2 legged baby goat finds momentum and motion

My life suddenly and unintentionally became entwined with saving a newborn baby goat who was born on a meat ranch. Izzy, named for "Is-he going to live? Is-he going to walk?" was born with muscle paralysis in his back legs. He was born early, in January, on a night when the temperatures dropped to -25 degrees F. That first night of life, he sustained mild frostbite, and was going to be put down due to his paralysis. I worked with his owners (I knew someone who was boarding on the property) to rehabilitate his muscles, only to succeed and see him run like a normal baby goat, and then have him taken down by a second, serious case of frostbite (once you get frostbite, you are more susceptible a second time.) Izzy again was going to be put down because the frostbite was a solid freeze in his legs, but I was able to adopt him. We have worked through the loss of his legs, stomach problems, and more, but now, he is a happy 2-legged goat, healing the stumps of his back legs and learning to use prosthetics, which will be purchased for him when he is full grown. Izzy enjoys adventures like Cross country skiing, playing with his dog friends, and snuggles!
Rory Clow
Steamboat Springs, CO