7 eleven kitten!

In October 2014 while on my way to an appointment, I spotted a little kitten sitting by the gas pumps at a 7 eleven. The light was red, I made a sharp left into the gas station and parked near the store. I approached the kitten, he was scared and ran into some bushes beside the busy road. To my horror the kitten ran into the busy 6 lane road. I turned away but I heard someone yell "he made it across". I was so relieved but I was late for my appointment. During my appointment all I could think of was the kitten, I made it out and headed back to where the kitten had crossed the road. I looked in all the bushes, no kitten, then, I rounded the corner of a building and he was clinging to the wall, about 4 feet up. I grabbed him off of the wall, he was so scared he bit me pretty hard but I didn't let go. I set him in a box I had in the back of my van. I knew I couldn't keep him because of my cat allergy, I drove to the nearest vets, I opened up the back of the van but the box was empty. I looked through the whole van and couldn't find him. I told myself he must have got out somehow when I opened my door to get out. I drove to urgent care where I was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics. At home I parked in the garage and an hour later I went back to my van to get my medicine and there he was, on the dashboard. He then climbed up the opening in the bottom of the dash and disappeared, no amount of trying could get him out. We left food and water and rolled down the windows. 2 hours later we found him in the garage on the highest shelf. I now take daily allergy medicine but we were meant to be together and we love our Jasper so much.
Karen Bradford
North Las Vegas, NV