6 month old Jinx and Felix, "Our humans moved and left us behind"

My husband and I went across town to look at a CraigsList find. What we came to see was located in a run-down trailer park in a bad area. From the car, I saw a very skinny kitten sitting in the dirt. He was so thin, filthy, and obviously uncared for, my heart went out to him. Then I saw another kitten who looked very much like the first but was almost double his size. They came right up to us and let us pet them, starving for affection. We asked the woman about them. She explained a resident had moved out, abandoning these kitties, months before. They were only a few months old and just left to fend for themselves! They were brothers, although the one was so small compared to the other, we found it hard to believe. She told us the tiny one had been very sick so she fed it for a couple of days, but now she had been evicted and was moving. After hearing their story, it all made sense. They were starving, flea infested, possibly ill, and it was going to be below freezing. These kittens would not make it without intervention. My husband agreed, we couldn't just leave them in this very bad situation. Irresponsible humans had done this to them, we had to help. Our home is in the country on 6 acres, where we have chickens, gardens and lots of space. We immediately treated the boys for fleas and set up a cozy, warm and safe place for them in our attached garage. We spent hours outside with the sweet brothers, who followed us as we did our chores like tiny dogs. Meanwhile we made an appointment at our local vet; last weekend the boys got tested, wormed, neutered and vaccinated. Now our two female indoor cats, 13 year old Cleopatra and 10 year old Sassy, are coming to accept them. Okay, tolerate them! It is so rewarding to watch them play, sleep, and eat. Finally able to be kittens in a loving forever home, Jinx and Felix are safe.
Jennifer Swan Hopkins
Zephyrhills, FL