barely take care of the two I had, how in the world was I going to take care of a whole litter and me being so easily attached to cats how was I going to give them away. Now, let me mention this real quick. I have never had a deep connection with a cat, or anyone due to my personality disorders and inability to connect to others, Though I have always been a cat person. I just never thought I could have a cat that, and I know this sounds weird, understands me. Months later Macy gives birth (on my bed.) One black, large, kitten comes out, and then we waited for more, then the gross stuff came out. So that was it one kitten. One black male kitten. At first I let my friends daughter name him treasure planet (her favorite movie) but as time when on I realized, as he followed me everywhere, cuddled me when I fell into my depressions, did silly things and chase his tail, which I might add he did catch, and now he puts his tail in his mouth, and walks in a circle. I do not know why. I ended up having to move, Tipsy ran away, I looked for him but could never find him, and Macy I had to give away, though she is VERY happy with her new family all their kids. But Shadow is still with me. I finally found my shadow, the part of me that has been missing, that I never knew I missed.

Cocoa, FL

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