A Black Cat named Cream

Until now I wonder what this sweet baby had gone through. Her whole body especially her belly hurts with the slightest touch. Scared of broom or any long object we're holding, she'll cringed like we'll hit her with it or something. Front declawed and fixed, so at 1 point in her life she must have had a home. Now, such a big change. She purrs and rubs on you to death. She'll wake my daughter up for school, the same time every morning including weekends :p She'll get worried if our other cat gets up on the fence. You can see the difference between the cat that's been out and scared for her life compared to our one that's been pampered like a baby. She's always still cautious and lets us carry her now. We try to make her understand that nobody is going to kick her or hit her anymore and that she doesn't have to hide ever again. Our Male Cat loves her, his name is Cheese. Now we have Cream and Cheese! Picture on top is Cream now. Bottom is when we just got her.
Chicago, IL