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I have wanted a pure white cat since I was very young. This spring I decided that I was finally going to get my white kitten, and started looking on PetFinder. Pure white kittens with blue eyes were very hard to find! I found a pair of kittens in a town about 50 mi. away and applied to adopt one of them, but was turned down. I was crushed and ready to give up, but a friend who lives in another state decided to look for me. She sent me a link to a Craig's List ad. A woman was looking for a rescue to take a white cat she had found almost starved to death. Another friend let me know that there was a white kitten with blue eyes available in the next town over. I was torn. I wanted the kitten, but the other cat really needed me. The woman who had found her has cancer and couldn't keep her. She had nursed her back from the brink of death, literally, and once she knew that the cat would make it she started looking for someone to take her. Bonnie said that "Itty Bitty" was so weak that she couldn't even hold her head up to eat. Her tiny body was a mess with missing fur, protruding bones, and her claws grown almost into her pads. It took two months for the cat to get to a point where Bonnie finally knew that she would live. Bonnie did not want to give up her Itty Bitty, but she knew that she had to. I reluctantly agreed to take her, and gave up my hopes for a white blue eyed kitten. Spirit was immediately taken to the Vet, where we found out that she is healthy now and about 10 months old. She got her shots, got spayed, and came home with us. She's not the blue eyed kitten I wanted, but she is the cat that needed us. I love my Spirit, and she is rapidly becoming an integral part of the family.

Kathlene Lentz
Midland, MI

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