2nd chance

We found this underweight, flea bitten, tick ridden puppy that had been abandoned in a rural area. I fell in love with him instantly even though we were not looking for another dog, he wiggled his way into our life and there was only one decision to make; what were we going to name him? Mulligan seemed appropriate even though we are not golfers but the true meaning of the word; most simply put, a "do-over." My boyfriend Todd and I were both previously married and are now enjoying life with each other in our "Mulligan" relationship. So the name seemed even more appropriate. Mulligan has turned out to be the best dog ever; he loves long walks and adores going on rides in the car and especially enjoys outings on the boat. He goes to work with Todd everyday and is the office mascot. He even sleeps with us at night and loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed. We are just crazy about our little Mulligan; he has really enriched our lives.
Diane Richards
Louisville, KY