2nd Chance

This is our Iggy. When she was only 3 weeks old, someone threw her out of a moving car while driving over a long bridge in our town. They were trying to drown her. Fortunately, she hit the guard rail and bounced back onto the road. The guardian angel in the car behind stopped traffic, picked up this baby, and drove her to the vets. It turns out that this guardian angel was a friend of a friend, and asked me if I would take care of her. The vet estimated that Iggy was barely 3 weeks old and weighed 1 pound. I am happy to say that Iggy just celebrated her 2nd birthday and is a happy, healthy 10 pound girl that loves to be snuggled and loves all her other brother and sister rescue cats and dogs. She is such a joy to us!!!!
Kitty Hawk, NC