A Christmas Surprise!

In my neighborhood, there were several stray cats roaming around. I got tired of seeing skinny cats in my yard, so I started feeding them. I made Styrofoam homes for them – the homes consist of two containers – one that is an entrance and one that is an area with straw to stay warm and dry when it gets cold and snowy/rainy. December of 2015 was particularly warm for Maryland – Christmas was 70 degrees that year. On 12/21/15, I heard little me-uws under my shed. A mommy had four babies. I was only able to get three out of the four kittens. The woman who lent me the trap to get mommy fixed (I drove an hour to get it), took the three kittens from me a month later. The fourth kitten alluded me constantly. As spring 2016 approached, and the kitten, who I named Sparkles (a tortie), let me pet her when she ate. One day I grabbed her and got her fixed. That summer of 2016, I brought Sparkles and her mommy, Ginger, inside even though my old girl, Petals, was not (and still is not) happy about it. Ginger and Sparkles were bringing me “gifts” all the time, and they were not always dead – only ½ dead. Then I would have to assist them to their ending – ummm, that is not my favorite thing to do, AT ALL, so inside the girls had to come. My girls are adjusting inside pretty well. They are getting used to lovies and attention. They love having “treats,” especially Ginger. I wasn’t looking to have extra fur-babies at this time, but as the saying goes, “they chose me.” I know Sparkles did because she (initially) would not let me catch her when I was able to catch her two sisters and one brother. I love knowing five cats got rescued, two with me and three with others. I appreciate the two different groups and the two individuals in those groups who helped me rescue, fix, and save the babes. Ginger and Sparkles are my little chicklets!
Colleen Humphries
Edgewood, MD